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To Tree Or Not To Tree

I know in headlines you’re not supposed to capitalize “or” or “to” or little, unimportant words like that (although think how oddly that headline would read without them), but I thought “To Tree or Not to Tree” looked funny, too. What’s a blogger to do?

It is kind of an important point, because the headline is pretty much all I have today.

Wow, I just sat here staring at the screen for a good three or four minutes (felt like hours). This could be the shortest post yet!

I did try to write something under this title on a break at work today. Usually I can get at least a paragraph or two out of my silly dithering. I wrote something about waxing philosophical about Christmas trees. Then I got bogged down between saving the half-baked philosophy for Lame Post Friday and wanting to make a play on words about waxing things.

I said to hell with this, wrote another page on my novel, and thought I would trust to writing on the fly. It’s worked before.

First Steven and I had to do some Christmas shopping. I have mentioned that he works at a certain big box store which needs no publicity from Mohawk Valley Girl. Well, he qualified for a sweet 20 percent off voucher, good today or tomorrow only, for one shopping trip. We filled a cart! And don’t think that didn’t entail a lot of dithering!

Shopping on a Thursday night in December. What the hell was I thinking? As I threaded my way around people and carts, saying, “Pardon me, excuse me, pardon me,” this chick who worked there barged by me saying “EXCUSE ME!” in a loud voice, as if I was the one standing in the middle of the aisle holding things up!

Other than that little annoyance, though, it was pretty fun. Most people were at least polite if not good-natured about it. At one point, as I was hustling back to toiletries while Steven completed looking for groceries, I got the giggles. It happens to me in bad weather, sometimes it happens to me in crowds. I seem to remember it happened at the Boilermaker more than once.

And what has this to do with “To Tree or Not to Tree,” you may ask. I bet you think I’m going to explain, “Shut up.” But no, I will answer: NOTHING! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

And just like that, a new feature is born for Mohawk Valley Girl: Non Sequitur Thursday. Hope you enjoyed it.

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