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A Visit to Downtown Herkimer

I just gave Hummel’s Office Plus in Herkimer, NY a shout out last week, but I had occasion to go there last night (Tuesday), so I dare to mention them again.

Once again in my capacity as secretary for Ilion Little Theatre I was assigned to send a card, a sympathy card in this case. I really hesitate to mention somebody else’s bereavement in this space, although I believe I have done it once before (in a post about purchasing a sympathy card at Hummels’). It feels… intrusive, for want of a better word (I sat here crossing out words for a good three or four minutes before I came up with that one).

Oh, I hate picking out sympathy cards. I can never find the right one. I finally settled on the one that felt the least wrong.

Some comic relief was provided by one of the sales associates. She was wearing the silliest elf hat I have seen in a long time. It stuck straight up before curling to a point a good eight or ten inches over her head. Large pointy ears stuck out of the side. I told them they must take a picture to post on Facebook. They assured me it had already been done. I hope to return to Hummel’s soon and purchase just such a hat for myself.

I went downstairs where Steven and Tabby were waiting. After a joyous reunion with Tabby (I had been gone almost ten minutes), I addressed the card. I had foresightedly brought the address, a stamp and a pen. Then I couldn’t find the pen, but the downstairs clerk helpfully loaned me one of theirs.

Herkimer’s Post Office is in the same block as Hummel’s. Perfect! We could walk Tabby around the block and put the card (along with a couple of other cards I needed to send) right in the mail.

We walked by the Belly Up Pub, and I spoke longingly of their appetizer menu. Of course I’m off deep fried food for the foreseeable future (South Beach Diet), but I can dream. We speculated on Tabby’s possible reception in such a business, but we did not test the theory.

The post office was not closed yet, so we were able to walk right inside to mail our things. Tabby looked hopefully at people waiting in line. One lady said she was cute, but nobody offered to pet her.

We continued around the block. Burrito Jones still isn’t open. A wireless phone company is (Sorry I didn’t make note of which one it was. T Mobile?). A couple of closed businesses. Bummer. Somebody put two smallish blow up snowmen in one empty storefront. Nice. Pete’s Tavern. Well, if we didn’t take Tabby into Belly Up we probably shouldn’t take her into Pete’s.

After we turned back onto Albany Street we noted that Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner was closed for the night. Too bad. I could have gone for a Patty Platter. But, again, not a good place for Tabby. Some folks were still working in Castle Law Firm.

And then we were back to our own car and could happily go home. I don’t know if you’d call this much of a Mohawk Valley adventure, but we enjoyed it, so I thought it might be worth a post.

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