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In My Defense, It’s Halloween!

Maybe I need to start a feature called Wuss Out Wednesday. I know I had Mid-Week Middle-Aged Musings, but I don’t feel up to musing.

Last week I seem to remember writing “In My Defense, I’m in a Play.” I started to write a more extensive post about the play and I got all bogged down in talking about Readers’ Theatre and it went downhill from there.

I saw a cool Vincent Price movie I’d like to write about, but my movie posts tend to run long and often need editing after consulting references. Will I have time for such a thing? No! I’ve got trick or treaters to greet!

That was as much as I wrote while at work today. I just finished greeting about a million trick or treaters. I’m cold, I’m tired, I’m irritated, and I haven’t eaten supper yet. On the brighter side, it was fun when we ran out of candy and I told everybody it was because Steven ate it all. The last dozen or so kids got Halloween pencils and other prizes we had previously purchased for Halloween parties past. I’ve been wanting to get rid of those pencils for years.

Steven just called up the stairs that dinner is ready, and I am just barely over 200 words. Happy Halloween, everybody! See you in November!

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