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Back at it Despite the Back

Over two weeks ago I had some problem with my back (you may have read about it in my blog), so I have not been running since October 3. That is just not fun for me, so I was determined to begin yet again today (October 23 — eek! 20 days! Say it ain’t so!).

My back has actually been feeling much better with very little effort on my part. Then I noticed my weight was starting to creep up, and that can exacerbate back pain (oh, I love that word exacerbate). Of course I knew my first step had to be to stop eating like a huge honkin’ hogger (my favorite way to eat), but I also knew that running would help.

It was raining as I left work, but I did not let that deter me. For one thing, it was a mere sprinkle, not a deluge. The temperature was just about where I like it, somewhere in the 50s. Of course all my running clothes were clean, so it was no problem getting into gear and getting going.

So far so good. I turned right onto German Street. Steven, Tabby and I had gone left the last walk we took, so I thought I would look for different Halloween decorations. I knew I would have to cross Main Street, but I hoped for the best.

Right away I saw two college-age-looking girls on the sidewalk ahead of me. Oh dear, I would have to say “Pardon me” and go around them. Well, so what, I told myself, the worst thing that could happen is you’ll run through some wet grass. There is no reason to think those girls will not be perfectly polite. Anyways, at the rate I run, I knew it would be at least a couple of blocks before I caught up with them.

It took less time than I thought, so maybe I’m not such a plodder after all. I said, “Pardon me,” as planned. One girl was on a cell phone, but the other girl smiled at me.

“I need to do that,” she said.

“It’s been two weeks since I’ve done it,” I told her as I ran on. You see, I had not at that point checked previous blog posts for dates so did not realize the 20 day thing.

I saw plenty of ghosts, scarecrows, skeletons and pumpkins. Many porches sported cobwebs, both clumpy and nicely spread out. One house in particular had an elaborate graveyard in the front lawn. I made a note of that one for when Steven and Tabby and I take another walk. I also saw the cutest little pumpkin lights in an enclosed porch. Got to get me a string of those.

Soon I realized it had stopped raining. Bonus! I never reached the “I Can Rock This” stage. I alternately plodded and shuffled, but it didn’t feel too bad. Eventually my back started to hurt a little. I promised myself I would do stretches later, per the papers my friend at work gave me.

As I was running I composed a blow-by-blow in my head, very little of which I have used here. Then again, I don’t think every running post has to run up to 1000 words.

I was listening to WVHC, 91.5 fm, Herkimer County Community College’s radio station, as I drove home from work. The student on the air said, “Happy Tuesday. Not that anybody has any reason to be happy on a Tuesday.” I may be misquoting. Well, I do so have a reason to be happy. I started running again. Happy Tuesday to the rest of you, too.

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