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Saturday Afternoon Interlude

I was delighted to see the Belly Up Pub going into the space that once held the late, lamented Albany Street Cafe. Saturday afternoon, Steven and I had a chance to check it out.

We arrived around four. I wanted to go at a time when it was not likely to be crowded. We easily got seats at the bar, our favorite place to sit, and ordered drinks.

The menu features a number of appetizer-type foods. Deep-fried is one of my favorite flavors. I suggested we order chicken tenders, which Steven loves, then, after considering deep-fried pickles or raviolis, decided on eggplant fries. We got to pick four dips — two per basket. We selected Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Wasabi Cucumber and Cheddar. Yum!

The Pub only occupies one room, where Albany Street Cafe spread over two with a patio, since it was a full service restaurant as well as a beloved watering hole. The remodeled space is more open. The raised booths were taken out, allowing the late afternoon light to come in the picture window. A couple of tables and two dart machines are in that area now. A few people were playing darts while we were there.

We watched the college football game on one of the wide-screened TVs and fell into a conversation with some other patrons of the sizes of our respective screens at home. I ordered a second glass of Pinot Noir and sat back, appreciating the scene.

Steven and I greatly enjoyed our interlude at the Belly Up. We have tentative plans to meet there again on Friday for Happy Hour. Might rate another blog post. For more information on the Belly Up Pub, visit their Facebook page.

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