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Post about a Plod

Getting back into running is not easy, even after a short lay off. Come to think of it, it’s not always easy to keep going even when you’ve been at it a while, hence my frequent lay offs. But I thought if I put my spotty record and crappy runs out there, it might inspire others. You know, in a bad example kind of way.

I think I’ve spoken before about how no life is wasted because it can stand as a bad example. I don’t expound too much on the bad example I’ve set, because, quite frankly, it would depress me too much. But I don’t mind talking about what a lousy runner I am. Go figure.

So Saturday I ran for the first time in 13 days. Then I did not run for the next three days. I had my reasons. They are dull. Wednesday I made up my mind that if it was not pouring rain I would run.

“Guess I’m not mowing the lawn today,” a guy at work said.

“Is it raining?” I asked. I confess, I kind of had my hopes up.

“No, but the grass is soaked.”

As I left work, it seemed pretty good running weather. Cloudy, not too hot, and it had stopped raining long enough that there were not too many puddles. I went home, got into gear and got out the door before I could change my mind.

Almost as soon as I started running, I found that it was not so comfortable after all. High humidity. Oh dear. It was not too warm — the clouds helped with that — but the air was heavy. And let’s face it, I was heavy (I think I still am, but let’s stick with Wednesday). This was going to be a plodding run. I plodded.

One good thing about re-starting running is that a short run is still an accomplishment. Another is that I don’t feel obligated to run hills. I was soon pondering how short a run I could do and still call it a run.

I saw a patch of bright color on a tree. That encouraged me. I do love the fall colors. I looked around for other sights to distract myself from my troubles. Maybe some Halloween decorations.

I saw a couple of gravestones in one lawn, one with skeleton parts sticking out of the dirt in front of it. Various ghosts and skeletons hung from different porches. I was pleased to notice some cobwebs that look the way mine usually end up: clumpy. Really, the clumps did not look bad. I felt quite encouraged to dig out my own cobwebs and get to work (um, I haven’t yet, but give me time).

I won’t lie to you: it was a crappy run. I plodded the whole way at an embarrassingly slow pace. I mean, it was a plod. It was not even a shuffle. I plodded for the same amount of time I shuffled on Saturday. Even my cool down walk with Tabby felt a little ploddy.

I could go on about how crappy the run was, but I can see some readers (you know who you are) tuning up their miniature violins. Hey, I was just about to get to the looking on the bright side part! The bright side is that I did it. I ran before my three day lay off became a four day lay off. And I got a blog post out of it. Hope to see you on Lame Post Friday.

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