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Spaghetti and Meatbars

No, I am not mispronouncing my L’s. I actually did make meatbars.

The meal started with a tube of ground turkey that Steven and I had acquired some time ago (long story, not very interesting). Of course, ground turkey is not interchangeable with hamburger, so it sat in our freezer while I made meatball plans which somehow never came to fruition. At last, Sunday I made up my mind to purchase some sausage to mix with the turkey and make meatballs.

My first problem was that I could not find any loose sausage. No matter. I can get the casing off a sausage. I put both meats in a bowl and added some crushed garlic and bread crumbs with Italian seasoning.

I added an egg. Two eggs? It looked like enough meat for two eggs. And that’s where I was quite wrong. Two eggs was too many. My meat mixture was… not exactly soupy but definitely too moist. I tried adding more bread crumbs. I was emphatically not inclined to run back to the store for more meat.

Probably the meatballs would solidify when cooked. I tried rolling a couple. Not a success (no, I did NOT take a picture to immortalize my stupidity) (oh, yeah, I know, I’m writing about it in this blog. But who reads anymore anyways? Almost everybody looks at pictures).

Finally I poured the stuff into a baking dish like it was a cake mix. I smoothed it out and stuck in into a 350 degree oven. Twenty minutes later I had… I guess you could call it Italian meatloaf. I cut it into rectangles and added it to my sauce (which I had been putting together all this time. Should I have mentioned that?).

They did not taste too bad. However, as I write this I slap myself on the forehead and say “D’oh!” I forgot to add grated Parmesan cheese. I must try to remember that the next time I make a batch of meat… something.

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