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Super Shout-Out

This post is a follow-up to my posts on the Superhero Sprint, which took place last Saturday sponsored by Herkimer Now. Once again, Herkimer Now is a group aiming to revitalize downtown Herkimer, NY.

First a correction: If you read the original post, you may recall that a lady with a microphone was kidnapped by two villianesses at the beginning of the sprint. The lady was actually grabbed by Cat Woman not Leaf Woman, as I had reported. In my defense, my back was to the microphone at the time. You see, she had mentioned the hot dogs at the end of the race, and I had turned around to tell people I would knock them down to get to the hot dogs. Hey, I’m a villainess too, remember? (Oh, stop shaking your fingers at me! I didn’t knock anybody down. I didn’t take a hot dog, either, in case there wouldn’t be enough. I even kept Tabby from bothering those that had them.)

Leaf Woman, I’ve been informed by a reader, was probably Poison Ivy. That name does sound familiar, now that you mention it. The reader went on to be self-deprecating about being dorky, but I assured her it was no such thing. Being well-read in a genre is often mistaken for dorkiness by the uninformed. I get that all the time regarding Shakespeare (just kidding; I am neither smart enough nor well-read enough to be mistaken for a Shakespeare dork).

Now onto the important part of the post: giving a shout-out to the local businesses that supported the event. The hot dogs I mentioned were donated by Crazy Otto’s, which was handily located at the finish line. If I had come to the run with non-canine companions, I probably would have stopped in for a snack after the festivities. It is a really good place to eat.

The popcorn and cotton candy, also available at the finish line, were provided by Collis Hardware. I talked a little about Collis in a previous post. Regular readers (if any) may call that Tabby pulled me in to enjoy a moment of air conditioning and being petted (that is, Tabby enjoyed being petted, and we both enjoyed the a/c).

Woody’s Ice Cream donated gift certificates for prizes. I have not been to Woody’s for ice cream recently so am glad to be reminded. They are located in that little plaza between State and Mohawk streets, between Autozone and Vintage Spirits.

Wal-Mart donated a $25 gift card. I don’t usually plug big box stores, because they lack the local cachet I seek and because I don’t think they need my help (oh, like I’m so helpful. Still, I have some readers). However, I must give credit where credit is due: Wal-Mart does support the local community.

I’m glad to have the opportunity to talk more about the Superhero Sprint and about its organizer, Herkimer Now. The event was a great deal of fun, enjoyed by both participants and spectators. I think it’s wonderful that we have a group working to improve our village. For more information on Herkimer Now, you can visit their Facebook page. Tell them Mohawk Valley Girl sent you.

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