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What All the Cool Villainesses are Wearing

Yesterday (Saturday) was the Superhero Sprint, sponsored by Herkimer Now, a group looking to revitalize downtown Herkimer, NY. I am completely behind that mission, so if I can help by looking foolish and having a few laughs, I definitely will.

Two days before the event, Steven and I went up to our attic and looked through some of our Halloween stuff. I easily found my big black cape, although I was skeptical of how comfortable that would be in the bright sunlight. Also, it looked a little vampirish. Then I found a large rectangle of blue and silver shimmery stuff and a piece of filmy white fabric. I could not find the small red cape I thought Tabby could wear, but I found a Christmas bow I could attach to her harness. I figured she would wear that without too much complaint and it would at least be costume-like. The rules stated all participants must be in costume, but I was sure they would use a generous definition of the term. Besides, who would tell a cute little dog she couldn’t run?

Steven preferred the blue and silver material for my cape. He said I could use the white, “But, remember, that’s the bowling pin’s Halloween costume.” Well, what does your bowling pin wear for Halloween?

I took a large pink t-shirt and drew a big C on it with fabric pen. I took another color and wrote “Evil Woman” over it and “CinCin” under it. I found a pair of shorts to go with it. Maybe real super villianesses wear tights (I’ve seen pictures), but perhaps they have a higher tolerance for eighty degrees in the sun.

My hair was more problematic, because it is growing out and has reached that annoying in-between stage where you can’t really do anything with it (I’ve been wearing a do-rag to work). Finally I put a headband on, then fastened to that the large white flower I wore a few weeks ago to the H.A.L.O. Luau Party. Pink running socks and blue running shoes completed my ensemble.

I pondered my eyewear for a moment. Generally when I run I wear a pair of old plastic glasses I got for cheap specifically for the purpose of running. Still, I didn’t think I’d be running very fast for this event. For one thing, I didn’t think Tabby would want to. And that sun was bright. I put on my purple prescription sunglasses. I thought they went with the outfit. I slathered on lots of sunscreen and put a couple of Tabby poop bags in my pocket. I was ready to go.

And I think I’ll sign off here, because I see I am over 400 words. Not a huge amount, of course, but I think I’ll find a LOT to say about the actual event. Stay tuned.

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