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Weather or Not This Constitutes an Adventure…

At last my bunions have been vindicated. For weeks they have been saying rain and all we’ve gotten has been humidity. As they say, be careful what you wish for.

I wrote yesterday about some heat lightning we had experienced. That afternoon a nice rain watered my plants. It was not until after I went to bed (I go to bed early, for maximum beauty rest) that the storm started.

I never heard such thunder! Some of it didn’t even sound like thunder. It sounded louder and meaner. Well, for all I know, it wasn’t all thunder. Maybe some monster trucks with muffler problems happened to be driving by. Or maybe they were actual monsters. I have a vivid imagination when I wake up in the middle of the night.

I could be wrong, but I believe it was prior to midnight when we lost power. I knew we lost power because the fan went off and I said, “Crap!” I went to the bathroom and, sure enough, no power. No night light in the bathroom. No LED coming from the computer room. No glow from Steven’s clock. I wasn’t too worried about the loss of the clock, because my alarm is battery operated. Also, I have my watch alarm, and my watch has Indiglo.

The loss of the fan, however, was soon felt to be a major detriment. You might think that all a fan does is blow around the hot air, but it seems to me the air must cool off as it moves or something, because the bedroom went from comfortable to sweltering in a very short time. Oh dear. I only had a limited amount of time to sleep. That, of course, is a deadly thought for an insomniac. As soon as you start thinking about the fact that you are not asleep, it becomes clear that you will NEVER SLEEP AGAIN.

Of course that is not really true, and I knew it was not true, so I relaxed as best I could and tried to think cool thoughts. I could hear Tabby panting. Poor doggy. First the thunder, now the heat. Later, when I realized I was thinking about a dream I just had, I knew I had been asleep. Phew!

By 3:30, my usual wake up time, power had not been magically restored. I woke up Steven and told him we were without power. We own one flashlight which, fortunately had batteries and even more fortunately was right next to my side of the bed (sometimes I read with it when I can’t sleep and don’t want to disturb Steven).

I got dressed in the dark, thinking, “This is what blind people do all the time,” and also about the joke, “Did you get dressed in the dark?” that you say to somebody who has made an unfortunate wardrobe choice.

I volunteered to go in search of coffee. Most of the street lights on Bellinger were out, so that was a little weird. All the lights were on at Fastrac, but they were not overrun with early risers in search of caffeine. Well, I guess a quarter to four is pretty early rising.

The clerk told me Wal-Mart was closed and the cops were out patrolling the streets. I wondered if I had been supposed to stay home. You know, “No unnecessary travel.” Then again, how would I know that with no TV or radio? That reminded me to turn on the truck radio. Nothing but music. It’s only in the movies where they turn on the radio and immediately hear the weather report or the breaking news story that’s a major plot point.

Steven wanted to turn off the flashlight to save the batteries and I did not want to sit in the pitch dark, so we had our coffee on the front porch. Even without the streetlights there was more light outside, and the temperature was definitely more pleasant.

I felt I had had an adventuresome morning. I don’t know how many readers will consider it blogworthy, but it was the most exciting thing to happen to me recently. So, unless something major happens before I get home, type this in and hit “Publish, this has been your Mohawk Valley Girl story for the day.

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