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Musings Muddled by Mugginess

We’re back to Middle-aged Musings Monday with a contemplation of heat lightning.

I never knew exactly what heat lightning was. I just knew that sometimes I would see lightning and some grown-up would say, “Oh, that’s just heat lightning.” I thought the heat caused the lightning, and that always seemed odd to me. Lightning is, of course, hot, but to me it always seemed fast and clean, an exciting spark. I could not see what it had to do with the soggy, onerous baking nights that usually brought heat lightning.

I recently learned (via the Weather Channel, I believe) that heat lightning is the same thing as regular lightning, only it is too far away for us to hear the thunder. I was pleased to know the definition, only now I’m a little worried that some pedantic types will take it too far and start saying, “There is no such thing as heat lightning!” Some people love to tell other people that there is no such thing. It starts out with Santa Claus and goes downhill from there. Come to think of it, that could be a whole other blog post.

This morning I thought at first we had regular lightning, because I heard a faint rumble of thunder. As I drove to work the light show continued with no sound, so I thought, “Heat lightning!” Then I wondered if somebody at work would annoy me by telling me there was no such thing. Instead, no less than three people remarked on the heat lightning. I felt vindicated.

I don’t know if this is really much of a point to ponder: Does a given thing not exist just because it’s the same thing as another thing? Was that a convoluted enough way to ask that? Have I ever mentioned that I hate philosophical questions?

As I read over what I wrote, all I can think is that the heat has surely muddled my brain. Maybe a zap of heat lightning would bring me back to normal. Or turn me into Frankenstein, I suppose. The lightning stopped when I got to work. But the soggy heat lingers on. Happy Monday, everybody.

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