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Wine for Ilion Days

I’m missing a lot of the Ilion Days events — most notably tonight’s delightfully named Doodah Parade — but Steven and I did make it to a wine tasting at Ilion Wine and Spirits Thursday night.

I started with the Tanto Trabbiano d’Abruzzo 2010 from Italy. It reached my ultimate accolade of “yummy.” The hand-out said it was “floral, fresh and very well balanced.” I’m not sure about the floral — I almost never taste the notes of whatever, either — but I found it refreshing.

I continued on whites with the Indaba Sauvignon Blanc 2010, France. It was yummy, too; I usually like Sauvignon Blanc. I liked the d’Abruzzo a little better, though.

The last white I tasted was the Sauvion Vouvray 2010, France. I got a little silly (who, me?) declaring, “Vouvray! It’s fun to say!” Nobody seemed to mind. The Vouvray was a little sweeter than I like, but other people at the tasting were highly recommending it to each other.

I skipped the last two whites they were offering, because they were definitely on the sweet side. I nibbled some of their munchies, which Steven had already raided (he only comes to these things for the food) before moving on to the reds. Crackers with two kinds of cheese spread (one with horseradish. Yum!) and that divine warm dip with cheddar, onion and mayonnaise, which they have had at the last few tastings.

I started my red sampling with Vina Borgia 2010, Spain. I asked if it was any relation to Lucretia Borgia, but of course I was still being silly. Those Borgias were Italian. The hand-out promised “light peppery notes,” which I think I tasted. I marked that one “yummy” too.

Also rated “yummy” was Snap Dragon Pinot Noir 2010, California. I almost always like Pinot Noir. The other two reds were all right, but I was not loving them.

I don’t always try the “Other Offerings” but decided to take a chance. They were Sips Sparkling Cocktails: Cucumber Mojito and Pineapple Mandarin Tropitini flavors. I know some girls who love this kind of thing. I had never had a Mojito before. Who knew they had mint? I know, probably everybody but me. The Tropitini tasted very orangey to me. Both were bubbly. I’m sure they would be good to serve at a party.

When Steven and I returned to the main part of the store so I could make my purchases, I was delighted to note that all my favorites were quite reasonably priced. We also purchased raffle tickets for an artist-painted Adirondack chair.

I enjoyed the wine tasting very much. As the weekend wears on, perhaps I can take advantage of other Ilion Days events. For a complete listing I can log onto

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