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Fritz at the Folts

Last night I thought I was in for the evening. Aaah! Then I looked at the paper and saw that Fritz’s Polka Band was playing at the Folts Home in Herkimer. I couldn’t miss Fritz’s Polka Band! I love those guys!

I first heard FPB at the Folts Home Summer Concert Series last July. I’ve been Facebook friends with Fritz ever since. I briefly enjoyed their sound recently while I was running the Boilermaker.

Steven and I had already done some minor running around and were about to enjoy a late supper, but it was still prior to seven. I had felt bad earlier in the week because it had been too hot to take our schnoodle Tabby for an evening stroll. I suggested, therefore, that we walk Tabby to the Folts Home and listen for a bit.

It was still warm out but not nearly as oppressive as it had been. After discouraging Tabby from stopping to sniff every damn tree, lamppost and street sign (we let her sniff some; we’re not monsters), we came within earshot of the Folts Home. Right away we heard the rhythm of a polka. Yay!

We had not carried lawn chairs with us and at first we were content to stand on the lawn and listen. Tabby wanted to go check out all the people sitting and listening. I’m sure she would have found somebody who wanted to pet a cute doggy, but I did not want to disrupt the concert.

After a while the sun came out, so I looked around for a friendly patch of shade. We saw some park benches way off to the side so made for those. We could hear perfectly well but could not see a thing. After a while we switched benches. We still couldn’t see the band but could watch some of the audience enjoying the show. I was only sorry nobody was dancing.

We listened to a couple of polkas and a couple of waltzes. Then some bugs starting buzzing around our heads, and Tabby got restless, so we continued our walk. I was glad I got to hear one of my favorite groups at least briefly. It made kind of a celebration for the hot spell being temporarily over.

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  1. Many thanks for writing about my band! Much appreciated! Hope you can stop out again. Cheers!

  2. I try to watch for where you’re playing. One of these days I’ll learn to actually dance the polka!


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