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It’s Still Friday After All

It’s Friday and I’m doing a Lame Post and if anybody doesn’t like it, they just don’t have to read it.

I’ve been off for the past two weeks. One could argue that I’ve had plenty of time for Mohawk Valley adventures and no need to fall back on a Friday Lame Post. That person would further argue that since I have not been at work all week, this Friday must lack that glorious, soon-to-be-free-for-two-days feeling. I have to ask, why is this person arguing with me? Hasn’t he got anything better to do? I’m going to ignore him (or her as the case may be) and get on with the random observations and half-baked philosophies which I enjoy on Lame Post Friday.

The main observation I’ve made lately (and you can judge its random quality for yourself) is that everybody’s lawn is brown. I can’t remember the last time it rained, but I think it was in June. The humidity has been considerable, so I still feel ready to mildew, but the lawns have been drying the heck out.

My other observation is purely personal: I wilt in the heat. I get tired and lethargic. And if I try to do stuff anyways, I get irritable.

So much for random observations. How about some half-baked philosophy? No good. My brain is all the way baked. I can’t come up with anything.

I wrote the above as I sat on my deck in the shade and then my damn pen ran out of ink. In the middle of the next sentence! I hate it when that happens! It wasn’t that great of a sentence anyways. As you can see, this is once again degenerating into a post about why I can’t write a post.

We won’t go any further with that thought. And no further thoughts come to mind. Yes, it is pathetic. But if I hit “Publish” it is a post. At least it was short. Stay with me; I’ll try to do better tomorrow.

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