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Hot Dogs and Hot Rods

I drive by The Domes on my way to work and have been noticing a sign for a car show there every Monday night. The Domes, in case you didn’t know, is a small group of businesses located on State Route 5, just outside of Herkimer. A couple of the buildings are dome-shaped. Last night, Steven and I decided to check it out.

We brought our schnoodle Tabby, because we figured a cute little dog was welcome to walk around a parking lot if she behaved herself. We also brought our appetites, because we had seen The Sugar Shack there and thought we could probably get a hot dog.

We ordered our food first. A variety of burgers and sandwiches are available as well as appetizers and desserts. We were intrigued by Deep Fried Mac and Cheese but decided to order two foot long hot dogs, one order of fries, one soda. I don’t eat many fries or drink much soda so figured I could share Steven’s. We sat down at a picnic table and enjoyed the music a DJ was playing.

A couple had a table set up nearby selling knives and garlic, so we walked over and checked that out. I thought about purchasing a jack knife. They are handy to keep in your purse, for little cutting needs that may arise. I decided to wait. We bought some garlic, though. I love garlic.

When our food came, it was delicious. The hot dogs were well-done, the way I like them, and the buns were toasted on the grill. I don’t know why foot-longs taste different from regular hot dogs. Shouldn’t they be the same thing, only longer? Maybe if I had a blind taste test I would find the difference to be psychological. As it is, I find them distinctive and I love them.

We strolled over to chat with the DJ. It was Sal Stokes, a name I remember seeing at other events, most notably the Elks Club car show in Meyers Park in Herkimer last August. A flier for this year’s car show was taped to the table. I made a note of the date: Aug. 4. If I am in town and I am so there.

Sal introduced himself and his wife, Karen. Steven and I introduced ourselves and our dog. Sal said dog lovers were special people. As we walked away he played a song about walking a dog and said it was going out to Cindy Lou Who.

There weren’t a lot of cars there, but we enjoyed the ones we saw. The most striking was a 1938 hearse belonging to Enea Funeral Home. Steven saw a sign on it that said only eleven of that kind were made.

It was a pleasant interlude. The Cruise In (one sign says Car Show, one says Cruise In; I suppose they are same thing) takes place every Monday from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Check it out.

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