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Can’t Have Too Many Books

There ought to be a saying about those with too many books are apt to buy more. It’s quite true. Steven and I proved it Tuesday at the Basloe Library Book Sale in Herkimer, NY.

Basloe is located on Main Street. There is a public parking lot on Prospect, which is one street over. You walk through a little park next to the building to get to the library.

The sale was in a room off the main part of the library. Several large tables covered with books beckoned. There were even more books on the floor underneath. I was in my glory.

I started out in non-fiction, because lately I’m really into history and biography, but I checked out the fiction too. I found a historical romance and a trashy romance. I picked both up, but told Steven I would probably hate myself in the morning. I won’t mention the authors’ names, because I don’t want to start anything. The historical lady brags on how much research she does and how accurate she is, but I’ve read the history. She takes liberties. But compulsively readable. I can’t put her books down, and then I read them again. The trashy writer, also compulsively readable. I’ll save them for a treat. If I ever deserve one.

Soon I had a small armful of hardcover books. Then I found a small pile of Writer magazines. Magazines were five cents apiece. Of course I picked them all up. Steven offered to carry my hardcovers for me. The gentleman working the sale said he could put them near the cash box so we wouldn’t have to carry them around.

I decided I had chosen enough before Steven was done looking, so I sat in a handy chair and started reading one of the magazines. He found a DVD of Ruthless People, a silly movie we had just been talking about the other day.

When we checked out, I counted 18 magazines, but told the guy to count it as 20, to make it an even dollar. Our purchases added up to $4.50. I said, “Let’s make it an even five, since it’s for the library.” He graciously agreed. I said, “If this was a garage sale with a person, I might have said, ‘Can we make it four?’ For the library, I’ll make it five.” I do love libraries.

For you local readers, the library sale continues through Friday. Frank J. Basloe Library is located at 245 N. Main St., Herkimer, NY. Phone number 315-866-1733. Or you can go to

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