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Searching for Treasure

Saturday Herkimer held village wide garage sales. Woohoo! I love garage sales!

Steven had to work till two, and we had a guest intending to arrive between noon and one. I figured most garage sales run till four or five, so there would still be plenty of junk to buy.

Prior to noon, Tabby and I decided to walk to the post office. We had a couple of checks we wanted to get in the mail (yes, we are that old fashioned) (actually, I hear that in some quarters it is unfashionable to pay your bills at all or at least on time). I had my purse with me, just in case we passed something we couldn’t resist.

Right away I saw a witch at a sale across the street. We hurried over. She was gorgeous, but she was not all there. The lady running the sale was waiting for somebody else to show up and mind the store while she ran up to the attic for the base. I promised to return with husband and sufficient funds. I knew I was taking my chances, but that’s the way it works. If I lost out on the witch, I could only hope she found a good home.

As we continued through Meyers Park, we saw that Herkimer Garden Club had a sale in the gazebo (or is it a bandstand?). We had to go through the park anyways so stopped to look. An extremely cute young girl showed us some of the plants available and tried to sell me a raffle ticket. I’m all about raffles, but I only had a five. I asked if she had change. She said she could sell me five dollars’ worth of tickets. I complimented her on her sales technique and searched my purse to see if I had a dollar in quarters. I did not. Well, I knew Steven would want to check the sale out so promised to return. They planned to be there till four.

Later on when Steven got home and changed into shorts, we decided to hit the plant sale first and work our way back home. They weren’t there! It was only ten minutes to three! We speculated that they had sold out. We went in search of the witch. She was still there, complete with base.

“You haven’t sold her yet,” I said to the lady.

“This lady just bought her,” she said.

“You snooze, you lose,” I philosophized. I couldn’t feel too bad. I have, after all, many witches and ghouls, and the lady the had gotten this witch looked delighted with her purchase. I do like to see things go to a good home. Our disappointment was further mitigated when we found a Halloween lamp post at the sale. We didn’t have a lamp post in our Halloween collection. We do now.

At another house we found a pair of lamps. Steven only wanted one for the second bedroom, but I thought we should buy both, because it was a matched set.

“We’ll put them in our bedroom and put the one on my side of the bed in the second bedroom,” I said.

At that sale we met a very nice beagle puppy named Lucy. Tabby is often indifferent to other dogs, but she seemed very interested in Lucy. Lucy’s people were nice, too.

Two other stops where we found some tins for Christmas presents and a book for me, and then we had had enough garage saling. A lot of the sales were winding down by that time.

It would have been nice to start our garage sale adventure earlier. We could have purchased a map at Valley Exchange. Then it would have been like a real treasure hunt. Oh well, there’s always next year. Or the next village wide sales at another Mohawk Valley community.

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