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Monday Malaise

All I want to do is lie flat on my back and stare at the ceiling.

I even had to force myself to write that sentence. This is, after all, why I invented Middle-aged Musings Monday. So I could ease into the week with a minimum amount of effort.

Then again, the minimum amount of effort is still some effort. And no effort is wasted, as I noted in an earlier post (it is way too much effort for me to go back and check the date or what I actually said about it).

Astute readers (if any) may remember that I said I would post every day for one year. That year was up as of May 23, and yet I am still posting every day. Perhaps I should finally give myself and my readers a day off. Nah. Readers can happily give themselves a day off by simply Not Reading. I personally feel I take many days off with silly postings such as today’s.

I had started back at the beginning of Mohawk Valley Girl, reading every post and jotting down title and subject (if it wasn’t obvious) in a notebook. I thought I could kind of do a State of the Blog thing, see where I’ve been, what sort of post got the most “likes,” what sounded good. I haven’t gotten very far.

I’m not getting very far on this post either. Oh dear! Where am I and what have I done to myself?

After I wrote the preceding, I worked and ate and drank Gator Ade (not all at the same time). I felt quite drained of brain. As the day progressed, I began to feel a little better. Not that my brain came back to life; I just felt a little less brain dead. I thought perhaps if I typed in what I had written this morning, I could bring it all to an insightful conclusion.

As Benjamin Franklin said in the play (and movie) 1776, “I’m thinking, but nothing is coming.” I may have that quote wrong. I’ll let you know after I watch the movie again. In the meantime, I have a bed to lie on and a ceiling to stare at. Happy Monday, everyone.

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