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Just Another Run

Saturday I ran earlier than I have in a long time, because Steven had to be to work at 6 a.m. As soon as he left, I was heading out myself, much to Tabby’s disappointment (I’d take her with, but she doesn’t like to run with me).

I decided to take advantage of the early morning lack of traffic and cross Route 5. This has the added advantage of not having a lot of hills. I can take it easy once in a while (don’t worry; I intend to run my favorite front way to Herkimer County Community College tomorrow). I intended to run down the canal path which I can pick up near MOVAC, the ambulance place.

As I reached Mohawk Street, I saw a runner some distance up ahead of me, not running very fast (I know, I should talk). I wondered if I would catch up with him but doubted it. Then I decided to explore a side street and lost him. It seemed to be taking me a long time to get anywhere, but I figured that was OK. I intended to run for 55 minutes. How far I actually got was immaterial.

At last I reached MOVAC. A guy in some uniform (an EMT?) was putting stuff in his car. We exchanged greetings. I did not expect to meet any walkers or runners on the path. I didn’t even see that much traffic. I knew I could reach the Washington Street bridge, because I had reached it before on, I think, a 50 minute run.

I enjoyed looking at the canal and the foliage that surrounds it. I saw some irises. I didn’t think they grew wild. Maybe somebody had put the bulbs in at some point. It was too far from the road to have fallen off the back of a truck, or so I thought. Anyways, the speculation occupied me for a few feet. I saw a Caution sign on a natural gas pipe, so I was cautious. Where was that damn bridge anyways? Ah yes.

Soon I was running on South Washington Street, where there was no sidewalk. Some weeds had totally overgrown and leaned onto the road. I was glad there was no traffic as I detoured around them. Somebody ought to clean this up, I thought. Then again, plants are plants. I suppose even overgrown weeds help clean the atmosphere by converting CO2 to oxygen (I probably don’t have that right).

I ran up and down a few streets, since I had some time to kill. There are some houses around there that have seen better days. I looked for the ones that showed some effort at making an improvement, of which there are always a few. I noticed a couple of porches completely filled with junk. What a waste of a good porch! Wouldn’t you like to sit on your porch and enjoy the moment, I mentally asked those people (not that I would actually ask somebody that, because people can pile junk on their porches if they have mind to).

I was headed back toward Route 5 when I saw one more street I had never run down and thought I’d check it out. A house on that street still had a Merry Christmas decoration up. Then again, it was on a high outside wall. I have no idea how they got it up there in the first place, and I do not blame them for leaving it the hell up there once it was in place. Then too, don’t some people say we should make the Christmas spirit last all year? There you go.

It was no problem crossing Route 5 again and I was on my way home. I looked at my watch. Oh dear, was this going to take me more than 55 minutes? I told myself it was OK if it did. I intend to up my run time to an hour tomorrow anyways. Why not a minute or two longer today? I should mention that I had been firmly in the “I can rock this” stage of my run since somewhere on the canal path. I had consumed coffee and a banana with peanut butter earlier that morning. I think it helped.

After crossing a couple of streets on a diagonal (once again, let’s hear it for no traffic!) and cutting through a couple of parking lots, I actually had to run past my house and backtrack to keep going for 55 minutes. It was a very enjoyable run. I am going to be so ready for the Boilermaker! (Oh, I hope those aren’t some of those “famous last words” you hear about!)

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