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At the Bar

I neglected to write about a pleasant interlude we enjoyed last Sunday at a local establishment. I will now repair that omission (doesn’t that sound fancy? “repair that omission”).

We had left the Garden Fair at Herkimer Home State Historical Site and were back in Herkimer, wondering what to do with the rest of our afternoon. I was in the mood for a beverage. After discussing a few possibilities, we decided to go to the Waterfront Grill.

It was sometime after two. I remembered that they close at three then re-open for dinner, so I thought we were all right. When we got there we found out we were more than all right: they don’t close between lunch and dinner on Sunday.

The waitress offered to seat us, but we asked if we could just sit at the bar if there was room. There was. I love to sit at the bar.

I ordered a gin martini, dry, straight up. Steven asked for a beer and the appetizer menu. I thought the olive in my martini would be snack enough for me, but since the menu was there I might as well take a look. Then I amused a couple sitting next to us by exclaiming, “I LOVE martinis,” after the first sip. I don’t get a martini very often. I’m more likely to enjoy a glass of wine or a beer or even a good cup of coffee (I’m enjoying coffee as I write this). But every once in a while…

Perusing the appetizer menu, Steven was intrigued by stuffed artichoke hearts. I decided to get a shrimp cocktail, with jumbo shrimp the menu said. We always share appetizers so never order the same thing. The bartender got a waitress to take our order.

Both appetizers were quite tasty. I was especially pleased with the cocktail sauce. Some places make it too bland, but the Waterfront Grill understands the use of horseradish. The stuffed artichoke hearts were yummy too. I think I’ll have to go back and order them a few more times, then attempt to make my own version at home.

While we sipped and nibbled, we chatted with some other people at the bar and watched out the window for the arrival and departure of the Erie Canal Cruise. We mean to go on one of those cruises one day. I’m hoping for a cloudy but not rainy day, since the hot sunlight bothers me.

When the waitress brought our check, I asked the bartender if they split the tip.

“No, she gets it.”

“But then you don’t get a tip,” I protested. He was a good bartender.

Another couple at the bar informed me that he was the owner.

“Oh, he owns the place,” I repeated, relieved. He appreciated my concern, though.

We enjoyed our little snack and will undoubtedly return to repeat the experience. For more information on the Waterfront Grill call 315-717-0700.

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