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I Love a Parade!

Steven and I were delighted to be able to attend Herkimer’s Memorial Day Parade on Monday, May 28.

The newspaper said that the parade started at one. It told the starting and ending points but did not specify the route. Trying to become more computer savvy, I looked online. The Herkimer Telegram website told the exact route but said it began a 1:30 p.m. Oh well, we’d figure it out.

First Steven got us interested in a television show that ended at one (City Confidential, my favorite) (really, even more so than World’s Dumbest). Meyers Park, where the parade was to conclude, is only about a ten minute walk from our house (naturally we intended to walk down with our schnoodle, Tabby). If the parade started at one we’d catch it at the end. If it did not start till 1:30, we’d have time to walk down the parade route a little.

As we left the house, we saw a neighbor boy and his father walking ahead of us. The boy was running ahead waving a small American flag, so we guessed they had the same destination as us. We soon saw other pedestrians headed in that direction, and Meyers Park was surrounded by cars. I guess lots of people love a parade.

A band was in the pavilion. A few notes of tuning and warm up floated through the air, always an exciting sound to me. We later found out it was Herkimer High School Band.

People were already lining Park Avenue. We saw a few people relaxing in lawn chairs under a tree in the park. Steven and I had both previously though bout bringing lawn chairs, but neither of us had actually done anything about it. No matter. I was excited to see the parade. We stood under a handy tree near the edge of the park, where we had a good view of Park Avenue. The parade would come almost directly toward us. I hoped we would not be in their way. There were no ropes or signs or even people telling us not to stand there, so we hoped for the best. If we did have to move, we’d be glad we hadn’t brought lawn chairs.

We did not have long to wait. A police car with lights flashing inched its way toward us. the parade followed. I did not take notes of who all was in the parade, so I will not be able to mention everybody. Sorry. I particularly liked the floats for Habitat for Humanity with Bob the Builder and for the Dairy Princess with a cow. I took some pictures, but it is not a digital camera, so I don’t know how they turned out. And I don’t have a scanner or know how to use one, so I don’t know why I brought up pictures as all. Sorry again.

Once the Memorial Service started our spot was not so advantageous. We could neither see nor hear the speakers very well. We could hear the band when they played, so we enjoyed that. Tabby got restless, after sitting so nicely and quietly for the whole parade, so we sneaked away down Park Avenue before the end of the service. In our defense (although I suppose it is a specious defense), we were not the only ones leaving just then.

I enjoyed the parade. I have not seen one in years. It is just the kind of community event I like to write about as Mohawk Valley Girl.

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