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Got to Be Applebee’s

I don’t usually talk about chain restaurants or stores here, but in this case I don’t mind mentioning Applebee’s, because they’ve given themselves a local flair. Recently they shut down for a couple of days to redecorate and said it would be with local memorabilia. We decided to check it out.

Steven said I must mention the history of the gift card we intended to use. The card was a Christmas present from my sister Diane and her family. Diane had brought it to my parents’ house at New Year’s, thinking we would be there. We were not. The card languished in Rome for three months till Mom finally stuck it in the mail. When Steven contacted Diane via Facebook to thank her, she replied she did not know why she had not mailed it herself.

Oh dear, that was not nearly as amusing a story as it seemed when we were talking about it. I may cut that out when I edit this and Steven can just get mad at me for not mentioning the gift card.

Applebee’s was doing quite a brisk business for a Wednesday night. We were there prior to six, so I could not take advantage of the Ladies’ Night specials (and no cracks from the Peanut Gallery about me not being a lady!). I expressed regret that my favorite tall tables in the bar area were taken, but the hostess fixed us up with a tall half-booth. It was a table for four, which worked out well, because I soon moved from the padded bench to the chair beside Steven. As I explained to the waitress, it was easier on my back and got me a little closer to my man. Steven pointed out that it also gave me a good view of the flat-screen TV directly across from us. There are actually a good number of flat-screen TVs to be seen. I didn’t test the theory, but I daresay wherever you sit you can see one. Sports were on, which is a good thing to watch with no sound. (Boy, that’s a long paragraph, but I can’t figure out where to break it into two. And I call myself a writer.)

The pictures and murals on the wall seem to be all from local high schools. I saw mostly sports teams with a few proms and one school play (I think it was a play; why else would they be dressed Shakespeareanly?). I wish I had walked around and really made note of what I saw, but I did not want to disturb the other diners.

At one point a young girl approached me and handed me my cell phone, which had inexplicably fallen off my purse. I thanked her very much. I thought I would mention it, because I appreciate nice little girls who notice lost property and take the trouble to return it.

It was quite a tasty meal with the usual good service we enjoy at Applebee’s. All restaurants in a chain are not equal. I will say that the Herkimer branch of Applebee’s is a very good representative of the brand.

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