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Multi-Purpose Run

I thought I would do the thing today of coming home, running, then writing my blog post about my run. It’s worked before. It could work again.

I did not write my blog post during my breaks at work today, because I really could not think of what to write. I’m still on All Harvey All The Time, and quite frankly, I am out of things to say about Harvey. We had our pick up rehearsal last night, but I’m thinking that would not make a great post. I mean, we had a lot of laughs, but to convey the humor I fear I would have to explain too much. And even if I explained enough, the jokes might fall sadly flat (I refuse to use the condescending expression, “You had to be there”) (anyways, you would have had to be there not only last night, but through the entire rehearsal period. So you see).

Be that as it may (one of my favorite transition phrases), I came home and got my running gear on right away before I could change my mind. I made up my mind early on not to demand a long run of myself. Thirty minutes sounded about right. Twenty in a pinch. But I thought up to Herkimer County Community College (HCCC) the front way might be a good idea. For one thing, that is usually my Sunday run, which I missed this week.

I thought if I was unable to cross German Street, I would be off the hook and just run the neighborhood streets. But right away I had my chance and sprinted across. On towards the college I went. My body was not best pleased with me, but one learns to live with these things. I thought about what traffic was likely to be on the road to the college but refused to let it deter me. When the DARE 5K was approaching, I reminded myself, I ran that road every day about this time for at least a week. I could hang.

A nice car even stopped for me to run across Lou Ambers Drive to get to left side facing traffic. I stayed in the parking lot of Salvatore’s Pizza, but that didn’t last long. I ran past the spring without stopping for a a drink.

Lots of cars were coming down the hill. Some of them were flashing their lights at cars going up the hill. I had to look twice, because the cars had daytime running lights and I was not sure if they actually flashed or a bump in the road just made the lights appear brighter to me. No, that was a definite flash. Did that mean there were cop cars up the hill? I think that’s the usual signal. Nobody flashed me. That’s OK. I’ve been flashed before; it’s not the thrill you think it’s going to be.

I ran up and up, telling myself I could rock this. Let me be perfectly clear: I was NOT at the “I can rock this” stage of my run. I was just trying to be encouraged. Oh, it took a long time to go up. I thought about the DARE run and thought I had not shuffled so slowly that day. At last I got around the curve. Oh, that wasn’t so great after all. You think you make it around the curve and you’re there, but the road keeps going up. Ugh.

I got to a clearing where you can look out over the village below. Cool. I’ll have to stop there sometime and try to really recognize landmarks. I could see a wide highway in the distance. Probably the Thruway. I’d be moving a lot faster in a car.

There were the dormitories. I wondered if someone would yell something out a window at me today or if that was something that just happened on a weekend morning. Apparently so. I guess those kids had other things on their minds. I saw a young man holding an empty bucket and whapping a mop against the building. Good man, cleaning up the dorm. At least, I think good man. He may have just now been getting around to cleaning up the results of a debauch from two weeks ago. Still, he had apparently been mopping something.

I could hear an announcer saying something from the athletic fields. I could just faintly make out some music playing, such as I had enjoyed running to one other day. I did not keep running across campus, though, adhering to my thirty minute goal. I finally saw a cop car, but of course I have no idea if he was the one those cars were flashing about. I continued on my way, down the back way. The breeze died down and now it was just muggy. I could feel the sweat running down my face. I was tempted to scoop some water out of the little stream and splash it on me, but I kept running instead. It wasn’t really that hot. I’ll put up with worse in the months to come.

Another sprint across German Street, and one across Caroline. Then I stopped and petted a lady’s Jack Russell terrier. I love a cute dog. I hurried home to my own cute dog, and we walked around the block for my cool down. Then I felt I had to eat supper before attempting to compose anything. Luckily, Steven was willing to cook for us.

So I think I’m transitioning from All Harvey All The Time to All Boilermaker All The Time. At least, this is the first I’ve mentioned the Boilermaker, but of course one purpose of today’s run was to prepare for that race. Another purpose was to have something to write a blog post about. And I have consumed a few calories that needed burning off. Really, a multi-purpose run.

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