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Out of Adjectives

It’s no use. For at least the next week this blog is either going to be All Harvey All The Time or post after post of me writing about the fact that I’m not writing (the irony is not lost on me).

I even had a great Mohawk Valley topic. Saturday night Tracy dragged us to Holland Patent to see the most wonderful folk concert. Jam Crackers was performing at a coffee house at the First Presbyterian Church on Park Street. The group consists of Dan Berggren, Peggy Lynn and Dan Duggan.

Oh are they ever good! I literally had tears in my eyes because the harmony was so beautiful, especially when they sung a cappella (my computer is telling me that is misspelled, but I looked in the dictionary). The instrumentals were incredible, too. Steven and I knew of Dan Duggan’s skill on the hammered dulcimer; we have not one but two Christmas CDs by him. Peggy played the concertina, or squeeze box, as I thought it was called. They also played guitar, as did Dan Berggren.

What a voice Peggy has! She can do folk, gospel, blues and look like she’s having a wonderful time doing it. Dan Berggren has a beautiful bass voice. I loved the lyrics on the songs he wrote.

I’m really out of adjectives to describe these folks, so I guess it’s just as well I’m not doing a blog post on the concert. I would probably also run out of adjectives to describe the yummy pies that were available at intermission (well maybe “yummy” is all I really need).

I see I’m over 200 words. Not a great blog post but respectable. And I guess it’s just as well to keep the non-great posts short. I have to go get ready for my Harvey rehearsal.

I thought of the title for this after I wrote it. Now I think I should write a better blog post to go with that title. Perhaps another day.

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