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Muggy Run

I know I threatened a post about cleaning my house, but I thought a post about a run would be more fun.

I confess, the run did not start out very fun. I didn’t even get to it till a few hours later than I would have liked. Steven and I had first to go to the grocery store. That was enjoyable enough (we always get silly in the grocery store), and we beat the Sunday morning rush. Then we went out to breakfast, always a joy. When we got home from that, we took our dog Tabby for a walk. For one thing, she was even more frantic than usual on our return, and I thought it would help her work off some of that energy. Then some laundry and other chores while I waited till my breakfast was good and digested.

I had spent the earlier part of the morning quite delighted with the day. I love being up in the morning; the day feels so unused. It rained last night, so the world felt clean. In short, it felt like late spring, early summer. Warm enough to enjoy but not too hot. And cloudiness prevailed, which I always find relaxing.

Unfortunately, by the time I got my running gear on and got out the door, an unaccountable feeling of irritation had overtaken me. What was that all about? Could have been a factor that I had been doing housework. You would expect a feeling of some accomplishment from that, but I tend to only get a sense of how much other crap needs to be done. (Oh yeah, I said I wasn’t going to do a cleaning post. My bad. On to the run.)

As I ran down German Street toward Herkimer County Community College (HCCC), I found the clean, unused feeling of the day had dissipated, to be replaced by mugginess. All those clouds I like so much do bring the moisture. Well, I told myself, just be happy your hands aren’t cold. My legs were not happy with me. What was that all about? It hadn’t been two days since I ran; I just ran yesterday. This should be fun! Oh, just keep going.

I saw some daffodils and hyacinths in a front yard. I caught a lovely whiff of hyacinth, but that may have been my suggestible sinuses at work. No matter, I enjoyed it. I saw a little white dog. Was it my friend Nicky? I quickly saw that it wasn’t and decided against crossing the street in hopes of petting it.

Passing the spring, I considered stopping for a quick drink. Usually a drink from the spring is my reward after I run up the hill to HCCC, but sometimes I take a drink as an encouragement beforehand. I decided against it today and continued on up. Oh, it sucked. But as I ran, I reflected that there was really no question that I would make it to the top. Once I start on a run like that, nothing really stops me. I suppose if I tried to run up too fast and started to hyperventilate that would do it, but I am unlikely to do any such thing.

I smelled a skunk. I had been keeping my head down, staring at my feet, but now I looked up and ahead. If there was road kill skunk up ahead, I wanted fair warning. Clear shoulders. Phew! I hate running by road kill. At last I was at the top. Nice view of Herkimer. I thought I saw the old factory that houses Fat Cat’s Fish Fry. Must go there some time; it would make a great post for Mohawk Valley Girl. I saw a church spire but was not sure from which church.

As I ran by the dormitories (I almost typed barracks; just a prior army moment), a masculine voice shouted, “Good job, YEAH!” I waved in the general direction it came from. I don’t know if the young man meant it as honest encouragement or was just making fun. Either way, it gave me a smile. I thought of the college students, many of them probably still asleep at almost 11 in the morning, making up for all-nighters during the week. Or maybe still drunk from last night. Wild times when you’re young.

I ran further onto campus than I have been, up by the gym, where I could cross over to Reservoir Road. Not a lot of water fowl by the reservoir, as there sometimes is. I saw one duck, or maybe it was a goose. I don’t know from birds. At last I was headed downhill. Ah! Now the run started to be fun! My muscles were warm and stopped complaining. I could have used a little less heaviness in the air, but I could breathe OK. Not like it’s going to be later in the summer, when I will strive to do most of my running in the early morning.

I upped my time by the recommended ten percent, as I like to do on a Sunday. My irritated feeling was gone. I felt pleased with my run and ready to take on the rest of the day. I have an authentic Mohawk Valley adventure planned. Stay tuned!

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