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Running Into Saturday

I approached the weekend with several Mohawk Valley adventures in mind. I also approached it with a singularly messy house and an increasing pile of laundry (how do I manage to get two pieces of clothing dirty for every one I wash?). So many things I could and should do: a rummage sale where I might find a costume for the play I’m in, set construction for said play, H.A.L.O.’s Trash to Treasure Sale (you know how I love to support H.A.L.O.), and of course that dirty house.

I also approached the weekend in a state of exhaustion. Regular readers (you know who you are) (hi, Mom!) may have noticed I’ve been having kind of rough week. No real reason that I can point to. Just the normal vicissitudes of life, I suppose. Anyways, I decided that to spend Saturday running around tiring myself out even more was the wrong thing to do. As they say, I needed time for me.

Having decided not to spend the weekend running around, the first thing I did was go running. OK, that’s not true. The first thing I did was drink coffee. And since my husband, Steven requested I hang out with him till he left for work, I didn’t hit the pavement till almost 9:30 this morning.

I set out with no plan of where to run, but thought some hills might be a good idea. I crossed German Street easily enough and turned toward Main Street. Then I thought, ooh, I’ll go up Steuben Street. That way I can run out for a certain length of time and see where I am. Later I’ll take the car (or truck), set the mile counter to zero and see how far I ran. I haven’t done that in a long time. Of course, I’m almost always disappointed in how short a distance it actually turns out to be, but it’s a good idea to be informed of these things.

As I ran down German, I noticed Dorf Street, which did not seem to be a dead end. There are many dead end streets off German. Sometimes I run up and down them, to add a little variety to my runs, but in general I don’t like running back the same way I just ran out. I thought I would like to run out Dorf to see where it went, but having already made my Steuben plan, I stuck with it.

As I ran up Steuben, I saw the other end of Dorf Street. Cool, now I know where that goes. Unfortunately the sidewalk ends fairly soon into Steuben. I persevered for a ways up the hill, but traffic was heavier that I like. Actually, I don’t like any traffic at all, especially when there is no shoulder. I bypassed the first left turn, to keep going uphill, but took the second. The uphill continued, so I thought that was OK.

I didn’t notice the name of that street, but it was quiet. I got within sight of the end and thought I had missed another side street, so I turned around and ran back to look. Um, no, so I turned around again and kept running. I hope nobody was looking out their window, because they might wonder about me. Still, if somebody was casing the neighborhood with robbery in mind, I doubt they would be running along wearing a bright tie-dye shirt.

I reflected on the tie-dye shirt as I continued my run. Many people have seen me wear the shirt, so it would be a poor choice for me if I wanted to be inconspicuous. But if I didn’t ever wear a tie-dye, it might be just the thing go wear as a disguise. People would focus on the bright shirt; they might not notice my face at all. Then when the cops asked for a description, witnesses would say, “Oh, she had on this bright tie-dye shirt.” I would only have to take off the shirt to become completely inconspicuous. I don’t really intend to turn to a life of crime, but if I ever did, I think I would know how to set about it.

My run was actually a pretty good one. The longer my runs get, the more I enjoy them. I guess it’s because I have more time for the “I can rock this” stage to set in. Next week I intend NOT to take two days off between runs. I think that will work out better. As for today, I felt energized. I actually started doing something about the dirty house. Now I’ve done cooking posts, but I don’t think I’ve ever done a cleaning post. Might be something to think about.

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