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Fun at the Country Kitchen

I had mentioned briefly that I went out to breakfast Sunday morning. I thought I’d talk a little more about that and give another shout out to Liz’s Country Kitchen on South Main Street in Herkimer, NY.

Liz’s Country Kitchen is run by our friends Liz and Donna, who previously operated the Neighborhood Diner on North Washington Street. Steven and I went there for a previous blog post and were delighted to find that the same delicious food and hometown atmosphere prevailed.

Steven was industriously at work when I set out Sunday morning. I luckily found a parking space right in front of the diner. Both Donna and Liz greeted me and were sorry not to see Steven as well. I ordered my favorite of a breakfast sandwich on a hard roll and started writing a letter to my sister (I hope she doesn’t read this post and wonder why I haven’t finished it yet; I’ve been busy). I overheard snatches of conversation as I ate.

“…a millionaire with one foot in the grave,” a lady said.

“And the other on a banana peel,” I added, quoting my grandmother.

Liz was looking for a way to hang some wind chimes on the door. Several people told her to cut out the racket, so of course she jingled them some more.

“Maybe you could have them made into earrings,” I suggested. Liz and I often admire each others’ earrings.

“You could use them to take up belly dancing,” said another diner. He seemed rather taken with the idea of Liz as a belly dancer.

Some neighbors of Donna’s came in. They were talking about some obnoxious partiers who had disturbed the peace in their neighborhood. I’m not sure where that neighborhood is, but I hope things settle down. There’s nothing wrong with having a good time on a Saturday night, but there’s no reason to wake the neighbors.

I greatly enjoyed my breakfast. I told Liz and Donna I’d do my best to bring Steven next time (I think people prefer us as a couple). I left refreshed and ready to take on the rest of my day.

Liz’s Country Kitchen is open seven days for breakfast and lunch. Check it out!

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  1. thank u for the nice write up about th d
    e diner. i am now a partner with liz. we now do breakfast only. our hours are 7:00 am-12:00 seven days a week. call ahead at 315-941-8025 if u want to know our specials or to take out. we do deliver only in herkimer. bring a rooster item and get a free coffee. come and bring your friends! hope to see u soon.

    • I’ll try to stop in again soon. Due to conflicting work schedules, Steven and I hardly ever go out for breakfast together any more, but I often like to treat myself to a yummy egg sammich on the weekends!


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