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Before the Wine

Saturday was an adventure filled day for me, but not in the Mohawk Valley. It was driving distance from the Mohawk Valley, though, so I’m sure it’s perfectly acceptable for a blog topic. I went wine tasting in the Finger Lakes.

I must point out, however, that it is not easy driving distance. I had to get up prior to five in the morning to get things done and get to Marcy to my sister’s house. From there we went to Rome and from there to Liverpool. Then and only then did we start the hour drive to the lakes. And then we drove to some wineries. Um, I didn’t drive. We had a designated driver. Then it was back to Liverpool, then back to Rome, where my husband picked me up and we drove back to Herkimer. And that last drive, let me tell you seemed to take FOREVER! At my age, I think overnight trips are the way to go. But that’s neither here nor there (oh, actually, I guess it’s there).

I spent all day telling people at the wineries I was going to put them in my blog. They responded politely. But first I thought I’d tell about one little thing that happened in Rome before the trip, just because I told my mom and sister it was going in the blog.

My dad’s hobby is restoring classic cars. He is very good at it, and has some beautiful vehicles. When Cheryl and I pulled into Mom and Dad’s driveway, we saw a yellow 1958 Chevrolet pick up truck I hadn’t seen before. Full disclosure: I did not recognize it as being 1958, but there was a license plate cover that said “’58 Truck” on it.

Dad asked our help to push it into the garage.

“I can push a truck,” I said. “I work in a factory! I used to be in the army!” Nobody was impressed, but this is family. They’re never impressed.

Dad pushed from the driver’s side door so he could steer. Mom, Cheryl and I pushed from the rear. Almost as soon as the truck started moving, Mom and Cheryl started hollering that I wasn’t really pushing; they were doing all the work. I saved my breath to keep pushing. I’ll let the reader decide who to believe.

Luckily the driveway is not very long. And I think it was a good thing we did not get the truck going very fast, because I don’t think the brakes work. If I knew how to post a photo, I could have taken a picture and posted it, maybe even doing a whole post later with before and after. Perhaps in the future.

In the meantime, that was a fun little interlude before a long time sitting in the car. And since Sunday finds me too tired to write a long post about the wine tasting, I thought this would do. Stay tuned for more about wine, unless I get caught up in Middle-aged Musings Monday (which, of course, is more whine) (you knew I was going to make that pun, didn’t you?).

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