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Old is New at the Farmer’s Market

Friday Steven and I had occasion to go to one of my all time favorite Mohawk Valley places, the Ilion Farmer’s Market at Clapsaddle Farm, Otsego Street, Ilion, NY.

The market is open Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. I was able to get home, shower and change before we headed out. I dressed a little fancy for a farmer’s market, in pantyhose and a dress, because I hoped to go to dinner afterwards.

We had some discussion about that, because we like to bring our schnoodle, Tabby, to the Farmer’s Market, but we don’t like to leave her in the car while we go someplace to eat. I suggested we either get take out (despite my fancy outfit) or bring Tabby home before we dined. Steven suggested we leave Tabby home entirely and she could accompany us to the Farmer’s Market another time. I was amenable to that, especially the implication that we would visit the Farmer’s Market again soon.

I know I’ve talked about the Ilion Farmer’s Market many times, but I can never resist mentioning it again. I just love everything about it: driving over the wooden bridge to get there, the antique barn that houses it, Jim Parker’s artwork. This time we sampled some Amish cheeses and decided to buy some. We sampled some cookies and definitely bought some. I checked for garlic pickles, but, alas, none were available.

What was new this time was a display of antiques for sale. It was a nice little area with shelves and a display case. Jim Parker told us the antique dealer was also a contractor and had done all the work himself using wood from old barns. We did not purchase anything Friday, but I will probably return to get one of the ladies’ handkerchiefs I saw. I think my character in Harvey would carry just such a handkerchief (for those just tuning in or anyone who forgot, Harvey is the play I’m in at Ilion Little Theatre).

Before we left we asked Jim for directions to the Ilion Moose Lodge, where we thought we’d go for the fish fry. He gave us the directions twice, because the first time I thought Steven was listening and Steven thought I was listening. The second time we both listened and departed with thanks, confident we would find the fish fry. That will be the subject for tomorrow’s post. Stay tuned.

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