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Monday Steven and I celebrated a day off together with a visit to the Herkimer County Historical Society.

While we waited in the gift shop for one of the ladies to let us into the museum, we looked over a cabinet dedicated to Roxalana Druse, the subject of a talk we attended last week. It included such artifacts as a bonnet she wore and part of the rope used to hang her.

I think the museum itself is good for several blog posts. I didn’t even read all the little cards by the various displays. I noted with interest some information on Margaret Tugor. She was principal of the Southside School, which was later renamed after her. On our first visit to the museum, a few years ago, a portrait of Tugor caught my eye. I was fired with ambition to write a biography about her. I have not done so yet, because I really have very little idea of how to research a biography.

Upstairs is a lovely display of doll houses, the collection of Joyce Keller, a Herkimer native and lifelong resident. I picked up a brochure that had biographical information on Keller as well as notes on the doll houses and their contents. I didn’t read through it at the time but just strolled around enjoying the display. The details were wonderful and the craftsmanship impressive. The brochure points out specific furnishings such as a miniature copy of Dolls’ Houses in America signed by Flora Gill Jacobs, the author. I may return to look at the display again and make sure I don’t miss anything.

Back down in the gift ship, I picked up two brochures about Herkimer County (always looking for more Mohawk Valley adventures), then selected some postcards. I also found a notepad bearing a logo of Herkimer’s Historic Four Corners (my favorite!). I pointed out to Steven a DVD and a couple of books for him to keep in mind when my birthday rolls around again. (some women my age ignore birthdays, but I like to give my husband every opportunity to buy me presents).

We had a nice conversation with one of the ladies there. We talked about the recent program given by James Greiner about Roxalana Druse, the Last Woman Hanged. I mentioned my blog and how I had written about Homefries with the Historical Society (my, that was a long time ago). I greatly enjoyed our visit and hope to return soon. The society is located at the Historic Four Corners (of course), 400 N. Main St., Herkimer, NY 13350. For more information call 315-866-6413.

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