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Cold Walk

Once again on a Saturday morning, I would like to blog about walking my dog. However comma (that is an expression I got from a sergeant I knew in the army), I did not take my dog for a walk this morning.

I tried to walk Tabby every day this week. I want to start running again, with an eye to the Boilermaker and my waistline, but it’s just been too cold and snowy for me (only those who go out and run themselves are allowed to roll their eyes, point and laugh or call me names). Still, walking in the snow is good exercise. It’s definitely more effort than bare sidewalk.

Tabby has definite ideas about how long or far she wants to walk, especially on very cold or very hot days (guess which we’ve been having lately). Monday she pulled me around our block and only around our block. It was a slightly longer walk, though, because twice we crossed the street to walk where the sidewalk was more bare. And, as I said, we had plowing through the snow going for us. Tuesday was another short walk.

Wednesday I had the bright idea to see how long it would take me to walk to Wal-Mart. See, on Thursday Steven and I had a dinner meeting of Ilion Little Theatre Club, and Steven had to work till 6:30, which would make us a little late. I had this elaborate idea that I would get home, walk Tabby to Wal-Mart, get the car, drive back home, put our dish to pass and plates in the car, then drive to pick up Steven at 6:30 to get to the meeting in a more timely fashion. So Wednesday was in the nature of a dress rehearsal (see my theatre background asserting itself). It was the coldest day yet, with wind chill. I had for once remembered my scarf, and it was not the miracle I was hoping for. We got a little more than halfway (I think; didn’t measure it on a map) when Tabby stopped short and looked at me. I know that look. We turned around and went back home.

Thursday, I made her walk all the way to Wal-Mart. She tried the stop short and look trick, but I assured her it was quicker to keep going. As soon as she saw the car, she felt better about everything.

I have been suffering from some bad headaches, so I have been keeping a headache diary, noting that I have had a headache every day in 2012. I noticed my headaches were often worse in the evening, so thought walking in the cold might have something to do with it. Friday, I made the experiment of not going for the walk. Tabby did not mind so much, because Steven was home and she likes to hang with both her peeps. Also, she had been to the groomers, which is very exciting for her and excitement tends to tire her out. Lo and behold, I had no headache. Could the fact that it was Friday also have been a factor? Hell, I’m no scientist.

Be all that as it may, I have a headache now. I did not take Tabby for a walk, but I did go out and help shovel the driveway. Tabby ran around in the snow while I did that, so she did get some exercise. I’ll probably break down and take her for a walk this afternoon if she cares to go, headache be damned. If it’s exciting, I’ll blog about that on Sunday.

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