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Now I’m Pretty

I needed a hair cut, and Steven was nice enough to make an appointment for me at Cuts & Colors for Friday after work.

Perhaps some aggressively self-sufficient reader is saying, “What is he, your husband or your secretary? Why don’t you make your own damn appointment?” Well, Steven happened to be going to Cuts & Colors for a haircut himself. You see, they are good for all ages, shapes and sizes.

Steven had really waited till he needed a cut TODAY (that is, that day that it happened to be), so he did not go to our usual stylist, Jackie W. I think he went to the other Jackie (to us, I’m sure to her, Jackie W. is the other Jackie, but you know what I mean). Steven looked very handsome with his haircut, but I was happy to get an appointment with our Jackie.

Friday, you may recall, was when the weather was really really yucky. I walked out of work to see people scraping their vehicles. I optimistically thought to myself, “Perhaps they came in at 5. I came in at 7, so maybe my car has less to scrape.” Then I laughed at myself for being so naive. “Eight hours or ten,” I thought, “if they’re scraping, you’re scraping.” Imagine my delight when I discovered I had in fact very little to scrape. Maybe that two hours made the difference.

I was relieved that Cuts & Colors is right on my way home. It was not a day to make a lot of detours. I reflected sadly that I might have to brush or scrape again after my haircut, as it was precipitating in a very wintery fashion.

Jackie was glad to see me. She said they had several cancellations that afternoon. I told her I did not blame them; if I had had to go to far out of my way, I might have cancelled too. She assured me they did not blame people either. But I can see where it would be disappointing to a business. Probably disappointing to the customers, too. I would not have wanted to go through another week of bad hair days.

My hair, as usual, looked wonderful when Jackie had finished. We remarked, also as usual, about the ever increasing amount of grey I have. Jackie likes it. I guess I do, too. Normally when I leave Cuts N Colors, I feel so pretty I insist on Steven taking me out somewhere. Friday, I thought, not so much. I was happy to get home and stay there.

And my hair still looked good the next day, so there you have it. I love Cuts & Colors. They are located at 402 Mohawk Street in Herkimer. For more information call 866-8514, or visit their Facebook page.

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