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Sunday Sprint?

Sunday morning I was an independent, take charge kind of woman. Which sounds better than saying I ran around in a fairly idiotic fashion and got some things taken care of.

I pause first for a caveat or disclaimer of sorts. In this blog, I try to boost local businesses and attractions — things unique or at least distinctive to the Mohawk Valley. I don’t like to do posts about chains or big boxes; they get enough attention. That said, sometimes I go to Wal-Mart. There, I’ve said it.

A lot of people hate Wal-Mart, and I admit it isn’t my favorite place. But it is the only place I can buy the yarn I like locally, and said yarn is at a better price than if I drove ten miles to the other places I know of to get it. I needed a few other things too. More excitingly, I now have a card that entitles me to my husband’s employee discount, that sweet 10 percent. Hey, every little bit counts. My husband, Steven, has now been employed by Wal-Mart for over 90 days. I would have loved to report that he was employed by one of those local businesses I love to tout, but the sad fact is none of them were hiring. Wal-Mart was. So you see.

Well that was a lot of blathering on to bring us to 7:30 this morning when I drove to Wal-Mart, hoping to beat the crowds. I decided on some yarn with a minimum amount of dithering, got a … to make the … for … (can’t get specific in case that person reads this post). I thought to buy some groceries, to save myself a trip to Hannaford, but I found the prices are not any better and the selection is not as good for the items I needed.

Oh, and here’s an aside: why can you almost never find whole milk yoghurt? It’s all low fat and no fat. The low fat or no fat tastes perfectly OK at the time, but within a short time I’m ravenous. If I eat whole milk yoghurt, it tastes much more delicious, and I feel full enough to last till my next regularly scheduled meal break.

So I hurried home, unloaded my bags, petted my dog, and began stuffing afghans into garbage bags. You see, I make these afghans, and at Christmas time I like to donate some to the Folts Nursing Home in Herkimer. I like to bring them to church first, to get the priest to bless them, in case they are given to someone religious. I figure if the afghan goes to someone not religious, it doesn’t hurt; nobody needs to even mention it to them. I had a few prayer shawls as well.

I looked at the time and realized I could make it to Hannaford and back before church. So I was off, in search of whole milk yoghurt, among other things. I feel contented enough to mention Hannaford in my blog, because Hannaford likes local, and puts handy little notes on the shelves next to products produced in New York State. That said, I recently heard the Ilion Farmer’s Market is going to be opened Sundays, so I may be headed there one Sunday soon.

Where was I? Oh yes, on my way home from Hannaford, this time in my truck, because Steven was going to need the car to go to work. I got the groceries unloaded, got the afghans in the truck and still had time for a half cup of coffee before church. I must admit, I was at this point a little flustered. I’m not good at being an independent, take charge kind of woman, I suppose. For one thing, at both stores I neglected to bring my reusable bags. And I had a Wal-Mart gift card we received as a Christmas present, which I could have used (is that appropriate: use a present to buy presents for others? It needn’t concern us; I forgot the card).

I was very happy to get to the relative peace and quiet of Christ Episcopal. I say relative, because much activity was going on. I did not realize that Sunday was the children’s Christmas pageant. That will form the subject for tomorrow’s post.

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