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A Less Generic Walk

I thought my post about “Walking in the Dark” was too generic, so I decided to take Tabby for a specific walk and note some actual details.

It had snowed this morning, and it was still cold to me. Still, the sun was bright. For a moment I wished I had worn my crazy old lady hat, with the wide, shady brim. The last time I wore that hat, though, my ears got so cold I put my hood up over the hat and really looked like a crazy old lady. As the wind picked up, I was glad to be wearing a toque.

Some of the snow stayed on the ground. I had a chance to study it as Tabby stopped to sniff various places. You could see individual little white specks, like laundry detergent. Or ice melt, as I observed on our church steps later. I’m sure it was actual snow on the dried leaves underneath the trees Tabby sniffed.

I saw a snowball bush, and thought again that I want one in my yard. They look so cool when the flowers turn all brown in the fall. They look especially nice in the snow. As I realized how cold and winter-like it was, I remembered I had once again failed to plant more crocus bulbs in my yard. I have some crocuses that come up every spring, and every spring I say, “I’m going to plant more crocus bulbs! Eventually, my yard will be ALL crocuses in the spring!” It may happen one day, but not in 2012.

Tabby pulled me toward the Historic Four Corners, a favorite spot of ours. The sign in front of Herkimer Reformed Church read, “I bring you good news of great joy: A savior is born.” A great seasonal thought.

We crossed the street and walked by the court house. I looked across at Herkimer County Historical Society and felt guilty, because I had been going to go there today. Author Jim Greiner was there signing copies of his new book, Last Woman Hanged — Roxalana Druse. That would have made a great blog post. Roxalana Druse, of course, was hanged at the 1834 Jail, as is noted on a historical marker, which I have mentioned here. I intend to buy the book. Only, when I got home from work today, I just didn’t feel like going to an event.

We walked down Washington, then back along Mary Street by our church, Christ Episcopal. Tabby wanted to go inside, because there are always nice people to pet her when we go there, but I told her nobody was there. When we got to the end, Tabby pulled me across the street and back up the other side of Mary. She also wanted to explore an alley, so we walked down it, but it was a dead end. So much for going the Tabby way.

We crossed Washington by Carney’s Corners — a good place to get a sub. I could go for a sub. There is a gift shop on the other side — Cozy Corners, I think it is called. I must check that out sometimes. It could be a good blog post.

We walked through a more residential section and then up part of the path that used to be the hydraulic canal to German Street. I love that path. Tabby stopped to smell a bush at a house where a Jack Russel terrier usually barks at us from the screened in porch.

“Come on, before the dog that lives here starts barking,” I told her. I guess he wasn’t home, because silence reigned. Tabby finished her sniff and lifted one leg to pee on the bush, like a boy dog. What was that all about?

I was glad to get home. I made myself a cup of tea to warm my hands, and Tabby sacked out on the love seat. I think our nice little walk through Herkimer made for a perfectly acceptable blog post.

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