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Preview of Coming Attractions

I’m only up to kind of a lame post today. Sad but true. I know yesterday was Lame Post Friday, but that post was actually kind of effortful to write (my computer tells me effortful is not a word, but I find it descriptive). Then I did not do much Mohawk Valley-ish that evening (it’s telling me the same thing about Valley-ish, but again: descriptive). I went to a wine tasting at Vintage Spirits, but we had a post about one of those less than a month ago. The tasting did have one feature of note, though.

After I’d been tasting and chatting for a little while, another nice lady showed up, quite ready for some wine. She said she had been pricing things for the Humane Society Garage Sale on Saturday. We all agreed she deserved some wine and made some recommendations of the samples available (actually, they were all pretty good). I mentioned that I intended to come to the Garage Sale, and the lady encouraged me to do so.

“My husband and I went last year and it was great,” I told her (pre-blog days). “This year, he has to work, but he specifically wanted me to go.”

I actually had/have many plans for Saturday (I’m in the midst of them as I write this). I plan to go to the store to purchase a ….. to make a …. for my Mom for Christmas (she doesn’t usually read my blog, but just in case she does); I want to go to breakfast at the Snack Shack; there is the aforementioned Garage Sale; and I hope to purchase and erect a Christmas tree. Oh, and I may go running and of course take Tabby for at least one walk. Lots on my plate!

And the one thing I must always do is make my blog post, at least till I have done one every day for a year. So here is my blog post for today. I hope to recount some of my exciting adventures tomorrow.

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