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Last summer we went to Vinny’s Pizzeria in Herkimer, and I did a blog post. As I recall, they were about to close for two weeks. So I felt a little silly: here’s this great place to eat, but don’t go there, they’re closed. Last night, Steven and I decided to check Vinny’s out again.

I don’t want anybody to read anything into the fact that we waited so long between visits. The fact is, we don’t eat out as often as we used to. Last night we found ourselves shopping, and I was so hungry I couldn’t stand myself. Go home and cook? Oh, no, I couldn’t. Actually, Steven volunteered to cook, but I needed a blog post.

Vinny’s is just as good a place to eat as I recall. Good service, friendly atmosphere, yummy Italian food. Steven had lasagna, and I had manicotti. We both got garlic bread with our dinner, and we ended up taking enough home for a good lunch the next day.

As I write this, I realize it really has been a while since we went out to dinner. What’s that all about? I had a birthday last month, and we had an anniversary the month before that. Where are my dinners, Steven? Actually, I probably should not nag via blog post. Steven usually reads my stuff, but he will stop if all I do is kvetch. And in his defense, I have not wanted to go out as much either. I go to bed early week nights, and restaurants are usually so crowded on the weekends.

Be that as it may, we had a nice dinner on Wednesday. Vinny’s is good for dine in or take out. For more information, call 315-866-7961.

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