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Lots of Local, with Wine

Friday I was delighted to have a Wine Tasting to attend at Vintage Spirits, 246 Mohawk St., Herkimer.

The tasting ran from four to seven. We arrived shortly after 4:30 when the event was in full swing. The Jones Family Farm was also there with goat cheese samples. I am not very familiar with goat cheese and I am happy to report: it’s yummy!

The Jones Family Farm is located at 753 Caldwell Rd., Herkimer. I intend to go there one day soon for a whole blog post about them. For now I’ll tell you the cheeses I tasted were delicious. I told the lady about my blog and how I’d say there was Great Cheese Lady at the tasting. She suggested I capitalize it.

Also present at the tasting was Domnhall Vineyards, also of Herkimer. I had met them at the Crusaders Wine Tasting Fundraiser at Herkimer County Community College in the spring (alas, pre-blog days, because that would have made a great post). They are located at 531 Shells Bush Rd. I asked the guy when he would have a tasting room available. I confess, I was hoping for today, because I have a couple of sisters coming over later who would love to go to a winery for a tasting. He said probably by spring. I’ll be on the look-out for that. For now, I tasted the semi-dry Vignoles and Baco Noir he was offering. Both were very tasty.

Bronson of Vintage Spirits was offering a number of reds and whites. I tried a Prosecco, a lightly oaked Chardonnay (I don’t like the heavily oaked ones), and two blends. I learned how to pronounce Dogajola, an Italian winery from which we sampled a red and a white (the j sounds like y, as opposed to h in Spanish, or, you know, j).

I decided on the Prosecco, which is bubbly, because I’m having a party tonight. I think a few of my guests would like to mimose, as we say. Bronson also told me I could add peach nectar and make bellinis. That sounded good too, but I forgot to look for the peach nectar when I was at the store this morning. I also purchased the Domnhall Vineyards Baco Noir, because I was fairly sure I would be more in the mood for a dry red. Steven had already purchased a dill cheese spread. Very good choice.

When we got to the front of the store, a lady asked us did we want to sample some vodka. I told her I was not much of a vodka drinker.

“Have you ever tried flavored?” she asked.

“I have.”

“How about some rum?”

I do like rum. One of the men at the register took the wine bottles I was carrying. “Wise man,” I said. “Don’t let me hold the bottles while I’m tasting the rum.”

It was Sailor Jerry spiced rum. Quite yummy. I sampled it straight, but I think I’d also like it in a cup of coffee.

As I was paying for the wine, the man at the register showed me a pomegranate liqueur which he said would be good in the Prosecco. I impulse bought an airplane sized bottle. In case somebody at the party feels adventurous.

We left with our wine and cheese, and headed to Ilion for the Farmers Market. Lots of local purchases! And stay tuned for future posts about the Jones Family Farm and Domnhall Vineyards.

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