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Tripple’s Revisited

Wednesday Steven and I took the scenic route to Tripple’s Produce, 2987 State Route 5, Frankfort, NY. I wanted an excuse to drive down 5S while the fall foliage is at peak. At least, I don’t know how they judge peak or near peak, but the mountains look pretty colorful to me.

We left Herkimer on 5S West and drove to the Dyke Road exit. What views! The day was a little gloomy, so the colors were not as vivid as they are in bright sunlight, but still well worth the drive. This time of year I really feel I should spend all my time looking around and marveling, because the foliage lasts such a short time. I feel so fortunate to live in an area with seasons. You can drive the exact same road and still enjoy various scenery.

Tripple’s has a huge selection of pumpkins. We walked into the building to check out the produce. Mostly we checked out the Halloween decor. There is a big Frankenstein that dances to “Thriller” and a skeleton that sings “Super Freak.”

We purchased some cheese curds by River Rat Cheese in Alexandria Bay and some garlic and herb spread made by Adirondack Cheese Co. in Barneveld. We ate some of the cheese curds on the way home. We drove home up State Route 5, which is of course the more direct way back to Herkimer. We enjoyed seeing Halloween decorations on a number of houses. I used some of the garlic and herb spread this morning on an egg sandwich (pronounced “sammich”). Very tasty.

We will possibly return to Tripple’s for our Halloween pumpkin, unless we check out a pumpkin farm. I hear Cackleberry Castle is back in business. Goody!

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