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Definitely Not a Cooking Post

Tuesday, for reasons with which I will not burden the reader, I found myself driving home from Utica around 6 p.m. I knew Steven had taken chicken out of the freezer and that he was due home shortly after 6:30. I also knew I did not have the stamina to wait the 45 or more minutes it would take the chicken to cook or even the oomph to get it in the oven. What to do?

Pick something up, obviously. What and from where? The possibilities were many. This had the added advantage of being a potential blog post. I pondered as I drove (within posted speed limits and carefully, of course).

I concluded that I did now feel like waiting long while my food was being prepared. Where did that leave me? Any place has to fix your food. Unless I did Hot-n-Ready from Little Caesars. They didn’t need a plug from Mohawk Valley Girl.

As I mentally reviewed the villages I would pass, it occurred to me: Melrose Market in Frankfort has ready made food. They had all kinds of choices! It was going to be great!

Luckily they were still open, and even more luckily, there was a parking space right in front. I am a terrible parker. I was not quite parallel to the curb, but I hoped it would be OK.

I found the refrigerator case with the goodies. I decided on Pasta Fagioli, Sausage and Peppers, and Pasta Salad. From a shelf closer to the register I grabbed a mixture with peanuts, raisins, peanut butter chips and generic M&Ms. For dessert and appetizer.

“I’m so glad I thought of you guys,” I gushed to the cashiers. “I’m going to write a blog post about this!”

They thanked me politely, but I don’t think they were impressed.

When I got home I phoned my mother while I preheated the oven (I don’t like heating things in the microwave). It’s important to check in with the folks, plus I wanted to ask Mom’s advice about covering the food while I heated it. I was able to put the food in casserole dishes with one hand, holding the phone with the other, but I asked Steven to cover with tinfoil (on Mom’s advice) the dish without a lid. I asked him to also put the dishes in the oven.

“I do all the work around here,” he grumbled. It’s quite true, but he only grumbles about it when it’s something silly like this.

Dinner was quite tasty and virtually stress free. Steven was even able to put the leftovers back in the same containers they came in.

I highly recommend Melrose Market, 208 E. Main St., Frankfort, 894-3272. For those occasions when you are just not up to culinary adventures.

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