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Another Schnoodle Stroll

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of walking in Herkimer. Or of writing about walking in Herkimer. I have not been running much, but having an energetic schnoodle is great motivation for getting out and walking.

Yesterday we did not have a purpose for our walk, so we walked what I call the Tabby Way, meaning we let Tabby decide which direction at the intersections. She led us to our church. First she looked around the yard where they do the Blessing of the Animals in October. Nobody there. Then she wanted to go in the door to the social hall, where we brought her on Saturday when we dropped off brownies for the spaghetti dinner. I told her nobody was there, either. I’ll say this for Tabby, she takes her disappointments with grace.

We walked by the county office buildings. In between two buildings is a little park looking area with a circle of flags and a rock with a plaque in front. Tabby wanted to sniff the rock, but I hurried her along because I did not think it was a respectful place to pee. Then I thought I might like to include the flags in my blog post, so we walked back to read the plaque. It said the flags represented the nineteen towns and one city of Herkimer County. We walked into the circle to count. Twenty American flags, with one big one at the head of the circle (that is, directly opposite the rock). The big flag had a POW/MIA flag underneath it.

Feeling we knew a little more than we did before (like for instance there are 19 towns and only one city in the county. Can’t say I knew that), we walked on. We imposed our choices on Tabby a few times, for example when she wanted to follow an interesting-looking dalmatian. It looked as if the owner had made a turn to avoid us. Maybe not, but why look for trouble?

As we walked down German Street we met a lady who asked if she could pet Tabby. Tabby politely allowed it. The lady asked how old Tabby was. When Steven said almost six, she wished Tabby a happy birthday. We met another lady who did not ask to pet Tabby. Oh well, to each his own, as the old lady said when she kissed the cow.

So it was a fairly uneventful walk, except for the flag stuff, but we enjoyed it. One of my favorite things to do on a Mohawk Valley evening.

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