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More Running Commentary

I have not been good about running lately, but I have tried to keep my feet in, so to speak.

I made myself run on Monday, because I did not intend to run on Tuesday and Wednesday was iffy (in fact, this is Wednesday and I’m typing this in instead of running. My bad). I got myself going by the simple expedient of telling myself that of course I did not feel like running, but once I started I would feel great. Is it wrong to tell a lie to achieve a laudable object?

Then again, it was perhaps not a lie but a miscalculation. I might have felt great. Turns out I did not. I felt grateful for a comment I received on a blog post about another not so good run. Alexandra said it could be empowering to complete a difficult run. I told myself I was doing that again. Then I started looking around for bloggable observations. That served the dual purpose of improving my next post and distracting myself from the terrible run (I guess I can multi-task after all).

I noticed that some people’s flowers are not over like most of mine are. I particularly noticed some spiky things (no idea what they’re called, but I have red ones in my container garden). These were different colors, still bright and spiky. Mine are discolored and droopy. Probably the wrong amount of shade or water. I thought, I must research my garden better next year. And by research I don’t mean call my mom and ask what she does. Although that is not a bad method. My mom has gardened for years. She knows a lot about it. Still, they print books about gardening which I am sure I would find helpful. I’ll look in the library.

After a while I found a penny. I’ve mentioned the theory that angels leave coins to encourage us. Sunday they left me three quarters, and that was a pretty good run. I could not believe the angels thought I needed less encouragement on Monday. Then again, maybe it was a statement about my attitude. Did I have 75 times better an attitude on Sunday? Probably, but I didn’t need the angels pointing it out to me. Thanks a lot, angels! (Just kidding; I picked up the penny. I like angels.)

“Run, Mama Q!” It was one of my boys from National Guard (when I used to be in National Guard), leaning out a second story window. I waved but had neither the breath nor the brainpower to reply.

I ran by some windows and looked at my reflection. Not too bad. I didn’t have to feel embarrassed when I ran by people. Not that I usually am. Hey, what you see is what you get.

I found another penny. That was all right. Now I could put my two cents in. I love making that joke.

By the end, as usual, it had not been a bad run at all. I just always expect it to get better before it actually does. Perseverance. A word to live by, and definitely a word to run by.

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