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Waiting for What?

I was at the doctor’s office this afternoon.  I won’t get into why because, you know, HIPPA and all.  Nothing serious or even particularly interesting. But I need a blog post and it is Tired Tuesday, so here we go.

They decided to do an EKG (is that how you spell it?  I mean, are all three letters capitalized?  I don’t know from medical terms).  The machine decided to give the nurse a little trouble (yes, I think of machines as sentient beings who delight in tormenting hapless humans).  It would not give a good reading.  I just lay there on the table with all those little wires taped to my body, trying to catch a nap.

The nurse said the machine kept saying, “Waiting for good data.”  I flashed on Waiting for Godot but did not know if she would get the theatrical reference so did not say anything.  I repeated “Waiting for good data” in my head several times, so I could use it in a Facebook post.  I decided to use it here instead.  I hope somebody was amused.

The last thing I had to do was let them draw blood.  I remarked to the phlebotomist that the blood was very seasonal, but she was not amused.  Come to think of it, she was a little cadaverous-looking herself, very thin with large eyes and a dead serious expression.  I’m sure she was not a vampire, because sunlight was coming through the window.  It wouldn’t matter that it was a cloudy day, would it?  I’m not up on all the vampire rules.

Oh dear, do you suppose I could get in trouble for making vampire jokes about a local phlebotomist?  She was a very good phlebotomist; I barely felt the needle go in.   And she wasn’t really cadaverous-looking.  I just threw that in for effect.

This is what happens on Tired Tuesday.  I get a little punchy.  But I see I have managed over 300 words, so let’s call it a post and move on.  I hope to go running tomorrow, so maybe I can write a post about that.


Post Play Postmortem

I’m going to call this a Middle-aged Musings Monday, but it is really  one of those whiny posts about how I am just too tired to compose a real post.  Perhaps we could call it a Blogger’s Sick Day, because I am suffering from some sinus-y, headache-y virus or something.  Or from being too old to keep up with myself.  At least Post-Play Letdown has not kicked in yet, so I have something going for me.

Yesterday was the closing performance of Splitting Issues at Ilion Little Theatre.  Things went very well.  The audiences loved us, we loved each other, and a good time was had by all.  We had our cast party at Applebee’s in Herkimer after we struck the set (which was luckily not an extensive one).  Now before you start shaking your head or your finger (or your booty) at me, I did NOT have any wine, nor yet a Margarita, Sangria, or this really cool looking drink with an upside down beer that one member of our group had.  I am temporarily off alcohol.  Several people noticed I was not imbibing.  Could it be I am becoming known for my love of adult beverages? SAY IT AIN’T SO!!!

Be that as it may, we had a nice dinner with lots of laughs and conversation.  It was really quite a delightful cast. I hope to work with all of them again.  Maybe in a play where I can have scenes with other people beside Steven.  Not that I did not thoroughly enjoy being in the scene with my dearest husband.  Obviously I DID.  He’s a great actor!  Lots of fun to work with!  Yes, he usually reads my blog, why do you ask?

Oh dear, I think I have just talked myself into Post-Play Letdown.  Well, one must endure these things as the almost inevitable aftermath of a wonderful experience.  As I like to say, sometimes you just have to feel that way until you don’t feel that way any more.  Alas, that is probably the case with my sinus condition a well.  I hope to see you all on Tired Tuesday, when I hope not to be too tired.



Wrist to Review

I must begin to get ready soon for the closing performance of Splitting Issues, the play I am in at Ilion Little Theatre.  I think it would be a good idea to publish my blog post before I leave.  For one reason, after the show we have to strike the set, then we have the cast party.  Who knows when I’ll be home?  And then Steven will want to get on the computer, because he is at work right now while I am sitting here on my fat butt, on the computer.  Only I am not feeling well, and there are a few other useful things it would be really nice to get done, and my brain can’t seem to settle on a blog topic.

Sounds like Wrist to Forehead Sunday to me.

I know, first world problems.  Don’t you hate that expression?  It’s a snarkier way of saying quitcherbitchin’ (that’s all one word, isn’t it?), and I feel it is snarky enough to discount somebody else’s complaints.  Then again, I do complain too much and should, in fact, quit my bitching (I think it’s funnier when I put the g back in).  So let’s get back to the blog post and stop talking about me (oh wait, it’s  personal blog; it is supposed to be about me).

Splitting Issues has gone splendidly, by the way.  We sold out Friday night and had an almost full house Saturday.  Both audiences were very appreciative.  There is just nothing like hearing that laughter when you are on stage trying to be funny.  I LOVE live theatre!  Paul Boehlert reviewed Friday night’s peformance in Sunday’s Utica OD.  The review was published online Saturday.  A cast member found it on her phone and read it to us.  It was a great review. And it mentioned me and Steve!

Here is the link, in case you’d like to read the review for yourself:

In the meantime, I’m over 300 words.  I call that respectable.  Happy Sunday, everyone.


A Run in the Rain

After a perfectly good run last Sunday, I took five days off.  In my defense, I’m in a play.  I know, excuses, excuses.  I would remind you that few of us accomplish all that we could or would.  It is no reason not to continue to strive to accomplish what we can.  With that in mind, I ran this morning.

I did not feel the least bit inclined to, but I knew it would be a good idea.  For one reason, I was feeling down, down, down.  I thought a little physical exercise might perk me up.  I told Steven I was going to run while he was in the shower.  I wondered whether to go with  shorts or leggings.  It was in the mid-40s, a grey area for me.  The sky was pretty grey, too; it had been pouring rain since Friday.  However, I thought it had stopped raining and the drops I heard on the back porch roof (it is really only a slight overhang) were blowing off the trees.

In the midst of a hot flash (which on some days are not a bad thing), I put on shorts and short sleeves.  When I got downstairs, Spunky clearly indicated a desire to go out.  He is an unusual dog. He does not seem to want a business meeting as soon as Steven and I are up.  When I opened the door I saw I was mistaken about the rain, and the appropriateness of my garb.  Spunky only wanted to go to the end of the driveway and back.

Now, I generally do not run in the rain.  I let myself off the hook or I run in place on the mini-tramp, sometimes watching a silent movie.  I have two silent horror movies on DVD I would like to watch this holiday season (you realize which holiday I refer to, yes?).  However, to me, mini-tramp and movie running is for the afternoon.  It felt wrong.  I put on leggings and long sleeves and attempted a run in the rain.

And it did not go too badly.  My face got cold, which I did not care for.  I could and did pull my sleeves over my hands, which helped them a little.  Still, they got stiff.  When I got home, I remembered something to add to the grocery list and had to hand it to Steven to jot down for me.  That is such an uncomfortable feeling for me, not being able to write.  I’m sure my fellow writers understand.

But, as I say, the run was OK.  It was not too far into it that I realized my legs were doing all right.  They pumped along quietly, not complaining or even getting particularly tired.  I did not exactly get a dose of endorphins or even the triumphant feeling of  “THIS is why I run!”  But I started to feel pretty damn good.  I even petted a dog.  As I ran through Meyers Park, I saw Rocky, a neighborhood dog I know, with his person walking towards me.  She shortened the leash a little, but Rocky has become very well-behaved in these situations.  As I petted him, she told me I was brave for running in the rain and cold.

“I needed it,” I explained.  “I needed it.”  It bore repeating.

My run was only 25 minutes, much shorter than Sunday’s 41, but I thought it was pretty good for a rainy cold morning after five days off.  Full disclosure:  I did not accomplish a whole lot else during the course of the day and I almost took a blogger’s sick day instead of writing this Running Commentary.  Again, in my defense, I’m in a play.   I hope to see you all tomorrow on Wrist to Forehead Sunday.

Lame Picture Friday?

So there I was, trying to make a Friday Lame Post and not being very successful at it.  I actually wrote something earlier, but I did not finish and it wasn’t all that great anyways (I know, when is it ever?  But one does what one can).  In desperation, I took my dog, Spunky, for a walk.  I thought, “I don’t care how short of a walk; I’ll do a Pedestrian Post!”

So about a block and a half from the house (which, incidentally, was about as far as Spunky wanted to go), I was admiring the grey, gloomy day, thinking how it suited my mood, wondering how best to describe it, when I remembered, this blog has photos now!  I could post some lame photos!  This would be great!  Of course many things do not turn out to be as great as we hope, but you’ll have that.  Once we got home, I grabbed the tablet and went back outside.  Steven had been wanting to get a picture of his Halloween porch anyways.

20161021_165317I stood across the street to get the whole porch.  I hoped our monster tree was not blocking everything, but I think it is OK.  After all, a monster tree fits right in with the season.  I thought perhaps I could get a better shot of just the tree, because it is kind of unusual.


Next I wanted to get a close-up of our newest decoration, the delightful witch we got at Pumpkin Junction (perhaps you read my blog post about it).


Finally, I thought I would include a shot of some of nature’s own Halloween decorations, namely what happens to one’s Black-eyed Susans at the end of the season.

20161021_165514Hmm… I’m not sure how wonderful my photos are, but I’m working on it, and I feel this is definitely better than more whining about how I just can’t make a decent blog post.  And after all, who doesn’t like a picture of a witch?


Shall We Split the Difference?

I am missing the monthly dinner meeting of Ilion Little Theatre Club.

OK, I just sat here with my laptop for what seemed like a long time before I typed in the above sentence.  Then I backspaced it out.  Then I hit “undo” and put it back.  Then I sat here and tried to think of another sentence.  As you can see, it is not going well.

In my defense, I have not had a post that was purely about How I Can’t Write a Decent Post Today (I just added the word “decent” to that phrase, do you like it?) in a long time.  I’m not saying all my posts were decent, and I certainly added in enough whiny excuses for why they weren’t as good as I wished they were.  Still, how long has it been since I posted pure foolishness?  I’m too lazy to click back to my dashboard and check.

Tomorrow night is opening for Splitting Issues by Sam Bobrick.  We had our dress rehearsal last night.  It went pretty well.  I was glad.  I don’t like to invoke that old saw that the worse a dress rehearsal the better the opening night.  I don’t want an opening night miracle, meaning I don’t want to NEED an opening night miracle!  Well, we don’t in this case.  The show is good.  I think the audience will get a lot of laughs.

Well, there you go.  This post was not pure foolishness; I gave another plug to Splitting Issues at Ilion Little Theatre.  That’s Friday and Saturday, Oct. 21 and 22 at 8 p.m., Sunday, Oct. 23 at 2 p.m., at The Stables, 13 Remington Ave., Ilion, NY.   Tickets available at or at the door.

As for this post, I think I’ll slap on a silly headline and call it a Non-Sequitur Thursday.



Short Shout-out with Skeleton


Sugar Ray Bones seemed to be enjoying the ambiance quite a bit.

So yesterday Mohawk Valley Girl started something new by posting pictures.  It was FUN!  Although I suppose I could have done a better job at placing them and utilizing them to enhance my text.  Never mind, those things will come. Today I am having a kind of a Wuss-out Wednesday.  If I were to elaborate on why, it would be come Whiny Wednesday.  Nobody wants that!  Instead, I will give a quick shout-out to a business I have written about before:  So Sweet Candy Cafe in Utica, NY.

Steven had never been to the So Sweet, and I knew he would love it.  Additionally, Margaret, the proprietress, had posted pictures of her Halloween decorations on Facebook.  We made sure we had our Tablet before we headed out.

I took the above picture right away.  I LOVE skeletons!  The cafe had a naming contest for Sugar Ray Bones.  I did not enter, because I couldn’t think of any good skeleton names.  Red (which I did not think of) and Boney James (which I did) had already been taken by other skeletons I know.

We took some other pictures, but I have not downloaded them to my laptop yet.  My bad.  Then again, I can give the So Sweet another shout-out later.

Did I mention that today was Wuss-out Wednesday?  I guess I should have gone with Plan A and let this blog become All Splitting Issues All The Time, because I really have to wrap this up and get to dress rehearsal.

The So Sweet Candy Cafe is located at 531 Varick St . in Utica.  You can Like them on Facebook, and I totally recommend you stop in and see Sugar Ray Bones.