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Love Those Poodle Skirts

Instead of Wuss-out Wednesday, how about I give a shout-out to an area restaurant of note.  It’s just a little outside my usual stomping ground:  The Soda Fountain in Remsen, NY.

Our stop was part of Cheryl’s, Penny’s and my day of adventuring last Saturday.  I was, as usual, hungry.  Also, since we planned to go to Prospect Falls Winery, I wanted to eat.  Even little tastes of wine on an empty stomach might do me dirt.

I had wanted to seek out The Soda Fountain for a while now; their commercials are so much fun.  I love ’50s diners.  This is a good one.  The decor is fun, and the waitresses wear poodle skirts with crinolines (at least, I think they wore crinolines; I naturally did not look under any skirts).   We were seated in a booth and looked over the menu.

I ordered for a grilled chicken sandwich and I am damned if I can remember what Cheryl and Penny got.  How embarrassing is that?  I guess this is Wuss-out  Wednesday after all.  Sorry folks.  However, I will say we all enjoyed our meal very much.  The service was prompt and friendly, and the price was reasonable.

While we were waiting at the counter to pay, we looked at a display case of some ’50s memorabilia for sale.  I did like the cat-eye sunglasses.  There was also a metal box with match box cars and some die-cast models of classic cars.  I do enjoy classic cars.

I’m afraid this blog post is way less fun than the restaurant it’s about.  Sorry about that, but as usual I will try again tomorrow.

The Soda Fountain Restaurant is located at 9698 Main St., Remsen, NY, phone number (315) 831-8400.  Their website is  You can also Like them on Facebook.


You’d Be Tired Too!

In case anybody was wondering, I have not been running since last Tuesday.  Excuses are tiresome, so I offer none.  I finally ran again today.  Sort of.

I had planned to run, but as the day wore on, my bunions kept telling me it was going to rain.  My bunions are usually a day ahead of events, so I suspect it will rain tomorrow.  Why is that a problem?  You see, Steven (my husband) plans to mow the lawn tomorrow.  It totally needs it.  He can’t do it tonight; he works too late.  I really, really wanted the front lawn mowed.  It was beginning to look like we were some skanky rental property (please note: I am NOT saying that ALL rental properties are skanky; some are delightfully maintained.  I’m saying our front lawn was starting to look like one of the skanky ones).

To run or to mow?  I’ve done both at least once.  I was in much better shape at the time, running faithfully.  I ran then thought, “Why waste the sweat?”  I got Steven to start the power mower for me and I mowed that damn lawn.

Ah yes, that is a point I should mention.  I am unable to start the power mower.  For me to mow without Steve, I would have to use the non-power mower (I can’t call it a push mower, because we push the power mower), which I purchased for just such a situation.

This is getting to be a long story, and not very interesting.  In my defense, I did mow AND run.  Sadly, I only mowed the front lawn and I only ran for 16 minutes.  In my defense, non-power mowers take a lot of effort.  I mowed first so I did not have much oomph left for running.  Now I am just about as tired as I usually am when I make a Tired Tuesday post.

So I’m afraid this is it for today.  It’s too bad, because I thought of some pretty amusing stuff while I was mowing and running.  If I can remember them, maybe I’ll include them in tomorrow’s blog post.  As always, I hope you’ll stay tuned.


Oh, So Sweet!

When Cheryl, Penny and I were out adventuring Saturday, our first stop was the sweetest:  the So Sweet Candy Cafe in Utica, NY.

The owner of the shop grew up across the street from us.  This is a fortunate circumstance for me, because otherwise it may have taken me longer to discover the place.  I don’t always get to Utica, and I don’t always stop at candy shops, because, you know, waistline.  Ooh, I just flashed on The Most Interesting Man in the World.  “I don’t always stop at candy shops, but when I do, I like the So Sweet Candy Cafe.”

The shop is located on the corner of Columbia and Varick (531 Varick St).   Cheryl was driving, another fortunate circumstance for me.  It’s kind of near the Saranac Brewery.  I am vaguely familiar with that area, because of running the Boilermaker, so I have reasonable hopes of finding the place again.  I have great faith in my local readers’ ability to find it, and I certainly advise you to try.  It’s a great little place.

In the display cases are baked goods and candies, many of which are made by Margaret, our friend the owner.  Old-fashioned and unusual candy is available as well.  Penny purchased some cinnamon toothpicks.  I got a little rubber ducky that looked like he was covered with fudge.  I also chose a number of treats from the display case.  They all featured dark chocolate, so that was healthy, right?

You can also get a cup of coffee or tea and sit at a table, enjoying your beverage and a baked good (for example).   I hope to do that one day soon with my husband Steve.  I’ll probably write a blog post about it.

For more information about the So Sweet Candy Cafe, call 315- 272-9953. You can also Like their Facebook page.



A Cup of Soup and Back to Bed

It is my five year blogiversary and I am taking a blogger’s sick day.  The irony is not lost on me.

I really don’t know what’s wrong with me.  Yes, I had wine o’clock last evening, but I didn’t go too crazy.  A few glasses with my husband, a nice dinner, some true crime television and an early bedtime.  When I woke up with a headache, I thought, “Oh well, maybe a glass too many.  I’ll have some coffee, take some aspirin, everything’ll be great.”  It was not.  The headache has gotten so bad all I can do is be in pain, and I’m having dreadful nausea.  Sorry to complain about my ills; so tiresome of me.

I have spent most of the day in bed, except for one rather interesting interlude at Ilion Little Theatre Club.  A group of us read an original play written by a local musician.  I really like it.   The plan is to present a staged reading of it at the Club’s September meeting with an eye to possibly producing it for real in December.  I’d better get going on my own play.  I’m not saying mine will be good enough to be produced, but it would be nice if I actually finished something.

Oh dear, I am just blathering on, aren’t I?  (I always think that should be “Amn’t I?”  “Am I not?” sounds too precious.)  I just hate to make a post of under 200 words.  But I see I’m over now.  Thank heaven.  As always, I’ll try for a better post tomorrow and thank you for participating.


It’s Wine O’clock on a Saturday…

You know, to the tune of “The Piano Man.”  I thought I was fairly clever for thinking of that, but not too clever, because, well, that’s all I got.  In my defense, I been busy (apparently too busy to worry about proper grammar, but regular readers know I only do that for effect).

I was up at three this morning, ready for some Saturday overtime at 4:30.  I even got on Facebook, which I rarely do before work.  In this case, I wanted to check for a message from a friend whose business I intended to visit.  While there, I made a post purely for the pleasure of having something to look at on my “On This Day” one year hence (in case you’re curious and not my Facebook friend, the post read, “Yes, I’m on Facebook at 3:25 in the morning. Nothing further to report; I just wanted to make a post so I’ll have something other than my blog to look at on “On This Day” next year.”).  I don’t always plan that far ahead.

After work, I went adventuring with my sister Cheryl and our friend Penny.  The first stop was the So Sweet Candy Cafe in Utica, NY. I’m going to write a whole post about that and perhaps an article to submit to Mohawk Valley Living magazine.  We also went back to Ilion (well, “back” for me, because I work in Ilion, I guess “there” for Cheryl and Penny) to Earthly Matters Crystals and Stones, which I have written about before (for the blog and for the magazine).  We had lunch at The Soda Fountain Restuarant in Remson, then went to Prospect Falls Winery in Prospect.  On the way home, we made a quick stop at the Adirondack Cheese Company (which I thought was in Barneveld, but the computer is telling me Clinton and the labels on the stuff I bought say Clinton).

I got home tired and poured myself a glass of wine.

So this is my Scattered Saturday post.  At least I managed to make links to some of the places I visited.  More detailed blog posts to follow, I hope.  Happy Saturday, everyone.


Lame Post, Not Really Friday

Full disclosure:  Even though I am making a Lame Friday Post, it is not really a Friday for me.  I have to work tomorrow.  However, this is not a blog about work, so I will not dwell on that but go on to attempt to entertain with random observations and half-baked philosophy (which, for anyone just tuning in, is what I do on Lame Post Friday).

Hmmm… I got nuthin.

I had thought I could share some of the observations I made when I went running on Monday.  I remember noticing a few things and thinking, “I’ll include that in my Running Commentary,” but I did not.  Do you suppose I remember what those observations were now?  Of course not!  I’ll let you come up with your own half-baked philosophy about why that is so.

Earlier today I observed the bright sunshine making things outside look quite lovely. I was about to remark upon it when a co-worker asked me how my play went.  Naturally  I got all distracted telling him all about how wonderful it was. And here I am talking about work again.  I’ll stop that now.

Last night was Ilion Little Theatre Club’s last monthly dinner meeting of the 2015-16 season.  Great plans are in train for next season.  I’ll most likely be writing many blog posts about it.  I do not intend to direct again.  Well, not before 2017.  Well, not a major production before 2017.  We’ll see what happens.  I might like to get back onstage again, although that entails a whole other set of trouble from directing.  So I thought maybe I’d take another season off acting as well.  Then I heard one director is doing Steel Magnolias.  What a great choice!

Well, that last paragraph was neither random observation nor half-baked philosophy, but merely me blathering on about the theatre.  I would imagine my readers had enough of that with All Leading Ladies All The Time and would appreciate a break.   Then again, there may also be readers who would like a break from foolish posts like this one, and they are doomed to disappointment.  Happy Friday, everyone.


Rest Your Brain with Brain Eaters

My favorite part about Brain Eaters (1958) was that the characters spend a lot of time driving places.  I like to see the old cars.

Spoiler Alert!  I’m going to just tell most of the plot of this movie, at least, as much as I can remember (regular readers know how little attention I pay to these things).

The movie was one of the VHS tapes I purchased recently at a rummage sale (perhaps you read my blog post about it), so its cheesy bonafides are impeccable. Steven and I selected it of the several I had bought because it had the shortest running time, just over an hour.  We wanted to watch several movies that day.

After viewing the movie, I made a note in the TV Journal that no brains were actually eaten or in fact used in the making of Brain Eaters.  I’m not sure what I expected.  Maybe a few munching sounds at least.  Nobody gets to die in agony, which I’m sure was a great disappointment to the actors involved.  It can be a great deal of fun to die in agony, I would imagine even more so on screen than on stage.  On stage you have to either get carried off or lie there and try not to let anyone see you breathe.

Be that as it may, Brain Eaters opens with a scary sort of prologue in which one guy attacks another and something gets spilled. A voice-over says something about a nightmare.  I dislike voice-over narration, although I have always narrated in my head about my own life. When I was younger, my voice was a good deal more euphonious than it really was and had that slight echo like in the movies, and I narrated in the third person. Now I use first-person and have the eventual intent of writing it down in this blog.  But enough about me.  Getting back to the movie, this scene is never explained that I could tell.  Of course there is that not paying attention thing.  Perhaps subsequent events made all clear to the more discerning viewer.  If you are one of those and you watch this movie, please clue me in.

The movie proper begins with a a classic car driving along a road surrounded by a wooded area. The guy in the car is the narrator.  He and his fiance are returning from a visit to her parents, where they set the wedding date.  They are about to let his father know.  This bit of backstory never recurs, but I mention it because it is the only real backstory any of the characters get.  Perhaps I should not have a beef with that.  After all, we tuned in to see brains get eaten, not believable characters play out human stories.  Only your really classy horror/scifi movies give you both. It’s not really fair to ding the cheesy ones for not.

I was making a note in the TV Journal, so I missed why they stopped, but when I looked up the Narrator and his Fiance were looking at some dead animals in the woods. Come on, Hollywood!  Be kind to animals! (I wrote a blog post with that title.)

Next, they find a cone-shaped space ship and the plot thickens. At least, it gets so dense I didn’t quite know what was going on (Hey! Do you suppose some of my brains got eaten somewhere along the way?  Oh, you’ve probably been supposing that for years).

A government guy is sent to check things out.  All kinds of cops are hanging around the cone, which is now surrounded by scaffolding.  A dashing scientist type is there along with his beautiful assistant.  They don’t know what’s in the cone, but they can’t damage it in any way.  Typical!  They don’t know what it is, but the first thing they try to do is break it!  Dashing Scientist even fires a gun into the opening, so they can hear it ricocheting off the sides as it apparently travels all around inside the thing.

It gets pretty dull and boring for a while when Dashing Scientist crawls into the hole and starts wriggling along an endless tunnel while everybody waits outside for him.  Things get a little more lively when they go to talk to the mayor, who just happens to be Narrator’s father.

The group converging on the Mayor includes cops, Government Guy, a few scientists (including Dashing and Beautiful Assistant), Narrator and Fiance.  Before they enter, Mayor is struggling against himself with a gun.  He picks up the gun, aims it at his head, pulls it away from his head, puts it in a drawer. It seems he is struggling with some unseen force for control of his arm.

“Is he trying to kill himself or to not kill himself?” I asked.  It was the most interesting bit of acting in the movie.

You’ve probably guessed that Mayor is having his brain eaten. These creepy bugs attach themselves to the backs of people’s necks and feed on the brain.  While making a hearty meal, the bugs can also control the person’s actions, some with greater success than others, apparently.  Really, the movie is not consistent on this point at all.

They figure out the brain-sucking thing pretty easily with a lightning fast autopsy on Mayor (oh yeah, he gets shot in a dramatic scene I didn’t tell you about) (this write-up is getting pretty long after all).  Seriously, one minute the guy’s is getting shot, two minutes later, the doctor is telling us all about it.  That is some damn good forensic science!

Of course, just because they know the problem doesn’t mean they can deal with it right away, especially since it is more widespread than they realize.  They sensibly call for help first thing (they don’t always do that in these pictures), but it does them no good when the brain eatee in the telegraph office assures them the message will be sent then sends an entirely different one.  The phone is no better when the bug-laden operator keeps telling them, “I’m sorry, that line is busy.”

And then a bunch of other stuff happens.  I know I said I was going to tell you the whole plot, but this post is over 1,000 words already.  Is anybody even still reading?  I kept watching till the end, paying my usual sporadic attention.  It isn’t a bad way to spend an hour on a lazy Sunday, if you like cheesy old sci fi flicks.  Which I do.



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