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Left Lame for LiFT

Last night I drove to the Utica Zoo for a dress rehearsal of Much Ado About Nothing, the play I am in with LiFT Theatre Company.  We are doing a performance there Aug. 1 as part of Utica Monday Night.

I rarely drive to Utica any more and still more rarely to that section of it, but I was fairly certain I knew my way.  I got on 5S and took the Culver Street exit.  I got a definite emotional flashback as I drove over the Boilermaker 15K Road Race Start line.  I did not run the race this year but I’m thinking I will in 2017.  I was pleased to note Boilermaker landmarks (or at least things I remember noticing the times I ran) and pictured the spectators cheering as thousands of runners surged past them.  Oh, the press of humanity!  Oh, the thought of the long run ahead!  The excitement, the nerves…  I did mention I was having a flashback, didn’t I?

I also noticed Proctor Park, a place I have only driven by.  I have often thought I would like to go for a run along that path, only I’m not sure where is a good place to park. No doubt I could find that out.  That will be something to pursue when my running routine needs a shake-up.  As I drove by the National Guard Armory, I had flashbacks to my short stint in the guard after I got out of the army.  I remember a fellow who worked for the guard full time said his kids called it The Castle.

I started to get a little nervous when I got on the Parkway.  It was not that I was having more flashbacks, but I was not completely sure where to go.  I thought the zoo was a simple left hand turn and all I had to do was look for signs, but I have been known to mess up the simplest of directions.

While stopped at a stoplight I realized I ought to be in the left lane.  Glancing to my left, I thought I recognized a fellow cast member.  Perfect!  After the light changed I got in the lane behind him. Now all I had to do was follow!  Unless I was mistaken about who it was, I reflected, second-guessing myself as usual.  I watched for signs, just to hedge my bets.  The signs were readily located, and the car carrying my suspected cast-mate turned left where I saw I was supposed to.  A large arch reading “Utica Zoo” told me I was in the right spot. Yay!

Surprisingly, the parking lots were almost full.  I later found out it was a Special Night for some employer or other, so the zoo was full of patrons.  I saw a couple of spots but continued to follow my friend.  As I pulled in next to him, I hoped it was the fellow I thought it was, and not some random young man who might think I was a cougar type stalking him.  I guess I am old enough to be one of them there cougars, although I am not at all inclined to.  As regular readers know, I have a perfectly nice husband already.

But getting back to the subject of second guessing, I am now second guessing this blog post.  Who writes an entire blog post about driving from Herkimer to Utica?  What am I thinking, that every minute aspect of my life is fascinating?  I often say that there are worse things than having an ego the size of Manhattan, but surely there is a limit to all things (and I’ll call you Shirley if I want to).

On the other hand, this is Lame Post Friday.  Maybe I can make a play on words with “lame” and “lane,” since I was talking about getting into the left lane.  I have already used “Unsafe Lame Change.”  Also, I believe I changed lanes safely in this instance.  I also believe it is time to get on with enjoying my Friday and my weekend.  I have two rehearsals.  Perhaps I could write about them and not just getting to them.  Happy Friday, everyone.

LiFT will present Much Ado About Nothing at the Utica Zoo on Monday, Aug. 1 at 6 p.m.  The show is free with admission to the zoo.  For more information, visit LiFT’s Facebook page.


Today is Thursday, Right?

For my Non-Sequitur Thursday post, I thought I would address how my Wuss-out Wednesday post was actually published on Tuesday.

I suppose the shortest explanation would be one of my favorites:  Shit happens.  However, that would make for a rather short blog post, and it doesn’t really explain anything.  A slightly longer explanation might be that I’m not very bright or that I was awfully tired. Explanations are so tiresome.

The funny thing is, because I have never fixed the time thingy on my WordPress account, the post has Wednesday’s date, July 27.  I suppose I could just stay still about it and hope nobody notices, but at least one of my Facebook friends already did.  Also, this seemed like a good thing to write about for Non-Sequitur Thursday.

It is really difficult to write anything these days.  Is it the hot, humid weather?  Menopausal brain fog?  My general sadness and discouragement?  I think all of the above are factors.

Of course, one must persevere.  I learned that from running.  One observation I feel bound to make, however, is that it is much easier to persevere when running than when writing.  Really, running is so much easier!  All you have to do is move your feet.  OK, sometimes my body does not want to cooperate.  But it has never just sat down on the sidewalk and refused to move.  Once I start running, I can almost always persevere.  With writing, not so much.

I know, according to this thinking, I ought to be running marathons by now.  We all know that is not the case.  In my defense, I remind you that I did say “Once I start running.”  Getting started is half the battle.  I’m sure some of you are gearing up to chirp, “Well, that’s true of writing, too.”  Sometimes it is.  But sometimes not so much.  Sometimes I get started and can’t get much more than a sentence or two.  Sometimes I am going great guns when suddenly, I’m not.

For example, this blog post.  I started out without too much difficulty, I kept going for several paragraphs, stringing over 300 words together, and suddenly…  I am not only inclined to stop, I’m wondering if I should erase this whole thing and start over again.  Unfortunately, I can’t do that.  I have to get ready for rehearsal for Much Ado About NothingWe’re meeting at the zoo tonight, and I have to drive myself there. After getting my costumes together and looking over my lines again.  Sorry, no more time to blog!


Post-Parade Pizza

Last Friday after the Doodah Parade in Ilion, some of us were quite hungry (yes, I am pretty much always hungry, what’s your point?).  We adjourned to Salvatore’s in Herkimer for some food and drinks.

I think the waitress remembered me from other visits, because she asked right away if I was thinking of a glass of wine.  I ordered Pinot Grigio.

“And a glass of water?” she asked.  It’s nice to be a regular.

I ordered a cheeseburger (I know the headline says “pizza,” but I wasn’t thinking about alliteration when I ordered).  I asked if I could substitute pasta salad for french fries.  I could.  Steven got fries with his burger, so I got to try a few anyways (diet?  What diet?).  I also tried a couple of sweet potato fries that one of our friends ordered.  Yum!  Other friends got pizza and wings.  We have enjoyed Salvatore’s pizza and wings many times, usually getting them delivered.

We ended up pushing a couple of tables together as more friends showed up after we had sat down.  Nobody minded.  The dining room was not busy, perhaps because it was later than the normal dinner hour.  The place continued to do a large take-out business, as usual.  It sure is good food!

We always have a good time when we eat at Salvatores, and have a great meal when we order delivery.  Salvatore’s is located at 650 1/2 W. German St., Herkimer, NY, phone number 315-866-2600.  For more information you can visit their website at You can also Like them on Facebook, where they usually share their daily specials.


Pre-Rehearsal Wuss

Oh crap, look at the time!  My ride is picking me up for rehearsal in about 25 minutes.  I can’t get my blog post done plus find the props I still need, brush my teeth, put my shoes on, look over my lines again, eat a pickle, finish my iced coffee, look at Facebook again… and remember all the other stuff I thought I could do.  Oh, and pet my dog. He just walked over from his end of the couch, and I think that is what he wants.  One must pet one’s dog, after all.

Luckily, this is Wuss-out Wednesday.

The thing is, I wrote a blog post today.  I had written most of it yesterday with the thought that I would also type it in when I typed in yesterday’s post.  Then today I would only have to hit “Publish,”  so I would have time to run.  However, yesterday I also did a load of laundry and made a salad.  Was that not ambitious of me?  I finished the post while at work today.  Then I amused myself by writing a brief synopsis of a possible sequel to Much Ado About Nothing (you know, the play I’m in).

When I got home today, after I took the dog for a business meeting (it was too short to call it a walk), I went running.  I wanted to write a Running Commentary post, but that is just not going to happen.  Anyways, first I had to eat, drink an iced coffee, and check my email.  Then answer my email, which I had to do twice, because I didn’t do it right the first time, and I still haven’t answered all the emails I am supposed to.

Good grief!  The only good thing is, I now have over 250 words of this nonsense and I  am going to hit Publish.  Maybe I can write another blog post about what else I accomplished from my list in the first paragraph.  Happy Wednesday, everybody.


We Do the Doodah!

I’ve always been kind of fascinated by the Doodah Parade, which is part of the Ilion Days festivities.   For one reason, what a great name.  The Doodah Parade.  I keep finding excuses to say it.  When some members of Ilion Little Theatre signed up to march, I was happy to join them.

One member allowed us to use his pick-up truck (full disclosure: he was kind of strong-armed into it).  The plan was for most of us to walk, but marchers could take a break in the truck.  It would be a handy place to put things like bottles of water or stuff we were handing out.  We met in the theatre parking lot to decorate the truck.  We had a minor setback when we discovered the brand new helium tank was empty, but we made do with lung power.  Balloons, ribbons and shiny hangings soon adorned the vehicle as participants continued to show up.

We had a sizable contingent from the Young Actors Workshop (YAW) as well as adults.  Some people wore t-shirts from plays they’d been in; some were in costume.  I dressed as a pirate myself.  We also had a couple of ladies in historical costume, a few princesses, one fabulously dressed diva, and Tierney, the mysterious neighbor from the ILT production The Birds.  The last two were the most impressive costumes to me, the diva because she walked the entire route in high-heeled sandals, and Tierney because his costume included a black canvas poncho with hood.  It was a sunny, hot  evening.  Those are some dedicated parade people right there.

We were a little late getting to the staging area, although it was fun riding in the back of the pick-up truck along part of the parade route, which was already filled with people.  We all waved, shouting that we were a preview.  We were in fact a preview of the end of the parade, because that is where you end up marching when you show up late to the staging area.  It seemed to take a long time to get started but at last we were headed down the street, waving at spectators and spreading the word about Ilion Little Theatre.  Some of the kids had candy to throw.  Others handed out pens and fliers.  I asked that a pen be saved for me, so I could write a play with it.  I’m sure I will feel very inspired to write a good play using a pen that has “Ilion Little Theatre” printed on it.

My husband Steven had to work till six so did not try to join us in the marching.  He waited for us at the end, where he joined us.  He was wearing his t-shirt from Roxy, a play which I may have mentioned in a few blog posts last summer.  We all walked up the hill to the theatre parking lot, where most of us had left our cars.  We were full of plans for next year’s Doodah Parade.  I think everybody had a splendid time, although I’d just like to mention, I’m still waiting for my pen.


Scattered Wrist to Forehead Sunday

Oh, it is Wrist to Forehead Sunday.

Oh dear, that seems to be the extent of my capacity to write.  One problem is that I’m on our tablet, typing one letter at a time with the stylus.   Ooh, it is creepy when the tablet correctly anticipates what I’m about to type.  And kind of weird when it does not.

Ah, now I am on my laptop.  How delightful to type with all ten fingers.  I have always been fascinated by the skill of typing.  I’ve loved doing it ever since I learned how.

So now I have paragraphs beginning “Oh,”  “Oh,”  and “Ah.”  You may have noticed that I am something of a drama queen.  I contend that there are worse things to be. Sometimes being a drama queen stands me in good stead, for example, when I am on stage, as I often am these days.  So there.

It has been a busy weekend, beginning Thursday night with a performance of scenes from Much Ado About Nothing on Benton’s Landing in Little Falls.  On Friday I marched in the Doodah Parade in Ilion with Ilion Little Theatre.  Saturday morning I was up early(ish) and running, then off to Liverpool, for a nephew’s high school graduation party.  Fun times with family!  I ran again this morning, before the drive back home.

While we went away, we boarded our dog with a delightful man from the Velvet Dog in Herkimer.  We dropped our Spunky off Saturday morning and were able to pick him up Sunday when we got back into town.  I felt it was a very reasonable price for our dog to be well cared for and to be able to pick him up at our own convenience on a Sunday.  Yay, Velvet Dog!

But it is Wrist to Forehead Sunday, because I am damn tired.  The coming week stretches in front of me with hot temperatures, humidity and a long list of things to do and places to be.  But I have bitched about these things before, and I believe I marked complaining off my list of things to do.  Everything will be delightful.  I hope to make better blog posts in the coming week as well as finding time to run. However, my focus is on Much Ado About Nothing. It’s All Much Ado All The Time!  For at least the next three weeks!  As always, I hope you’ll stay tuned.


Pre-Road Trip Run

Today will be another post made in haste (posthaste?), because I must get ready to travel to Syracuse for a nephew’s graduation party (or “gragitation” as I like to call it).  We are staying overnight and must bring our doggy to the Velvet Dog, which also does pet sitting.  I haven’t packed!  I don’t know what to wear!  Was I supposed to bring wine?  It’s a wrist to forehead situation.  I don’t really feel as stressed as those words imply.   A good, hard run often has a great calming effect.

I foolishly did not run all week.  I hope to be better organized in the coming week, because I really do not like taking five days off.  However, I walked in the Doodah Parade yesterday, which was probably a couple of miles, so that was something.  And I had a good run today, so yay me.

It was almost 5:30 by the time I got on my way, but the sun is up by then this time of year.  I took a bottle of water with me and headed toward Herkimer College.  I’m thinking running with a bottle of water in one hand is the wrong thing to do, but sometimes I do not want to risk dehydration.  So I took the occasional sip as I ran and pondered my options.  Sunday I had meant to take an easy-ish run in the suburbs (that’s what I call the residential area behind Valley Health) and ended up running one of the biggest hills in the area.  I thought in comparison to that, running up to the college the front way would not be a bad Saturday run.

Being me (which is something I cannot avoid), I changed my mind several times as I headed out German Street.  Eventually I decided to go up to the college the back way.  Not as steep but longer.  Steep enough, I decided as I ran it.  It is a pleasant road, with woods on either side and a brook on one.  I could hear the brook talking to me.  It said, “What are you doing, going uphill?  Go downhill, like me!  Look how fast I’m going!”  Then the trees said, “No, no, go toward the sun, like us!  We don’t go anywhere, but look how beautiful we are!”

I knew I was being fanciful, but there was a thought:  You don’t have to run to be beautiful.  Was I running to be beautiful?  I was hoping that running would help me lose weight, which I feel will improve my appearance.  However, that was not my major motivation.  I was running to get in good shape to run the DARE 5K in August.  And I was running because I LIKE to run!  I love to run!  Running is fun!

I did enjoy my run.  I saw three deer as I headed down Lou Ambers Drive.  Pretty, and they move far more gracefully than I do.  Well, we all work with what God gave us.  I finished my water before I got to the spring so stopped for a re-fill. I did not sip too much after that.  For one reason, I wasn’t very thirsty.  Also, I like to save some of the spring water for Steven.

Our Saturday now stretches before us, no doubt to be filled with adventure (Mohawk Valley or otherwise).  Run done, blog post published.  I think I’m off to a good start.  Happy Saturday, everyone.



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