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Run before Rain

I thought of that title as I walked to my vehicle after work under threatening grey skies.  As it turns out, it is an appropriate headline mostly because today is Non-Sequitur Thursday.  But at least I ran.

First I went three days without running.  These things happen.  My legs started to ache again today, so I thought it would be a good idea to get out there.  I thought it was going to rain; for one reason, my bunions said so all day yesterday.  If it rained I could run in place on the mini-tramp.  When it was not raining immediately after work, I thought I would take a chance.  What was the worst that could happen?  I get wet?  As I like to say, I ain’t sugar; I won’t melt.  I get hit by lightning?  Well, my grandmother used to stay in the pool and count the seconds between the flash and the boom.  If it was good enough for Grandma, it’s good enough for me.  Anyways, I didn’t hear any rumbles nor yet see any flashes.

I took Spunky out as soon as I got home, as I usually do.  It was more a short business meeting than a real walk.  Those clouds looked dark. However, on my way home from work I had seen some high school kids running.  Probably the track team.  If they could run, I could run.

Off I went.  My legs were not the least bit happy with me.  Next time don’t go three days without running, I scolded myself.  Oh, this was painful.  I was moving slow but I was moving.  A little breeze was nice when I got it.  Otherwise it was humid.  Breathe, Cindy, breathe.  As the run progressed it became harder to breathe.  However, I realized that the worse the breathing, the less the legs hurt.  One thing about my body, the parts usually take turns complaining.  If they didn’t all have to take a turn one right after the other, that would be even better, but you can’t have everything.

I enjoyed running around the neighborhood, looking at houses, flowers, cars.  I saw a classic car in one driveway.  I think it was from the ’40s but I am not very knowledgeable about these things.  I saw a person sitting on a front porch.  I would like to sit on a porch, I thought.  With a beer.  There was no beer in my house.  Why did I not stop and pick up beer on my way home? That beer could be chilling in my refrigerator, waiting to reward me at the end of the run.  Now what would I reward myself with?  There are Klondike bars in the freezer (somebody gave Steven a coupon).  The song, “What would you do-oo for a Klondike bar?”  played in my head for the rest of the run (full disclosure: at the time of this posting, I have not yet eaten a Klondike bar; weight loss goals, you know).

There was a lovely screened in porch. You can sit on a screened-in porch when it’s raining.  Why didn’t I buy a house with a screened-in porch?  I had my reasons, but it basically boils down to what that great philosopher Mick Jagger once said, you can’t always get what you want.  How much longer was this run going to take?  I hadn’t been running in three days, surely 15 minutes would be good enough.  Maybe 20.  Should I keep running once the rain started or head for home by the most direct route?  Why wasn’t it raining yet?  Those big fat bluffing clouds!

The rain began 11 minutes into the run.  The clouds were not bluffing; my bunions were vindicated.  It was a nice gentle sprinkle.  I could rock this. Mind you, I was not particularly rocking the run itself, but I was still running.  Maybe the rain would wash away some of the humidity.  Then it would be easier to breathe.  This wasn’t bad at all.  Why don’t I ever run in the rain?  Of course it wasn’t raining very hard.  A downpour might be more uncomfortable.  I would see when this rain became a downpour.

Which, it never did.  Two or three blocks later, it stopped.  What was that all about?  It was supposed to RAIN!  That little sprinkle had done nothing for the humidity.  Rats!  Still, I kept going.  Once you’re out, you might as well keep going, right?

I ended up running for 23 minutes.  I thought that was pretty good since I had run 23 and 25 on Saturday and Sunday, respectively.  I don’t have a definite plan of when to run again, but I’m thinking before three days have passed.  So, Sunday at the latest.  Perhaps I’ll write another Running Commentary.  It’ll make a change from Wrist to Forehead Sunday.


Ooh! Look at the Skeletons!

One of the shortest stops Steven and I made on our Saturday adventures was at Hummel’s Office Plus in Herkimer, NY.  We had to get a birthday present for a young friend of ours.

I wanted to get her a blank book.  It is one of my favorite things to have, so I naturally think others will like it too.  First we looked for a pen in the office supply area downstairs.  Like many writers, I am fascinated by the tools of our trade, so I was happy to spend some time with the writing instruments.  We finally picked a green one, a pen I have gotten for myself many times.  Then we went upstairs to look for a blank book.

We were immediately confronted by the Halloween decorations.  I LOVE Halloween!  There were many decorations I had never seen before. I especially like the See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil Skeletons.  We went around pushing the buttons on all the ghosts and things that played music and/or danced.

However, we were there for a present.  After much debate, we picked out a blank book we thought our friend would like.  Steven asked the clerk to wrap it. What a good idea!  I am terrible at wrapping presents and I don’t know if we have any birthday gift bags.  At the cash register I saw a couple more Halloween things I would like to go back and purchase.

We had not spent much time at Hummel’s, but I felt it was time well spent. I’m not saying I will, but I just MIGHT  go back and buy those skeletons.  And maybe a green pen.


Short Shout-out on Tired Tuesday

AAAaaand I’m sidetracked already (for readers just tuning in, yesterday’s post said I was trying to get back on track).  My allergies have kicked in BIG TIME.  I spent the day dizzy but managing to accomplish my work without being a danger to myself and others (as long as they didn’t piss me off) (just kidding; I strive for tolerance in the work place and elsewhere).  I came home and took a decongestant then fell asleep on the couch.  That actually felt kind of good, but waking up not so much.  Still, I managed to stand up in the shower.  I thought to take a bath so I could stay sitting but was afraid I would fall asleep and drown (is that really a thing or is that just what spouses say happened when they actually bumped one another off?) (am I watching too much Dateline?).

Where was I?  Ah yes, clean but still dizzy.  We’ll have to call this a Tired Tuesday post but perhaps I can say something of some substance in spite of myself.  How about a a quick shout-out to a local business.

Saturday Steven and I went out to breakfast at the Knight Spot in Frankfort, NY.  This used to be one of our go-to places when we went out for breakfast all the time, when we both worked retail hours and often had a day or at least a morning off together. We still try to go there fairly often for lunch, dinner or afternoon ice cream, although we don’t eat out as often as I would like to (but still more often than is strictly helpful for my waistline) (yes, I KNOW I could order more salad, shut up) (you know who you are).

I tried to talk Steven into ice cream for breakfast.  “A banana split would have fruit in it,” I argued.  “Fruit is good for breakfast.”  He wanted eggs.  He got eggs over medium, bacon and Italian toast.  I got my favorite breakfast sandwich of bacon, egg and cheese on a hard roll.  Yum!  I mixed it up a little by getting hot tea instead of coffee.  I have had a craving for hot tea lately.

When the waitress brought our food, she brought me hot sauce.  She remembered that I usually ask for it!  I thought that was awesome.

The Knight Spot is located at 264 E. Main St., Frankfort, NY 13340, phone number 315-894-4054.  For more information you can visit their website at  You can also Like them on Facebook.


Trying to Get Back on Track

My plan for the week had been to write a more detailed post about each Mohawk Valley adventure from my Scattered Saturday.  I was going to be a Good Writer and write on my breaks at work.  Did I really think I was going to do that?  I bet some of you didn’t, you doubters, you!  OK, doubters who were 100 percent correct in this case.  You may congratulate yourselves but don’t get too smug about it, that’s obnoxious.

Where was I?  Ah yes, attempting a blog post about one of my adventures from this past Saturday.  Going in chronological order, I should start with a Running Commentary.  It had actually been my plan to make the Running Commentary before beginning the other adventures, but, well, in my defense, I wrote postcards instead.  People like to get postcards from me.

So I had not been running for a couple of weeks (who’s counting?) (in fact, I cannot exactly count, because I know I ran one time between July 30, when I made my last entry in the Running Journal, and Saturday, but I do not know what day that was) (it does not matter if that is a run-on sentence, because it is a parenthetical comment).  My legs had been aching all week in a most unprecedented fashion.  I did not know what was wrong but suspected it was lack of activity (although I have been working on my feet all day most days, so go figure).  It is so annoying.  My leg ache because I don’t run, and I don’t feel like running because my legs ache.

Just a short run, I told myself.  Maybe a nice walk.  Just move your legs.  I didn’t do it Friday night.  For one reason, we were having people over, and I had to chop vegetables.  I would do it Saturday morning.  I woke up with a headache.  That should not matter; I often have a headache these days.  I could still run.

First I had coffee.  Two cups.  They perked me up considerably.  I got my running gear on and took off, making copious mental notes for the Running Commentary I was sure to write later.

And as you can see, I still have not written it.  The run went pretty OK, I guess.  I ran again on Sunday.  My legs ached less today.  Unfortunately, my head problems remain.  I’m thinking it is the dreaded fall allergies.  My head is spinny and vague (yes, I mean “spinny” and not “spinning,”  I am not vague on that point), and I do not feel capable of writing any more of a blog post.  However, I see I am over 400 words.  400 good words?  Oh, since when have I worried about that?  Let’s just call this a Monday Mental Meanderings and move on.


Old Movies on a Rainy Sunday

I love a rainy Sunday.  My favorite kind is with old movies.  Imagine my delight, then, when after seeing rain in the forecast I saw that it was Bette Davis day on TCM.  I LOVE Bette Davis!  I prefer to write about cheesy movies in this space, but for Wrist to Forehead Sunday, I feel justified in giving an overview of my Bette Davis day.

We tuned in to The Letter at nine.  We’ve seen this one before.  We rented it in Augusta, GA (remember going to a video store and renting movies?).  I wrote my Mom a letter about it in which I said something along the lines of,  “We saw this Bette Davis movie where she murdered this guy and was on trial for it.  There was this letter she had written which would incriminate herself and she had to get back the letter.  It was a really good movie, but I don’t remember the title.”  Steven wrote in the margin, “It was The Letter.”  I was pretty amused by that, but sometimes I am easy to please.

After The Letter was Mr. Skeffington, which I had DVR’d once but never watched (then we got a new cable box and the chance was lost).   I found it very sad, although the ending was happy (should I have included a spoiler alert for that?)  It also stars Claude Rains, who Steven and I love.  Bette Davis loved him, too.  I like to hear about actors who like and respect one another.  Oh, I guess it is also interesting to hear about when they loathe and despise one another.

Which brings us to Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?  That movie is on now, and we are watching re-reuns of Snapped.  You would think I would love that movie, but I do not.  I know, I love Bette Davis, I love Joan Crawford, I love old horror movies.  But I don’t like that movie.  Go figure.

We shall watch A Catered Affair, with Ernest Borgnine, which is on next.  I do like Ernest Borgnine.  Then we FINALLY get to some cheesy stuff with The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex.  I was thinking I had written a blog post about that one, but I was getting it mixed up with The Virgin Queen, which is a really cheesy one. I’d better watch Elizabeth and Essex again and make sure it’s as cheesy as I’m thinking. I may stay up past my bedtime for that one.  Happy Sunday, everyone.



Scattered Saturday Blog Postte

Earlier today I had thought to write a post beginning, “We interrupt these Mohawk Valley adventures to make a Scattered Saturday post…”  But I was continuing my adventures so was afraid the post would be incomplete.  So I continued my scattered gyrations and now interrupt the wine drinking portion of the evening to make my post.

Just kidding.  I’m not interrupting my wine drinking; Steven just brought me another glass.  To anybody who objects to such alcohol-related activities, sorry.  This is the way I roll.

Steven has a rare weekend off, and we slept in this morning to nearly 6:30.  I wasn’t even going to run (which I have not been doing in any case; more about that in the next Running Commentary post) but reconsidered after two cups of coffee.  I took a short run, then a good shower, put on a cute outfit and called my mother.  Then I wrote some postcards.  I have been dreadfully remiss about my postcard writing in recent weeks.  I finally wrote some last Sunday so was happy to be doing so again today.

Eventually, Steven and I made it out the door to get some breakfast.  I was quite hungry.  We first stopped by the post office (to mail the post cards) and the ATM to get some cash, then it was on to Ilion.  I wanted to eat at Farm House Restuarant, right across from The Medicine Shoppe (I always have to dash over to Facebook to check if it’s “Shop” or “Shoppe”), where I had a couple of prescriptions to pick up.  Can you believe Farm House was closed today only?  So it was.  We drove on to Frankfort for a great meal at The Knight Spot (here’s a point to ponder next Lame Post Friday: why is it always “Spot” and not “Spotte”?).

From there we went to Hummel’s Office Plus (“Plusse”?) to purchase a birthday present and card for a friend.  Their Halloween stuff was out already. Yay!  We love Halloween!  There are several things I may stop back and purchase.  What’s a few more Halloween decorations among friends?  They nicely wrapped the present for us, so we had something really nice looking to give our friend.

We put in an appearance at the party, enjoying a little coffee and short visit with our friend, then went on to New Hartford, where we wanted to catch Florence Foster Jenkins, starring one of my favorites, Meryl Streep.  We got there early so stopped in at Uno Pizzeria and Grill (Steven thought it was “Grille” not “Grill”, but I checked on Facebook and it’s “Grill”) for a drink.  We were so pleased by the service and ambience that we came back for snacks after the movie.

The movie, by the way, is WONDERFUL.  Meryl Streep is such a goddess. Hugh Grant and Simon Helberg are quite delightful as well.  I don’t usually do good movie reviews (preferring to stick with the cheesy variety), but I may reconsider the policy.

I believe that bring us up to the present moment.  We are back home, enjoying a little more wine and deciding between sitting on the deck and popping a movie into the DVD.  Or looking for a true crime show on cable television.  After all, anything can happen on Scattered Saturday (“Saturdayye”?).


Questioning Lame Post Friday

Points to ponder on Lame Post Friday:  Why are pickled cucumbers called pickles, but pickled everything else is called pickled whatever it is?

No, don’t answer.  It is a point to PONDER, not a topic for discussion.  Here’s another:  which kind of person is more annoying: the kind who ask questions they do not want answered or the kind who invariably answer a question with another question?  You can answer that one, as long as you do not answer it with another question.

Oh all right, you can answer the first question too.  You can even answer that one with another question if you’d like.

As you may guess, my fogginess of brain continues, with a little headache added to it, but you’ll have that during allergy season.  At least I’ll have that.  And complain about it, but that’s something you can find all year long from any number of people.  Another point to ponder:  Do you suppose it is true that the more you complain the longer God lets you live?  It is what my sister says. One of the things she says.  She says a lot (I come from a talkative family).

Tomorrow I have several Mohawk Valley adventures planned, which I hope to write blog posts about.  Maybe I can even have enough adventures that I will have a real post a week from today instead of another Lame Post Friday.  And this leads us to a final point to ponder:  Will my dear readers get tired of my silliness and impatient with my ridiculous posts?  You can answer that one, too.  It might be useful information for me to know.




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