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Possibly a Pre-5K Run

I actually wrote part of a blog post while at work today (um, on a BREAK, not while working), but then I came home and went running, so I thought I would like to make a Running Commentary Post instead.

This Saturday, Dec. 10, is the Reindeer Run 5K, part of the Christmas in Little Falls festivities. I have been saying I am going to run it.  Maybe.  As I left work today, I said to my co-worker, “I guess I’d better go running today, if I think I’m going to run a 5K on Saturday.”

“If you’re going to run Saturday, what do you need to run today for?” he asked.  He was not serious.

As I left work, I was a little afraid the temperature would be borderline.  That is, should I wear leggings and long-sleeves or shorts and t-shirt?  When I took Spunky for a walk as soon as I got home, I got a dreadful hot flash.  They have been getting hotter, and they are not over in a flash.  They do not particularly bother me; I just ride them out.  However, it impaired my ability to judge the weather.

Getting back home, I noted that the thermostat said 42 degrees.  My rule for myself is shorts and short-sleeves for 45 degrees and warmer.  Still, 42 sounded pretty warm to me, and the hot flash wasn’t quitting.  Still, I had made up that rule for myself…

I put on leggings and long sleeves.  The leggings felt too tight, so I looked for a pair of fat old lady pants instead.  I had run in fat old lady pants recently and found it works pretty good.  Fat old lady pants, in case you did not know, are fairly loose-fitting, elastic-waist, poly-cotton blend.  The pair I found had pockets, which I liked.  It would be handier for my watch, for one reason.  The band is broken on my wrist-watch, so now I pin it to my pants and make it a waist-watch.

It didn’t feel too cold or two warm as I started down the sidewalk.  I had it in mind to run up the hill to Herkimer College, a challenging 40-minute run to make sure I was ready for the 5K.  I managed to cross German Street without too much problem and ran down the sidewalk, avoiding the occasional puddle.  I had set out at 3:40 (15:40, my watch said; I have military time) (um, not because I was in the army; it’s because I don’t want to screw up and set the alarm for p.m. instead of a.m.).  There was a lot of traffic.

Soon I was running up Lou Ambers Drive.  It seemed to take a long time to get to the steep part.  Cars whizzed by me, mostly not slowing down or getting over.  I couldn’t blame them for not getting over, because there was also a lot of traffic going in the other direction.  As I ran, a song I had been singing to Spunky kept playing in my head:

He’d a good dog named Spunky

His name is Spunky and he’s a good  dog.

The lyrics are not inspired, but it has a good rhythm to run to.  I remembered when I was in Army Basic Training, one of my buddies was on profile and did not run all through Basic, till the very end (“on profile” is a medical thing).  Then she had to run the two-mile PT (physical training) test.  She said she was going to sing Christmas carols to herself to keep going.  It worked for her, because she passed.  I decided to sing a few Christmas carols to myself today.  It was not the miracle I was hoping for as far as taking my mind off the hill.  But I made it to the top.

I could see down to Herkimer, which I had not been able to do the last couple of times I made that run.  It was overcast and grey, but I could see buildings. However, I could not linger and really look.  I kept running.

By the time I got back to the village and level ground, I realized I could rock this.  I thought about the 5K and pictured myself at the 2 mile mark encouraging my fellow runners by shouting, “We can rock this!”  Oh yeah, like anybody there will run as slowly as I do!

I made my 40 minutes and was pretty pleased with myself.  I must confess, I am not as pleased with my blog post, but you’ll have that.  I still haven’t quite made up my mind about the 5K.  I’ll let you know.  In the meantime, I will gather what satisfaction I can from the fact that I did not make a Wuss-out Wednesday post.


Murder Most Different

OK, so I did not write a blog post while at work today, because I spent every break working on a murder mystery.  I LOVE writing murder mysteries!  I feel so clever when I am inventing characters, deciding on their relationships and problems.  When I realize this one wants to do dirt to that one, or the other one loves this one but yet another character knows the dirty little secret of…  you get the picture.

I actually have three mysteries to write with varying requirements for each.  Today I was working on one that is particularly intriguing, because the format is different from what I am used to.  What I usually write is dinner theatre:  the actors mingle with the audience during cocktails then have an actual, rehearsed performance in which all the clues are presented.  The murder I worked on today will be almost completely interactive, with the audience seeking clues throughout several rooms.

I will have to figure out how the murder was committed and, more importantly, how somebody might figure out who did it, how and why.  What clues will be found?  Where will they be?  How did they get there?  Where do they lead?  Can they possibly MISlead?  How about a nice, juicy red herring or two?

However, for me, everything starts with the characters.  I know who will be the victim of the first murder (I think we’ll have more than one corpse during the evening, just to keep things lively).  I started thinking of who the other characters will be.  Soon I had several people identified by roles:  the guy that runs the speakeasy (did I mention that it is a 1920s theme?), the madame of the brothel, the proprietor of a rival speakeasy…   Once I had given everybody a name, things got really fun.

Soon I will have figured out what everybody thinks of everybody else, who hates or loves whom, who did dirt to whom (I do mean “whom” don’t I?  How embarrassing that I am not sure).  I write a lot of random notes then try to organize everything.

Hmmm…  I seem to be babbling on without a whole lot of specifics.  Well, I will give more specifics on these mysteries when I know more about the where, when and how you can get tickets.  In the meantime, I hope I have intrigued my local readers and entertained those farther afield.  If so, I say good work for a Tired Tuesday.


There’s Always Someone!

For this week’s Middle-aged Musings Monday, I will attempt to reconstruct the post I wrote in my head last week and never used.  This is something I have long observed:  there is always somebody to tell you you are wrong.

If I donate to a charity, someone will tell me that my money won’t go to the cause, and anyways it’s the wrong cause, and we can’t really solve problems anyways.  If I do something for a societal or environmental purpose, someone will tell me of the dreadful ill effect my action will also have while not really doing all that much to help the intended purpose.  If I purchase any item with no ulterior motive, charitable, societal or otherwise, someone will tell me I spent too much.

And NOW I am waiting for somebody to say to me, “Why do you worry about what somebody else says?  I never do.”

So, you see, I am always wrong.  Additionally, I seem to be the sort of person that other people feel free to criticize.  I bet some of you are even as I type this gearing up to tell me to quit whining and just blog already.  Regarding that, well, I think I will just try to follow the earlier advice of not worrying about what other people say.


Even My Blog Post Needs a Hand

Did you ever notice that in every Rankin/Bass special there is one really cool Encouragement song?  I have many times noticed it.  Almost every December throughout junior high and high school, after I watched Santa Claus is Coming to Town, for weeks I wondered how I could “Put One Foot in Front of the Other.”   Really, the best part about these specials is the music.  Right now I’m watching one of the more lame efforts, ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas, and I’m thinking, “It’s so true!  ‘Even a Miracle Needs a Hand’!”

Yes, today is Wrist to Forehead Sunday.  It is drawing closer and closer to my bedtime and I have not made a blog post yet.  In my defense… OK, there is no defense.  I was trying to do some chores earlier (got a little laundry and the dishes done at least), then Steven and I met up with a fellow to talk about a murder mystery we hope to participate in at the Overlook Mansion in Little Falls, NY.  I will be happy to write more about that, when more definite information is forthcoming.  What can I say?  It is really hard to get everything done in a day!

So I think it is really good that we came home and started to watch some of these Rankin/Bass Christmas specials we have on video (yes, the two we watched thus far are on VHS; we fortunately still have a device that plays video).  I need the encouragement song today.  I shall put one foot in front of the other, as Kris Kringle encouraged the Winter Warlock to do.  ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas just ended, and Steven is about to put in Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer, so I can be assured that “There’s Always Tomorrow for Dreams to Come True.”



Not a Bad Saturday

But I don’t FEEL LIKE making a blog post!  Ha, ha, just kidding.  At least, I would in fact rather be reading others’ blogs right now, but I KNOW as a writer I must not wait till I am  “in the mood” to write, anybody taking in a deep breath to make a self-righteous lecture to me can just stand down.  In fact, I very often am in the mood to write, especially once my fingers hit the keys and I begin typing.

I have been having a not very good day, although it has had its moments.  I have about a half hour right not to make my blog post before Steven arrives home from work and we head out to a Christmas party.  Therefore, I shall attempt another Scattered Saturday post.

I realize that people who harp on their physical ills (as well as other negatives in their lives) are tiresome.  However, I just want to mention that I once again have one of my Saturday headaches.  How very annoying.  Before you start shaking your finger or your head (or your booty) at me, no, I did NOT tie one on last night.  That sort of headache can often be cured with some Gatorade and a nap.  Well I did eventually get a nap and am sipping some Gatorade now, but they are far from the miracle I was hoping for.  No matter, the headache seems to be fading away of its own accord, and I did not mean to write the whole blog post about it.

Then again, isn’t that always the way?  Pain has a way of overtaking your life, and it is often all you can think of.  Well, I shall drag my mind away from my petty pain.

I wrote four post cards to my usual people this morning.  I walked to the post office with them.  Alas, my dog, Spunky, did not accompany me.  As I have said, he does not seem to enjoy long walks.  More to the point, I went from the post office to Basloe Library for Coffee with a Cop.  I’ll write a full blog post about that later.  I walked home after the coffee and conversation, and immediately got into my vehicle and drove to The Medicine Shoppe in Ilion to pick up a prescription.  While there, I ducked into Ilion Wine and Spirits for a bottle of wine for later (we still haven’t had the bottle I purchased on Shop Small Saturday; I’m saving it for an occasion).

Back home, I took the nap I mentioned earlier.  When I got up, I put on running clothes and ran in place on the mini tramp for forty minutes, the longest I have run in a very long time.  There is a 5K in Little Falls next weekend I may run.  Stand by for numerous Running Commentary posts this week while I prepare.

I think I still have time to read a blog or two. Happy Saturday, everyone.


Frantic Friday

I actually wrote a whole post in my head while at work today.  I even told it to a co-worker, you know, not word for word, but the gist of it. I did not go so far as to write it down, but I daresay I could remember it. However, I thought of the above-used title on my way home from work.  I thought it might be appropriate for the afternoon and evening I had envisioned, and it turned out to be true.

Steven worked until six, and we planned to meet to Christmas shop using a one-day-only coupon.  The details of where and how are not important.  For one reason, it is not one of the small, distinctive local businesses in which I delight.  I’m sorry that I do not exclusively shop at such establishments.  I mean, I’m not apologizing about it, I truly am regretful that I do not.  Be that as it may, I will tell you about my gyrations thus far today, and that will serve as this week’s Lame Friday Post.

I went straight home from work at three and took my dog, Spunky, for a walk.  He only wanted to go to the end of the street and back, but at least that is further than the end of the driveway and back.  I felt a huge need to exercise, so I changed into running clothes and ran in place on the mini-tramp, while watching part of an episode of Snapped.  It was not too cold or rainy to run outside, but I did not want to leave my dog twice in one evening.

After a shower and the usual trauma over what to wear, I got on the computer to check my Facebook notifications and email.  The Facebook check was not purely frivolous, you know.  A friend had messaged me a cookie recipe, and I intended to purchase ingredients as part of our Christmas shopping spree.  Of course, it was partly frivolous.  I also wanted to see how many Likes I got on my status of “The three words that best describe you are as follows, and I quote:  Stink!  Stank!  Stunk!”  But I digress.

Leaving the house shortly after five, I walked to where I was meeting Steven.  It had gotten colder, and the wind had picked up.  I enjoyed looking at Christmas lights on houses as I walked.  I started shopping without Steven, and he joined me already in progress.  We bought a lot of stuff.  No, I’m not going to tell you what!  People on my gift list sometimes read my blog, you know.

Now we have shopped, eaten, and are enjoying a glass of wine and watching another episode of Snapped.  I think Oxygen shows them all night long on Fridays.  I don’t believe I will stay up all night to see, though.  I’m tired.  Happy Friday, everyone.


My Cheesy Saturday Stop

One of my favorite stops on Shop Small Saturday was Original Herkimer Cheese in Ilion, NY.  I had first tried Herkimer Cheese at a wine tasting at Ilion Wine and Spirits (just to plug another local business).  I was delighted to discover another local cheese maker.  I went home and Liked them on Facebook.  Fast forward to November 2016, when I learned they were having a Holiday Open House.

It was not hard to find the place, out Otsego Street a little beyond Ilion Farmer’s Market (another favorite destination).  I walked in to find several people enjoying free samples and chatting.  I happily tried some Chutter and Cheddar as well as two kinds of cheese dip.


Everybody enjoyed the samples.

One of the ladies working (I foolishly did not ask their names) said she would be happy to open anything else people wanted to try.  After looking in the cooler, I asked to sample the Asiago Bacon Horseradish dip.  Yummy!  I got some of that and some Buffalo Bleu Cheese dip. Just before turning away from the cooler, I noticed some garlic and herb cheese and grabbed that too.  I was sure I would like something called “garlic and herb” without sampling it first.

I looked around the room at some of the other wares for sale, especially noticing some mustard and crackers that looked good.


I was very interested in the t-shirts that read “Keepin’ it Cheesy since 1949.”  I mentioned that I like to eat cheese and watch cheesy movies.  Everybody appreciated the double meaning.


Maybe Steven will get me one for Christmas!

I was happy with my purchases and happy I discovered another good place to buy cheese. Original Herkimer Cheese is located at 2745 State Route 51, Ilion, NY 13357, phone number 315-895-7428.  For more information you can visit their website at  Or you can stop by.  I saw on Facebook that they are hosting another open house on Saturday Dec. 3 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  I might go there again myself!