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A New Farmers Market for Me

Did I say yesterday that I was going in backwards order of the Saturday adventures Cheryl, Penny and I had?  And did I also say I would probably change my mind and skip around instead?  I guess it doesn’t matter, because today I’m going to talk about our first stop, Westmoreland Winter Farmers Market.

Of course I am a great fan of farmers markets, so I was happy to check out a new one.  It runs on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon at the Westmoreland Firehouse.  We were happy it was indoors since there was quite a crisp wind blowing Saturday morning.

I was delighted to find a bag of mixed lettuce at Takacs & Daughter Produce’s table.  I’ve been taking tossed salad for my lunch every day (you see I don’t ALWAYS cheat on my diet).  It was organic.  I don’t always pay much attention to the organic/non-organic thing, but I’m sure in many cases, organic is better.

We all had a nice chat with Susie Jones of Jones Family Farm.  We sampled some of her cheese. Yum!  Cheryl and Penny both bought some.  I fear I cheated on my diet with the sample, because it was on a cracker.  However, I noted that it was less of a cheat than the brownies from Utica Bread I had eaten at a wine tasting Friday night.  Susie said she had never thought of chocolate and wine together.  I told her dark chocolate and dry red wine are great (yes, I introduce wine into many conversations, I thought you knew that about me).

I feel bad that I am not mentioning other vendors.   I’ll have to return to the market and take better notes next time.  In the meantime, if you’re interested, you can visit their Facebook page.  Or better yet, visit the market.  Maybe I’ll see you there.


Off the Diet? Who Cares!

I was going to write posts about Saturday’s adventures in chronological order, beginning where we began and going on from there.  How about if I go in backwards order instead, beginning with our final adventure?   I say that today; probably tomorrow I’ll decide to just skip around.  Be that as it may, I’m going to give another shout-out to Symeon’s Greek Restaurant in Yorkville.

When Cheryl, Penny and I began our adventures, we knew the adventures would include lunch, we just didn’t know where.  We talked about various places as our adventures took us far and wide.  When Symeon’s was suggested, I rejoiced.  It had been a while since I had eaten at Symeon’s.   Too long, I say, and I say that every time I drive by the place, which is not as often as it was when I used to work in New Hartford (ooh, long sentence, probably not grammatically correct, oh well).

We had a very short (“less than five minutes,” the hostess said) wait for a table, but soon we were perusing menus.  EVERYTHING looked good!  I finally decided to get a Xanthi, which I had never tried before.  I wrote the description in my little notebook:  “Thracian chicken with crispy fried eggplant, roasted red peppers, onions, feta cheese and a spice version of our yogurt sauce.”  Eggplant!  YUM! I love eggplant!  Cheryl got a fish sandwich, while Penny had an antipasto salad.  For an appetizer we shared Fried Calamari.

Yes, this was not on my diet, which is the first, strictest phase of the South Beach Diet.  I don’t care.  It was DELICIOUS!  In fact, if I was going off my diet, I think a flatbread sandwich with chicken and vegetables is not a bad choice.  The fried calamari I do not mention, except to say that I’ve had fried calamari all over the valley and this was EXCELLENT fried calamari.

We declined dessert, although I said it was good that nobody had said the words “chocolate mousse” to me, because I know Symeon’s makes a great mousse.  I will just have to go back sooner next time.  Perhaps when I am off this diet.

Symeon’s Greek Restaurant is located at 4941 Commercial Drive in Yorkville, NY.  Phone number is 315-736-4047.


Anything New on Wrist to Forehead Sunday?

Welcome to another edition of Wrist to Forehead Sunday.  I’m your host, Mohawk Valley Girl.

Some feminists find it unbecoming for a female in her 50s to refer to herself as a “girl” and not a “woman.”  I fear I use the terms interchangeably.  To even things out, I do not hesitate to refer to males of any age as “boys.”  I usually do not use more derogatory terms than that for either gender.  That is just an aside, to up the word count a little.  I don’t like to publish too short a post.

Yesterday I bragged about how many blog topics I have as a result of our adventurous Saturday.  I even meant to start using them today.  Then I got my usual hesitation over starting:  I’m afraid the posts will not be good enough.  For example, my logical first post was going to be our first stop: Westmoreland Winter Farmers Market.  Well, I can’t do that off the top of my head.  At the very least I have to dig through some of the business cards I picked up along the way.  I won’t  be able to include all the vendors or even all the vendors I talked to, but I would like to mention at least a few of them by name.

Part of my problem is that I am oh, so tired.  Steven and I stayed up later than usual last night watching my beloved World’s Dumbest.  Then we were up by six, because he had to work at nine.  Of course that is sleeping in for us, so I did expect to be a little more peppy by now.  Perhaps it was the delicious Chinese New Year dinner I had at my niece’s house.  Full disclosure:  I had dessert too.  For anybody keeping track, that is three days when I violated the terms of my diet.  However, this is not a nutrition blog nor even a cooking post.  So there.

I had thought to write a few words about the Super Bowl.  One might think nothing new could be said about that, especially from someone who does not follow football, but I have hutzpah enough to try.  Valentine’s Day is also approaching.  I could definitely say a few things about that.  Before that is Ash Wednesday.  That is a more solemn day, of course, but I’ve shared enough laughs with priests to not fear writing about the church.

However, it seems the best I can do is another post about How I Can’t Write a Post Today (previously Why I Can’t, but I don’t really have any good reasons, I admit it).  Have I thought of new things to say about that?  In fact I think I have, but, for heavens’ sake, what is this obsession with novelty?


Post Before Many More

What a day, what a day, what a day I have had.  Yes, I needed to say it three times.  Earlier in the week, my sister Cheryl contacted me and told me she had been looking through Mohawk Valley Living magazine and had a full day of Mohawk Valley adventures planned.   What else could I do  but go along and enjoy?

We did enjoy ourselves!  I met Cheryl, we picked up her friend Penny, and we took off.  We spent all day riding around hither and thither (or should that be hither and yon?).  I have so many things to write blog posts about and/or suitable for articles to submit to Mohawk Valley Living, that I don’t know where to begin!

However, I don’t need to begin right now.  In fact, I have found that it is often better to wait and let all my impressions jumble around in my brain for a while.  Somehow or other (who can understand the creative process?) (oh, YOU probably can) (you know who you are),  my thoughts come to some semblance of order and I can write.  How long must I wait?  Ah, that is the tricky question, but we need not answer it today.  Today my purpose is to make a Scattered Saturday post and get back to enjoying my weekend.

I shall give a brief overview of our day.  I’m afraid it won’t be too brief, though, because we hit a lot of places.  We began at the Westmoreland Winter Farmer’s Market.  I hope to write at greater length about that one for sure, because there were several vendors there I must give a shout-out to.  From there we went to the Westmoreland Antique Center.

From Westmoreland we went to Clinton, which I am not very familiar with.  Our first destination was the Adirondack Cheese Store.  We also hit Dawn Marie’s Treasures and Artisan’s Corners.  All three stops are well worth a blog post, as well as a return visit.

After Clinton we drove through Franklin Springs, past Oriskany Creek, through Deansboro and on to Berry Hill Books.  Yay, books!  You know me and books.  After that we found our way to Villa Verona Vineyards.  You probably know me and wine, too.

I was plenty hungry for lunch by this time, but first we made a stop at The Olde Kountry Market.  Cheryl nicely bought us a snack to hold us over.  The delicious late lunch we had at Symeon’s was worth the wait.  Incidentally, Symeon’s was the only stop of the day which I had been to before.

It was the most fun day.  We’re already making plans for next Saturday!  In the meantime, I hope to get started soon writing real blog posts about today.


Just Keep Typing?

Oh dear.  It is Lame Post Friday and I am beyond lame. So is my computer.  It is my little acer netbook (or whatever it is; my nice sister gave it to me).  The screen keeps flashing white and patterns of black and white.  Oh, wait a minute.  As soon as I started typing the sentence about what it was doing it stopped.  Could it be that easy?  No way.

Earlier today I went to two wine tastings at liquor stores in Herkimer, NY (you know, where I live), both of which had a further local connection.  Vintage Spirits had brownies by Utica Bread Company.  Valley Wine and Liquor featured wines by Villa Verona Vineyard, in nearby Verona, NY.  So I was not just sipping free wine; I was supporting local businesses who were supporting other local businesses.  By the way, I also purchased wine.  I don’t just sip for free.

When I got home, there was a message on my answering machine from my sister, Cheryl.  She has a whole day of Mohawk Valley adventures planned.  Oh boy!  I bet I’ll get a week’s worth of blog posts out of that!

Here’s an interesting thing:  when I was typing away, getting the previous two paragraphs without too much problem, my computer was behaving itself.  After “adventures planned,” I hit a dry spot.  I sat here looking at the screen thinking, “Now what?”  Soon enough the screen started its psycho shit.

Do you suppose there is a lesson here?

Sounds like some half-baked philosophy to me.  But, hey, it’s Lame Post Friday.  Half-baked philosophy is welcome!

And I’m over 200 words.  Hope to see you all on Scattered Saturday.


Oh Yeah, I’m Going to be Bald!

Some time ago I mentioned that I have signed up for a St. Baldrick’s Foundation fundraiser.  I am going to have my head shaved after begging my friends, family, co-workers and blog readers for donation to fund children’s cancer research.

I did this once before.  I raised over $600 thanks to some very generous people, and I got a few blog posts out of it (perhaps you read one or two).  I don’t mind being bald. Oh, I’ll admit to a few moments of “What the Hell was I thinking?”  But on the whole, it’s fun to be bald.  I’m looking forward to it.

What I am not looking forward to is asking people for money.  I HATE asking people for money!  I know it is a good cause and most people do not mind being asked.  But I feel dumb and I just can’t get over it.

So I have been putting it off.  Of course, it’s no good to start these things too soon, I tell myself.  However, if I put it off too long, I will look really stupid in front of the other bald people, because I won’t have gotten any donations.  Oh dear.

In fact, I have gotten one donation.  My Aunt Mary (ooh, I hope she doesn’t mind me mentioning this) read my blog post saying I had signed up for the event, and she sent me a check.  My first donation!  Thanks, Aunt Mary!

The event is Sunday, March 6, at Arthur’s in Dolgeville, NY.  For Steven and me, it will be the culmination of a delightful four-day weekend to celebrate his birthday.  How many people do you know that get a bald wife for their birthday?  Oh, don’t worry, I’ll get him other presents as well.

In the meantime, if any of you lovely people would like to make a present to children’s cancer research, I do have one of those fundraising websites:  And if anybody has any pointers on how not to feel stupid when asking folks for money, feel free to chime in.


Hit Publish and Drive On

Sometimes it doesn’t work.

After yesterday’s blubbering about how I couldn’t write, I got a little stern with myself.  I left my puzzle book home and when it was break time, I sat down, took out my notebook, and started to write.

I had been thinking about what I was going to write before I sat down.  That usually helps.  Very often after I have been going through a dry spell or putting off a particular writing project, I sit down and I write it.  Just like that.  I spend some time after that wondering what my problem had been in the first place.  I make a mental note of the results, reminding myself that next time perhaps the operative thing to do is to, damn it, just sit down and write the thing!

Well, I’m rarely as prompt as I ought to be about any given chore, be it laundry or writing.  Still, after several episodes of finally sitting down and writing something, I do try the Dammit-Just-Sit-Down-And-Write method a little sooner than I used to.

Aaand (you saw this coming) sometimes it doesn’t work.  Maybe I don’t try it soon enough?  Maybe I tried it too soon?  Maybe I didn’t sit in the right place.  Or work on the right project.

Full disclosure:  I do have a mostly finished blog post about a cheesy movie we recently viewed.  It is just too long for me to type in right now, and I would like to edit and perhaps add a few things.  It was just too much trouble to do that tonight.  I have a baby afghan I am finishing for a co-worker (don’t say anything; it’s a surprise).  I need to sit and crochet.

So we’ll call this a Wuss-out Wednesday, hit publish and drive on.  I hope you’re having a lovely middle of the week.



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