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What Lame through Yonder Window Breaks?

I thought of that title yesterday, when I was trying to come up with something for my Non Sequitur Thursday post.  Yes, I was wishing it was Friday.  Who wasn’t?  Oh, I know, you probably weren’t (both the people who work on Saturday and the ones who just always have to disagree) (you know who you are).

Oh, how good it feels to be writing my blog post in my battered spiral notebook before my shift at work begins.  This is so much better than sitting at the computer, staring at a blank screen and thinking, “I got nuthin’.”

So, yes, it is opening night of Leading Ladies at Ilion Little Theatre.  Yesterday, as I gave a little director’s speech before Final Dress (we directors love to give speeches) (and any director who just said, “I don’t,” FAT LIAR!), I said, “There’s a saying that the worse the dress rehearsal the better the opening night…”

“Let’s not do that,” said one of my actors, which is exactly where I was going with that.

“Thank you!”  I said.

And we didn’t do that.  Rehearsal went very well.  I expect tonight’s performance to go equally well.  My only two concerns are (1) what am I going to wear and (2) will anybody want to go out for a drink afterward?  These are questions for which I am sure answers will be forthcoming.

In the meantime, it is Friday.  For this blog specifically, Lame Post Friday.  A lame post should also be brief.  Happy Friday, everyone.



I Also Plan to go Wine Tasting

Let’s have a Non-Sequitur Thursday post.  I am feeling even more flustered than usual tonight.  It’s Final Dress!!!  And I took a little, small, short, teeny tiny, itty bitty nap after work today, so I have even less time than previously.

I have a couple more directorial chores left to do, but will I get them done?  Will I be on time for rehearsal?  Will my cast be pacing the theatre parking lot cursing my name as I drive in, taking the corner on two wheels, tires squealing, Steven in the passenger seat holding on for dear life?  You know, I have not been writing fiction in some time now.  I miss it.

Yesterday’s rehearsal when very well. Now we’re talking about the cast party, and the cook-out I am offering to throw the day we strike the set.

Oh dear, this is dreadful.  I cannot think of a thing new to say about Leading Ladies.  This is what I get for going All Leading Ladies All The Time so early.  Well, regular readers may be pleased to know that after this show, I intend to concentrate on my writing.  There is a Banana play I was supposed to write a year ago, a novel I’ve been working on even longer, another play that is almost finished if only I can find it, and a whole BUNCH of Mohawk Valley stuff I could be writing blog posts about.

In the meantime, I have to finish up my last minute chores.  Just as soon as I think up a good Non-Sequiturish title for today’s post.  Happy Thursday, everyone.


It’s Curtains for Me!

Well, once again I did not write a blog post while on breaks at work today.

Then I just sat here and stared at that sentence for a few minutes.  Oh dear.

My second dress rehearsal last night went very well.   We have two more dress rehearsals then open on Friday.  Tonight I decided to practice my curtain speech, which I have to give before each performance.  I’m wondering if I should mess with my actors’ heads and say some really wild things like, “I just want to apologize to you all in advance…”  No, that would be mean and completely untrue.  Maybe something like, “I’m sure you’ve read the cast bios in the program.  I’m a little surprised none of my leads mentioned their illustrious past in the adult film industry.  I suppose they didn’t like to brag.”

Actually, I’m wondering if they ought to let me make the curtain speech at all.  You know, I’m missing being on stage.  During the murder mystery I greatly regretted not taking part.  It is conceivable that I will refuse to get offstage.  I might go into a stand-up comedy routine, or do the entire play as a one-woman show.  How embarrassing will that be, if I have to be dragged, kicking and screaming, off the stage.  Well, maybe if they get a large-ish, hunky type of guy to do it…

Now I’m being silly.  In my defense, it is Wuss-out Wednesday.  I shall end by re-iterating, my play is Leading Ladies at Ilion Little Theatre, Remington Avenue, Ilion, NY, April 29 and 30, and May 6 and 7 at 8 p.m.; May 1 and 8 at 2 p.m.  For more information you can visit Ilion Little Theatre’s website at


My Own Dress Rehearsal

While I was working today, a song came to me.  It is to the tune of “The Volga Boatman.”

It’s just Tuesday (Uh!)

It’s just Tuesday (Uh!)

Time is dragging, worries nagging,

Happy Tuesday.

The fact is, I was quite anxious to get through my work day and get to Second Dress Rehearsal for Leading Ladies tonight.  First Dress went very well, and a number of nagging little details are now taken care of and off my mind.  Not ALL the nagging details, mind you.  Good heavens, I’m not a miracle-worker, I’m just a community theatre director with a full-time job and a silly blog.

I was heartened by the fact that although time was passing slowly, it was passing.  And you can tell me all you want that there are always sixty seconds per minute, sixty minutes per hour; many of us are convinced that some of them have more.

Work day finally over, I returned home to disaster, self-induced as most of mine are.  I foolishly decided to try on the little purple dress I had hoped to wear opening night to give my curtain speech (YES, and go out for drinks after the show, do you have a problem with that?).  The thing is, I have been getting so hungry lately. I snack on fruits and vegetables, lunch on salad, and try to be sensible for breakfast and dinner.  This is not natural behavior.  And the fact is, you have to do it EVERY DAY or it is not very effective.

So here we come to the ugly truth about me, and what an apt expression that is!

I really should have known better.  I purchased the dress five years ago then stupidly gained weight.  I have lost some of what I gained, but you never shrink back to the same shape.  Full disclosure:  I haven’t lost all the weight, either.

Part of me says I should now be happy it is only Tuesday.  I still have Wednesday, Thursday and part of Friday to lose more weight!  Most of me knows, however, that this is a crock of shit.  I’d best give away that little purple dress to some skinny chick that will appreciate it and go shopping for some plump middle-aged lady garments.

It is really no great matter, after all.  I stand on the stage for a very few minutes for my curtain speech and for the 50/50 raffle after intermission.  I am certain I can find a frock suited to my current shape.  In the meantime, I have written a whole silly blog post on my wardrobe and waistline ills and given very little update on the play.  Let’s just call it a Bad Attituesday and drive on.  After all, I have a rehearsal to get to.


Pre-Dress Panic Attack

Do you suppose anybody is getting tired of All Leading Ladies All The Time?  Do you suppose I care?  Well, of course I do.  One writes a blog for one’s readers as well as one’s self (oneself?).  One hates to be boring.  This one, at any rate.

As I have often observed, I can only write what comes out of my pen, and I am naturally obsessed with Leading Ladies these days.  We open Friday, and writing that down almost induced a panic attack.  Deep breath.  Didn’t help.

The phrase just entered my head, “This is MY show.” Only kind of, sort of.  Some people in the Ilion Little Theatre Club may refer to it as “Cindy’s show,” but in fact, it is really OUR show, meaning me, the cast and the crew.  In fact, let me take just a minute to give another shout-out to the cast and crew.  They are AWESOME!  And I don’t just say it because some of them might read this blog (or do I flatter myself?).

I will soon be hurrying to the theatre to do some last minute set things before our First Dress Rehearsal.  The actors have been wearing costumes here and there already, but tonight is a real Dress:  all costumes, all costume and set changes, curtains opening and closing, and no calling for lines. Yikes! My cast and crew are up to it!  They’re going to be great!

I guess this has not been a super exciting blog post and for that I am sorry.  I hope it is all right for a Monday Mental Meanderings.  Perhaps I can do better on Tired Tuesday.  At least I can report on how our First Dress goes.  For those readers who are not tired of All Leading Ladies All The Time.


Leading up to Leading Ladies

I had meant to avoid Wrist to Forehead Sunday, but, well, that is not going to happen.  What did I expect on the Sunday of production week for Leading Ladies (you know, my play at Ilion Little Theatre? Surely I have mentioned it) (and I’ll call you Shirley if I feel like it; I’m sure you’ve been called worse).

Where was I?  Ah yes, pausing in a dramatic pose as I make my blog post.  Today is my last chance to take a deep breath for the foreseeable future.  I have not even been able to spend the whole day breathing, either. I had to paint the floor of the stage, do grocery shopping, make a salad for my lunch for the coming week (there IS still a chance I could fit into that little purple dress on Friday), do laundry (oh yeah, I still have to get it in off the clothesline, but I am SO grateful for the sunny day), oh, and some other things I probably will not get to.  Don’t judge.  On the other hand, go ahead and judge if you want to.  I don’t have time to worry about who might be judging me.

Painting the stage was not the onerous chore I had feared.  I don’t think I did as good a job as others have done, but one cannot always have perfection.  An awesome member of my awesome cast finished the garden mural that really deserves to have a more prominent place on the set.  Really, if I can learn how to post a photo, this will deserve such a thing.  However, I shall not post the photo now. COME AND SEE THE PLAY!!!

So this is my Wrist to Forehead Sunday post.  We’ll see what I can come up with for blog posts in the coming week.  In between trying to remember to breath.




Wine-ding Down on Saturday

I thought of this title as we were driving away from the liquor store.  And you see it has multiple levels of meaning because I am often kind of a dingbat.

I have had a busy Saturday.  I left the house shortly after eight this morning and stopped by a new place called Belly Busters to purchase a dozen donuts.  I’ll write a whole blog post about them later.  It is, of course, a good idea for the director to bring donuts to the theatre on a Saturday morning when people are helping with the set.  I arrived before anyone else and ate a donut.

Then I fixed a costume that needed a stitch or two and carried a bunch of costumes we decided not to use back up to costume storage.  Upstairs I looked for one more piece an actor had requested and wondered if there wasn’t more good stuff I hadn’t seen yet.  Friday I had found a hitherto unopened (by me) box labeled “specialty stuff” or something like that.  It had two felt hats such as I had been going to attempt to make.  Yes!  Score!

When people showed up, we went to Ilion TruValue Hardware to purchase more paint, put another coat of paint on the walls, polished all the wood on the furniture, went to a certain big box store for necessary fabric for set and costumes, and, yes, visited and talked about all kinds of fun stuff.  The only real reason to be involved in anything is to hang out with the other people involved (oh, I may get arguments about that; when will I learn not to make such global statements).  The extremely talented young man who is painting the garden mural which is, unfortunately, only vaguely seen by the audience, showed up and worked some more on that.  It looks awesome!  Before I left another nice man had shown up to hang the black fabric from the ceiling to the top of the walls which makes the set look so much more finished.

Really, I have gotten so much help on my show.  I am quite grateful to all involved. I must try to find some way of showing my appreciation besides mentioning them in a blog which I am afraid only a few of them read.

Back home, I did what I have not had a chance to do in recent weekends and took a nap.  You see, after yesterday’s bad headache I was afraid of getting another one so took some of the migraine medication the doctor prescribed.  It makes one a little dopey (even more so than usual) (so you don’t need to make unkind and rather obvious jokes about it) (you know who you are).

When Steven got home I was having coffee.  Ahhh.  We went out to Sorrento’s in Ilion, NY for a late lunch/early dinner, enjoying a glass of Pinot Grigio with the food.  On the way home we went by Valley Wine and Liquor, where they were tasting some Italian wines (so that’s two more places that deserve a full blog post).  We got a couple of bottles, including some champagne so we can mimose tomorrow, if we are so inclined.

So this is my Scattered Saturday post.  Steven is having a little doze on the love seat, but I will wake him up so I can read him this before I post it, then I think we will watch one of the VCR tapes I purchased at a rummage sale recently (perhaps you read my blog post on it).  Happy Saturday, everybody!



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