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Never Mind Those Petty Complaints!

Saturday Running Commentary is BACK! Yes! I ran this morning! It was awesome!

OK, it wasn’t really awesome, but it didn’t suck. That puts it in the Win column. I got up around 5:30, when I had expected to sleep in till six. I hadn’t put out running clothes but I knew right where they were. I got into them and out the door before I could talk myself out of it.

I wore my reflective vest, because sunrise wasn’t for another hour. I had on shorts and t-shirt, because my thermostat said it was 51 degrees outside. Just a couple of days ago we had frost warnings, but you’ll have that this time of year. Off I went. It didn’t feel too cold. I headed down German Street. It was the direction I most often take, but I reflected that it couldn’t feel too familiar since I had not been running in almost two weeks (HAS it been that long? I am not inclined to look at a calendar and figure it out).

The nice thing about returning to running is that you can do a short, easy run and not feel guilty about it. I know, some of you probably think I should feel guilty about returning to running and not keeping it up to begin with. I maintain that regret is a colossal waste of time. I was not there to worry about the past! I was there to further my weight-loss goals and perhaps get a blog post out of it.

And my legs were not happy with me. They have felt rather awful lately. When I took Tabby for a walk last night all my legs wanted to do was stretch out along the couch or bed and lie still. I kept it up for a decent amount of time anyways. It didn’t kill me.

I got near Valley Health and considered running up the hill. I decided against it. I would keep going for at least 20 minutes but not necessarily try for over 30. I had been running between 33 and 38 minutes the last few times I ran but I was doing the begin again thing this morning. Also, I intended to take at least one good long walk with Tabby later, so I would be getting some exercise.

About ten minutes into the run, my legs started to feel not so bad. They still weren’t happy with me, but at least they were less vocal in their complaints. I told myself I could rock this, but it was more intellectual knowledge than physical confidence. Still, I kept going and that’s the important thing.

I noticed more houses with lights on than I usually see at 3:30 in the morning, so that was nice. Still a lot of dark windows. Lucky bums sleeping in. I turned down Prospect Street rather than going to Main. I’ve mentioned Main Street’s “reputation.” I’ve never encountered anything untoward during daylight hours, though, so I will probably run down it in the dark one day soon, just to feel bad-ass.

I saw a person up ahead of me pushing a grocery cart. What was that all about? Maybe some homeless person collecting bottles and cans? He crossed the street and I thought I saw him head towards somebody’s trash can. I didn’t look too closely. I don’t need to get into a fight with a guy pushing a shopping cart. I turned down the first side street I came to. That worked out, because I entered where a sign said, “Do Not Enter.” You know how I love to be a rebel.

A glance at my watch told me I would not surpass 20 minutes if I went home from here, so I went by my street and on for a couple more blocks. I heard voices before I turned left. Who was that? Three young kids walking down the street. How to feel middle-aged and dumb: run on the sidewalk in a reflective vest while three kids (they might have been teenagers or early 20s) walk down the middle of the road three abreast wearing dark clothes. They ignored me, to which I did not take offense.

I ended up running for 26 minutes. The cool down walk around the block with Tabby felt better than the run, but my legs complained about that, too. Yes, I said they stopped complaining but neglected to mention when they started up again. I guess there’s no point in paying too much attention to petty complaints.

I Missed the Drama!

Last night Steven and I attended the monthly dinner meeting of Ilion Little Theatre Club. It was the first meeting of the 2014-15 season. Through one cause or another we missed all the dinner meetings last season, although we made it to all the plays. It was so nice to be back in the theatre again, reconnecting with our theatre friends.

Rehearsals were going on for the first production, Noises Off. We did not audition for that one but may audition for something later in the season. I’ve missed being onstage. Also, being in a play usually gives me any number of blog posts.

A new season always brings new projects and goals. One of the most exciting things I heard last night was the upcoming Save Our Tower campaign. Ilion Little Theatre, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, is in The Stables on Remington Avenue in Ilion, NY. It used to be the Remington family’s stables. It is a beautiful historic brick building. Like many historic buildings, it is in need of repair.

One of the most pressing problems is a crack in the tower. The Board of Directors has talked to a couple of masons about repair or, better yet, restoration. It’s a complicated process and it don’t come cheap. A number of ideas were mentioned, including forming a Fundraising Committee.

I hope to follow this matter, participate in some of the fundraising (I can’t beg for donations, but I could, for example, wash a car at a car wash), and of course write blog posts about it. In the meantime, I’m just happy to be back at the theatre and with a great group of people.

For more information on Ilion Little Theatre Club, you can visit their website at and you can Like their Facebook page.

Where Are You, Juan Valdez?

I am a dingbat. Not just a dingbat. A ding. Bat. A dingy bat. The dingiest bat. The dingiest AND the battiest. Not your ordinary, run of the mill, common or garden dingbat.

I wanted to do a good post today, since yesterday’s was pretty bad (still, it got four likes; perhaps I should not disparage the tastes of my readers) (four of them, anyways). I was unable to write one at work. I had time when I got home, but I had a lot of stuff to do. Steven and I were to attend a dinner meeting of the Ilion Little Theatre. I had a dog to walk, chip dip to make, a shower to take and an outfit to figure out. I was swamped.

I got all my stuff done before turning on the computer. I still had time to write the post. And I was JUST TOO TIRED!!! I thought to myself, “I can’t do it. I just can’t do it.” I was pretty sure there would be decaf coffee at the meeting. I couldn’t dare drink the caffeinated stuff after 6 p.m. or I’d be up all night. But decaf still has a little bit of caffeine plus placebo effect. I would come home from the meeting and write a GREAT blog post.

Why do I even think these things MIGHT happen? I’m never good for ANYTHING after 8 o’clock at night! And now it’s after nine. I want to go to bed. Whatever will I do about my blog post? I know, it’s Non-Sequitur Thursday. Just think up a silly title and hit publish.

Foggy Wednesday

I apologize for having a Wuss-out Wednesday after my rather silly post on Monday. Um, and Sunday. Oh, I’m not going back and looking at how many lame posts I’ve had recently; the fact is today I haven’t written anything yet and I don’t have much to write about.

I drove through a lovely thick fog on my way to work today and thought I would write about that. We’ve had a lot of fog recently. I like fog. It is usually thicker in Ilion (where I work) than it is in Herkimer (where I live). This morning as I went out to my vehicle, I saw that the fog was pretty thick in Herkimer. I thought, “Awesome! It’ll be really thick in Ilion.”

Steven and I got lost in the fog on Higby Road once, but that is a big hill out in the country. I felt it was doubtful that I would get lost on my eight-minute commute to work. I drove at a careful speed (slower, but not too slow), looking around. The irony was not lost on me that I was enjoying looking at what I was not able to see. I took extra care as I went out German Street by the cemetery. I’ve often seen deer in that area. I would not care to hit a deer.

It was not too hard to see even once I got to Ilion. Walking from my vehicle to my place of employment, I continued to enjoy looking around, where I usually see buildings but this morning could only see streetlights.

Then I was at work, the sun came up, and the fog was over. I thought, “Huh. That wasn’t such a much.” So I didn’t write a blog post about it. And now I just did.

Sufficiently wussy, I trust.

Adventures in Mohawk

Last Saturday as we drove out of Herkimer, NY on the way to the Mohawk Valley Garlic and Herb Festival, I pointed out Mohawk Station Bar and Grill, and Mohawk Antiques Mall. When we left the festival one sister suggested we get some lunch at the Station then browse the Antiques Mall. I thought it was an excellent suggestion.

The Mohawk Station used to be an actual train station and still looks like one. We all admired the decor as the waitress led us to a table big enough to accommodate our party of nine. We enjoyed sandwiches, salads, soup and pasta, respectively. There was plenty to pick from. Perhaps I should bring Steven there for dinner one night soon.

After lunch we drove across the street rather than walk, because it’s kind of a busy street. Also, we didn’t know how long we’d be at the Antiques Mall and didn’t want to take up the restaurant’s parking.

It is easy to spend a lot of time at Mohawk Antiques Mall. Three rooms downstairs and a long room upstairs house many dealers and a wide variety of goods. I’ve been there several times, but there is always something different to see (it seems silly to say “something new” about an antiques mall).

My favorite thing this time was an old library card catalog filled with post cards. It was wonderful! The card catalog by itself was a nostalgic item for me as I remembered the days when I could research a topic with some success (the Internet still mystifies me). Somebody went to the trouble of alphabetizing the post cards which filled the drawers.

The others in my group enjoyed the antiques mall as much as I did, so I was happy I had mentioned it. I told them about some of the special events held there as fundraisers for 4PetsSake, the food pantry for pets. We’ll probably return for some of those. Maybe I can write blog posts about them.

The Mohawk Station Bar and Grill is located at 95 E. Main St., Mohawk, NY. For more information call 315-219-5223 or visit their website at The Mohawk Antiques Mall is at 100 E. Main St., phone numbers 315-219-5044 or 315-866-1209. Their website is Both businesses are also on Facebook.

Bad Plan

I meant, I really truly MEANT to write something good while I was at work today. Instead I worked on my novel, although (full disclosure) what I wrote was not that good and does not seem likely to lead to anything better. And I talked to my husband on lunch (again, full disclosure).

Oh dear, I can hear the unkind hypothetical readers that live in my head tsk-tsking and shaking their superior fingers at me (isn’t that how you spell tsk-tsking? My computer seems to think it’s wrong). Real writers plan ahead, they are saying. Real writers come home and actually write a blog post, not string together silly words about why they did not. Real writers do not take a half hour to type the first two paragraphs because they are distracted by a Friends re-run.

In my defense, I’ve never seen this episode. I missed a lot the last season.

OK, the episode is over. Back to the hypothetical readers that haunt me. Do you suppose they have a point? Could I be a more successful blogger with a little more planning? Yet, I just heard a quote that seems apropos: If you want to make God laugh, make plans. After all, yesterday I planned to write a better blog post today.

Those hypothetical readers are now arguing that unforeseen circumstances did not keep me from fulfilling my plans. I just didn’t do what I had planned to do. Well, so it still didn’t do me any good to make plans, did it, hypothetical readers? They do not feel I have refuted their argument.

Well, I can’t sit here all night arguing on the computer with hypothetical readers. And I fear my actual readers (if any) will not feel like sitting here reading it. I’m going to go make some plans about my post for Tired Tuesday.

Wrist to Country Road

I had meant to write about my continued adventures on Saturday, but I’m too tired. What a surprise on Wrist to Forehead Sunday. The fact is I ran around all day doing fun stuff with my family. I can’t run around all day on both weekend days. It’s not that I’m to old for this stuff (although I am older than I was yesterday). I was only ever good for one weekend day, even in my young(er) and (more) foolish days.

One thing I did today that I found pretty cool was to ride out Higby Road out of Frankfort to Sauquoit. Steven and I got lost on that road one terrible night long ago, but that was in a severe fog in the dark. Today it was bright afternoon sunshine. My sister was driving. My niece sat in the back seat.

First I had to direct her to Higby Road. We drove through Frankfort. I like being a tour guide. I pointed out the Marina and the road to the Prayer Garden. When we reached the light at the end of Railroad Street, I told my sister to turn in the opposite the Knight Spot, where I will take them for a meal or ice cream on another visit. I was also proud to point out the Balloon Farm Bed and Breakfast. We took due note of the Herkimer County Fairgrounds then drove on out Higby.

I love the scenery of a country road. Old barns, fields of corn, farmhouses and more. As the road goes uphill, there are places where you can look out and see for miles. My sister was able to appreciate the sights while still driving in a safe manner. It was helpful, too, because we had a couple of turns to get to our destination. When we headed back to Herkimer, she remembered certain landmarks and knew we were headed in the right direction.

When I returned from a fun drive, a fun event and a fun drive home, Steven and I took Tabby for a walk. So now I’m even more tired. So I can’t write a decent blog post is what I’m saying. But I see that I’ve managed over 300 words nonetheless. I hope to see you all for Middle-aged Musings Monday.


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