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Getting Crazy at Otto’s

I could not believe that as many times as our friend Tracy has visited, we had not taken her to Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner. Before she left us two Sundays ago, I remedied the omission.

We tried to get there earlier-ish, because Crazy Otto’s does a booming business. We had to wait for a table to get cleared, but it did not take long. Two other people asked us if we’d been helped while the young man cleaned it off. Did I mention the service there is excellent?

Soon we were sitting perusing menus and admiring the decor. Of course I’ve seen it many times, but it’s always fun to look again. Tracy was especially impressed with all the license plates. I showed her ours from Georgia, that we had given them some time ago. I like being part of the display.

I pointed out the Crazy Elvis on the menu, since Tracy loves Elvis and it is one of my personal favorites — peanut butter and banana on French toast. She decided to order that. After much debate, I chose biscuits and gravy. It was bacon gravy instead of the usual sausage. Quite tasty. Tracy enjoyed her breakfast too.

I was happy to see my friend so well-fueled for her drive home. I think it was a good finish for her Mohawk Valley Weekend.

Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner is located on Albany Street in Herkimer, NY. For more information call 314-866-8801 or visit their website at

But I’m Not Supposed to be Tired till Tuesday!

OK, so I just sat here looking at a list I wrote last week of potential blog posts I could write, and yet not writing any of them. I did not write a blog post while at work. I started to write something, then worked on a letter to my sister. As I continued to work, I thought, “This is no problem. I’ll go home, run, then write about my run.”

Oh, I am too tired to run. I am too tired to write. What’s that all about? I can’t do a Tired Tuesday post on a Monday! Monday is for Middle-aged Musings! Dammit! I can’t even stick to my own schedule which is, as you may have noticed, not particularly onerous.

I just sat here looking at the word “onerous” and thinking it did not look right. It looked like it should be pronounced “won-russ”, like the number 1 with rous. Or “wondrous” without the d. My computer did not underline it in red (like it is doing with “won-russ” and “rous”), but I looked it up in the dictionary anyways (I had to pause to remember if O came before or after P). It’s right.

My new plan is to take my precious list downstairs with me and write down why I could not write these potential blog posts tonight. The reasons involve foolishness like I don’t feel like looking up the links I would like to include or I left my notes in my work bag (said bag is on the kitchen floor, it’s not in the Antipodes after all) (I did mention I was tired, didn’t I?) (Incidentally, I believe that is the first time I have ever used the word “Antipodes” in a sentence).

Where was I? Ah yes, nowhere but working on getting somewhere for tomorrow’s blog post. At least I amused myself with today’s silliness. I can only hope others were entertained.

Not Wrist, Walk

I feel it would be wrong to have Wrist to Forehead Sunday on Easter. And in any case it is unnecessary. My wrists are in their accustomed place, just beyond the edge of my keyboard, as I type. I shall offer instead a Pedestrian Post, utilizing a very nice walk I took with my schnoodle Tabby this morning.

I had to take my husband Steven to work at nine, in order to pick him up at one and go to Rome to my parents’ house for dinner. I have a list of things to accomplish in the meantime (I was taking my chances in doing this as such lists often send my wrist right to my forehead — “I’ll NEVER get these things done!”). I did the worst thing first, a sensible action I rarely take. I did the dishes. Then I did what promised to be one of the most pleasant: taking my dog for a walk.

It is as fine as an Easter morning ought to be: bright and sunny. Not awfully warm yet, but it’s early. At least I didn’t feel I needed my toque and insulated sweatshirt. Regular sweatshirt and crazy old lady hat. Prescription sunglasses and a couple of poop bags. I was ready.

Tabby was very happy to go. And stop. Of course dogs like to stop and sniff a lot, that is what they do. Today she seemed to find even more interesting spots than usual. I tried to indulge her as much as possible, although I do try to keep her from sticking her face into other dogs’ poo (WHY do these dog owners not pick it up like the rest of us do?).

We went by our favorite Historic Four Corners and down Main Street. We met a lady walking a very cute little white dog. The dog was quite interested in meeting Tabby. The lady and I petted each others’ dogs and chatted a little. It’s nice to meet another dog owner.

Heading up another street, we walked by a young man on a cell phone. He was too intent on his conversation to notice us. Tabby gave him an interested look but let him by. I saw a young lady further down the street on a cell phone, alternately talking into it and hollering at her kids not to come outside. I thought it would be funny if she was talking to the young man.

It was funny. I heard her say, “NOW do you know where you’re going?” and head back into the house. Then he headed towards that house. What did we do without cell phones? Got better directions and read house numbers, I suppose.

When we were almost home I saw a lady and little girl walking towards us. Tabby definitely wanted to meet them, because she walked right by our house towards them.

“My dog loves to meet people,” I told them.

The lady said her little girl was sometimes afraid of dogs, but I assured her Tabby was a good dog. They both petted her. The little girl seemed pretty OK with it. Really, Tabby is a most unthreatening pooch.

We enjoyed our Easter walk. Now I must see about crossing a few more things off that list before it’s time to pick up Steve (I guess I can at least cross off “Make blog post.”)

Maybe the Sun will Thaw Out my Brain

In my defense, it’s a a holiday weekend. How productive am I expected to be? The sad thing is, I have a whole list of potential blog topics involving recent Mohawk Valley adventures. I even know where the list is.

And yet. And yet.

I took two walks with my schnoodle Tabby today. The first was less than a thrill for me, because of the chilly breeze. I felt so ill-used that this is the latter half of April and I still had on my toque and insulated sweatshirt and only wished I had also worn a scarf.

Before the second walk, I had been to Hannaford, to pick up a few last minute supper things (I MAY manage a cooking post for Wrist to Forehead Sunday). It had been cold walking from my vehicle to the store. And I wasn’t wearing my toque (I should have been; I’m having a bad hair day).

The reason we even went on the second walk was that I couldn’t come up with a damn other useful thing to do. I had done dishes, worked on my novel, put away laundry (NEVER MIND how long ago I actually did said laundry), and still felt as if all I had been doing had been to sit around thinking of silly statuses to post on Facebook (I came up with one).

Tabby was, of course, into it, so I put on my insulated sweatshirt and toque and we set out.

To find that the sun was AT LAST having an effect! I took off the insulated sweatshirt and tied it around my waist. This was awesome! I could have even worn my crazy old lady hat, but I did not repine. I enjoyed the warmth. I felt blessed and happy.

But still not the least bit inclined to write a real blog post. Still, I like to post every day. So I hope this silliness will do.

And I will TRY not to have a Wrist to Forehead Sunday on Easter.

Light-headed and Light-hearted

I’m thinking no one is surprised that I am indulging in Lame Post Friday, least of all me.

In fact, I had thought to make at least a Pedestrian Post about a walk I took with Tabby this morning. Then as the day wore on, the headache I had yesterday did not go away, as expected (I didn’t mention I had a sinus headache yesterday, I believe as a result of recent cold temperatures or perhaps of spring pollens. I was pleased with myself that I managed to make a “real” post yesterday, but we all knew that wouldn’t last) (in fact, I had intended not to even mention the headache, because people who complain all the time about their aches and pains are tiresome) (oops). Where was I? Ah yes, I took a decongestant and have been lightheaded ever since.

And yet, it has been a good day. Good Friday, in fact. For Catholics a day of fasting and prayer. Of course any day is a good day for prayer and reflection. But Mohawk Valley Girl tries to stay off of politics and religion. I know, I’m a big chicken, scared of a little controversy and hate. Well, I am afraid of hate, but apparently not afraid to admit it. Yay, me.

This post is beginning to ramble if not babble. Sorry about that. Blame the decongestant, which is as good as dynamite to my sinuses, although not as loud. I certainly hope my brain comes back (I can just hear somebody saying, “Why? You never use it.” Oh that is so droll. If I say you are a wit, I am half right).

The only justification of a ridiculous post is that it be short. Happy Friday, everybody.

More Saturday Adventures

To return to my Saturday adventures: after breakfast and returning my book to Frankfort Free Library, my friend Tracy and I drove through Ilion into Mohawk to the Mohawk Antiques Mall, where 4PetsSake Food Pantry was holding an indoor garage sale.

The place was hopping, but we managed to find a parking space. We went to the indoor garage sale first, admiring some antiques we walked by to get there. It was fun looking at the various vendors.

We got into quite a nice conversation about art with the guy from Riverstone Sculptures. Tracy recognized his unusual style from some pieces she had seen at the Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts. He told us how he looks for different shapes, utilizing things such as automotive parts and items from the hardware store. I asked if they had a website, which led to a discussion about computers (they are not online).

We moved on to where the 4Pets Sake people were selling food.

“We could have had breakfast here,” I said. If you read Tuesday’s post you may remember that we refrained from having ice cream for breakfast. Hot dogs for breakfast, however, I would find quite acceptable.

Instead I bought some cookies, a plate of Italian ones and some chocolate chip that were three for a dollar. Tracy ate one of those and I piggily had two (I did mention I was up three pounds as a result of the weekend). We saved the Italian ones.

After that we went into the regular Antiques Mall and looked around. We met the owner of the mall. He was pleased to welcome an out of town visitor. He told us about an Elvis impersonation contest planned for May 10.

“Tracy would be interested in that,” I said. “She loves Elvis.” I like Elvis too and immediately made a note of the date.

We also checked out the Factory Outlet Store. A lady handed us a coupon good for one day only. We did not make any purchases, although Tracy was tempted by some vests. Perhaps on a future visit.

We were very pleased with our visit, which was only one of our planned adventures for the day. The Mohawk Antiques Mall is located at 100 E. Main St., Mohawk, NY. For more information you can visit their website at For more information on 4PetsSake Food Pantry, visit their website at Both are also on Facebook.

For Your Approval

We interrupt posts about Cindy and Tracy’s Saturday adventures to bring you our regularly scheduled Wuss-out Wednesday. Oh come now, you did not think I was going to make it a whole week without a ridiculous post, did you? Well, sorry, folks. Personally, I thought I would make it at least until Thursday (Non-Sequitur Thursday, that is) if not Friday (Lame Post Friday, of course). But, alas, it is not to be.

I opened my notebook and thought about writing my post while at work today (actually not on a break, but before my shift began). Then I thought I would like to consult some notes I made in a different notebook. And I thought I had picked up at least one flier that might be helpful. So I waited till I got home.

First I had to take my dog for a walk. And start supper (peppers, onions and sausage)(yum). And then I tried, I really tried. Only I had to research a couple of things online. And, oh, I want to find out more about that one. And I am getting more and more tired. And I have to check the sizzling peppers. And I haven’t showered yet. And Steven is due home any minute now.

So you see.

Too late I realize I could have written a short but acceptable post about a stop I made on the way home. But now I see I am over 200 words. And Steven is home, so I can read him what I’ve got so far. I hope he approves. I hope my readers do, too.


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