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More Saturday Adventures

To return to my Saturday adventures: after breakfast and returning my book to Frankfort Free Library, my friend Tracy and I drove through Ilion into Mohawk to the Mohawk Antiques Mall, where 4PetsSake Food Pantry was holding an indoor garage sale.

The place was hopping, but we managed to find a parking space. We went to the indoor garage sale first, admiring some antiques we walked by to get there. It was fun looking at the various vendors.

We got into quite a nice conversation about art with the guy from Riverstone Sculptures. Tracy recognized his unusual style from some pieces she had seen at the Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts. He told us how he looks for different shapes, utilizing things such as automotive parts and items from the hardware store. I asked if they had a website, which led to a discussion about computers (they are not online).

We moved on to where the 4Pets Sake people were selling food.

“We could have had breakfast here,” I said. If you read Tuesday’s post you may remember that we refrained from having ice cream for breakfast. Hot dogs for breakfast, however, I would find quite acceptable.

Instead I bought some cookies, a plate of Italian ones and some chocolate chip that were three for a dollar. Tracy ate one of those and I piggily had two (I did mention I was up three pounds as a result of the weekend). We saved the Italian ones.

After that we went into the regular Antiques Mall and looked around. We met the owner of the mall. He was pleased to welcome an out of town visitor. He told us about an Elvis impersonation contest planned for May 10.

“Tracy would be interested in that,” I said. “She loves Elvis.” I like Elvis too and immediately made a note of the date.

We also checked out the Factory Outlet Store. A lady handed us a coupon good for one day only. We did not make any purchases, although Tracy was tempted by some vests. Perhaps on a future visit.

We were very pleased with our visit, which was only one of our planned adventures for the day. The Mohawk Antiques Mall is located at 100 E. Main St., Mohawk, NY. For more information you can visit their website at For more information on 4PetsSake Food Pantry, visit their website at Both are also on Facebook.

For Your Approval

We interrupt posts about Cindy and Tracy’s Saturday adventures to bring you our regularly scheduled Wuss-out Wednesday. Oh come now, you did not think I was going to make it a whole week without a ridiculous post, did you? Well, sorry, folks. Personally, I thought I would make it at least until Thursday (Non-Sequitur Thursday, that is) if not Friday (Lame Post Friday, of course). But, alas, it is not to be.

I opened my notebook and thought about writing my post while at work today (actually not on a break, but before my shift began). Then I thought I would like to consult some notes I made in a different notebook. And I thought I had picked up at least one flier that might be helpful. So I waited till I got home.

First I had to take my dog for a walk. And start supper (peppers, onions and sausage)(yum). And then I tried, I really tried. Only I had to research a couple of things online. And, oh, I want to find out more about that one. And I am getting more and more tired. And I have to check the sizzling peppers. And I haven’t showered yet. And Steven is due home any minute now.

So you see.

Too late I realize I could have written a short but acceptable post about a stop I made on the way home. But now I see I am over 200 words. And Steven is home, so I can read him what I’ve got so far. I hope he approves. I hope my readers do, too.

Fuel for Adventures

Saturday morning my friend Tracy and I decided to have breakfast out, in order to sustain ourselves for the Mohawk Valley adventures we had planned. I had to return a book to the Frankfort Free Library, so I suggested the Knight Spot.

The Knight Spot is one of my favorite breakfast locations, although they are also notable for lunch, dinner and most especially ice cream. I told Tracy how Steven and I love to come in mid-afternoon for coffee and a sundae. Perhaps on a future visit Tracy can enjoy that treat.

The idea of ice cream for breakfast was tempting, but I opted for my favorite of a breakfast sandwich on a hard roll. I had bacon this time (I alternate amongst bacon, sausage and just cheese). Tracy got a yummy looking omelet with peppers, onions and mushrooms. I entertained Tracy while we ate by reading ice cream flavors off the wall.

As usual the service was excellent and the food was delicious. It’s really nice to have a weekend guest and take advantage of some of the fine Mohawk Valley restaurants, which I seldom do any more. On the other hand, after dinner and two breakfasts out, I put on three pounds (on top of the five I am STILL trying to lose) (or was it ten? oh dear). I think some running commentary may be in my future.

The Knight Spot is located at 264 E. Main St., Frankfort, NY. Phone number is 315-894-4054. Their website is You can also Like them on Facebook. I did.

A Classy Dinner

Steven and I used to eat dinner out more frequently, often so that I would have a topic for a blog post. Unfortunately, we have fallen out of the habit. I think the last time we went was over a month ago, for Steven’s birthday. When our friend, Tracy, visited last weekend, I thought it might be time to go out again.

We decided to go to the Herkimer Elks Lodge, where they serve dinner on Friday nights. As I told Tracy, I think it used to be a Friday Fish Fry, but now it is — no offense to all you real fish fries — classier. The food is by Dominick Scalise of Dominick’s Deli and there is a pretty good menu to pick from.

We found a good parking space right on Mary Street. I didn’t notice if the parking lot was completely full, but it may well have been. These dinners are popular. On the way in Steven purchased tickets for a raffle they were holding.

We were taken right to a table and given menus to peruse. I went into the bar to get a glass of wine. That is another good thing about eating at the Elks, good drink prices. The bartender even let me sample a little of the Riesling, to make sure it was dry enough for me (it was).

Tracy ordered salmon, which looked delicious. I chose baked haddock, which was quite tasty. Under no Catholic obligation to avoid meat, Steven had pork chops, his favorite. The service was great and the food was yummy.

We greatly enjoyed our evening out, and even took home leftovers (so I got to try the pork chops — excellent). The Elks Lodge is located at 124 Mary St., Herkimer, NY. Phone number is 315-866-1439.

Wrist to Relaxing

So, I had a very busy day yesterday, I was up later than I EVER stay any more, it’s Wrist to Forehead Sunday, what sort of a post do you think I’m going to do today?

A short one.

It is gloriously warm in the Mohawk Valley today. Tabby has been for two walks, one with just me, one with me and Steven. We sat out on our deck. We are relaxing.

Moreover, I have a whole weekend of Mohawk Valley adventures to write about. I am set for DAYS. So why I am I not writing about them right now? See the first paragraph. And the second. And the third. RELAXING!

Perhaps this is a poor excuse from a blog writer who indulges in Middle-aged Musings Monday, Tired on Tuesday, Wuss-out Wednesday, Non-Sequitur Thursday and Lame Post Friday (in my defense, not usually all in the same week). Oh yeah, and countless posts about Why I Can’t Write a Post Today. Will I ever stop doing that?

I must admit, probably not. For today, I will content myself with a Preview of Coming Attractions: restaurant visits, Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts, an indoor garage sale, Mohawk Antiques Market, a truly awesome musical performance, good food, and plans for more Mohawk Valley activities.

And for me, the rest of a relaxing Sunday to enjoy. I hope you are enjoying yours as much.

Thank you for playing.

Rocking the Running Commentary

Yes! Running Commentary is back! And here it is!

When I decided to run at last, it was almost nine o’clock this morning (Saturday). The sun was high in the sky, but my thermostat thingy said the outdoor temperature was 41 degrees. My rule of thumb is shorts and t-shirt for anything over 45, although I don’t always follow it. Hmm… quite sunny, but I have not been running lately. I put on leggings and a long-sleeved shirt.

Oh dear, this was problematic, too (is anything ever easy for me, EVER?). Quite form-fitting. I showed my houseguest, Tracy (who will figure in other blog posts about this weekend). If I put on my road-guard vest, that would cover up the form-fittingness. However, running on sidewalks in the very broad daylight in a reflective vest might look even more dorky than the spandex. Tracy said it didn’t look that bad, but she’s nice. However, I went without the vest.

I was glad of the long legs and sleeves. I had a headband covering my ears, which was also good. I had tucked a tissue up one sleeve in case of nose runniness. I was good to go.

For how long? Since I have not been running at all in a sadly long time (not even sure how long since I can’t find my running journal), I thought 20 minutes would be good. Or even 15 in a pinch. After all, I had a lot of Mohawk Valley adventures to get in today. I didn’t want to be all tired out from running too far.

However, I do have a tentative goal to work for. Spring Farm Cares, an animal shelter in Clinton, NY, is sponsoring a run/walk in May. When I first heard of it last month, I said, “I can be in 5K shape by May!” And I could have, if only I would have kept running. How remiss of me. So I kept my mind off my running for a few blocks by doing the math and seeing how long I would be running by May if I ran X minutes and upped it by 10 percent every week. I can’t do the math very well in my head, so that was an effective mental exercise.

About seven or eight minutes into the run, I realized that I could, indeed, rock this. Those were the exact words that came into my head. I decided to write a blog post using them, and that helped keep my motivation high. I ran for 23 minutes. I’m right back where I left off the last time I ran. Woohoo!

As for the Spring Farm Cares run, I have already missed the first sign-up deadline, before the registration goes from $20 to $22. Day of race registration is only $25 (I think). I may wait and decide at the last minute. In the meantime, I’ll give a shout-out to the run. If any local runners are interested, the website is Spring Farm Cares also has a Facebook page.

Isn’t It Romantic?

Oh dear! It is happening again! I want to make my blog post NOW and I haven’t written anything yet, and I want to write it quickly.

How annoying. I had even thought of a good Friday Lame Post, complete with headline. But I didn’t write it while at work, because I was reading a romance novel.

I really want to clarify the term “romance novel.” Steven (my delightful husband) refers to them as romance novels, and I suppose at heart they are. However, they are not the soulless, stupid generic romance novels. I don’t want to mention specifics of authors or publishers, because I just don’t want the hate, but you must know what I mean. I shan’t even elaborate. But I will mention what I like: Regency Romances by Georgette Heyer, and Gothic Romances by Victoria Holt or Phyllis Whitney (and gothic has nothing to do with young people wearing all black and heavy eye-liner. Just saying).

Today was Victoria Holt. I would just like to mention that I often say I don’t read these books, I eat them. To me they are like potato chips. You start and you just can’t stop. You know they are not good FOR you, but they are JUST SO GOOD. You can’t stop. And sometimes you hate yourself in the morning.

In fact, I hate myself less for novels than I do for potato chips. Let’s face it: any reading probably does your brain some good. Junk food, not so much.

So now I am over 200 words. That makes a post, by my own self-imposed rules. I’m going to go ahead and enjoy my Friday. Hope you all have a happy weekend.


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