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I Hope Your Sunday is Good, Too

I did mention yesterday that this would be Wrist to Forehead Sunday, didn’t I? In fact, I ran this morning and had the vague idea in my head that I would do a Sunday Running Commentary. I may yet write about that run, but, um, not today.

I went adventuring with some family members later in the day. We went to the antique shops in Little Falls, an excellent topic for me to write about. I hope to write that post later in the week.

In between the run and the adventure (doesn’t “adventure” sound better than “shopping trip”?) I cleaned the house. I achieved more of a fast tidy than in-depth cleanliness, but I could have come up with a post about it. Would the post have been less lame than my usual Wrist to Forehead Sunday? Perhaps I will write it later in the week and we can judge.

Now I am home with my husband and my dog, watching old movies. Nothing particularly cheesy thus far. I have written about non-cheesy movies on occasion. I will no doubt do so again. But not today.

In short, this is what I’m publishing today. A kind of a This Has Been My Day/Preview of Coming Attractions. I hope my readers are having an enjoyable Sunday.

Random Thoughts at the Laundromat

I really must get back to running on Saturday mornings and have my Saturday Running Commentary. This week it was better for me to do run on Friday and do laundry on Saturday (today). I suppose I could have written about Friday’s run and published it today. Only I did not write about it on Friday and today I don’t seem to remember that much about it. Ah, middle age.

In the meantime, Saturday is passing and I have no blog post. In desperation, I offer some nonsense I wrote while at the laundromat this morning (I’m not really desperate; I just like the prepositional phrase “in desperation”).

I have discovered that 50 Mystery Classics is not filled with the delightful cheesy nuggets I found in 50 Horror Classics. I’m sure there are some films I could write about. First I am seeking films I can sit through all the way. I tried and discarded two last weekend. As I often say, one must persevere in these things. Um, not necessarily to the end of a movie. In writing a blog post about a movie. Or anything. That is what I mean to persevere at.

A note to new readers, if any: 50 Horror Classics and 50 Mystery Classics are DVD collections I purchased for my husband Steven at the local big box store for a really quite reasonable price. I have written several blog posts about silly movies in the Horror collection.

So here I am writing Another Post About Why I Can’t Write a Post. This one is perhaps destined for my Drafts section, so I can haul it out and hit Publish in an emergency. Um, unless I don’t come up with something else to write about for today. Then this baby is right here for me. (And you see what happened, obviously, although full disclosure: I, for one, saw it coming.)

OK, what I am really doing is killing time in the laundromat while my clothes tumble in the drier. I’ve already folded the first little bunch (confession: some of the sock cuffs seemed a little damp. I hope they don’t mildew). I wrote a letter to a friend, stared at the last things I wrote on my novel, pondered a few other ideas, made a to-do list for the rest of the day. Why I don’t bring a book to the laundromat is beyond me.

I continue to sit here jotting down randoms thoughts and wondering how or if I will use them. Publish them as written? A kind of stream of consciousness patchwork, a sort of modern art, abstract deal. Or could I take each random thought, expend some actual thought on it and come up with several authentic blog posts? The possibility intrigues me.

I am tired of being here and want to get on with my day. I could sit here and list all the things I dislike about doing laundry. Then I could attempt to counteract my grouchiness by listing all the good things or at least the minor compensations.

Oh, but it’s time to stand in front of the drier and stare at the 1:00, waiting for the last sixty seconds to pass.

Hope to see you all on Wrist to Forehead Sunday.

I Confess to Some Distress

Is it Lame Post Friday or Wrist to Forehead Friday? I confess to feeling some distress. But here’s some half-baked philosophy, in which I delight to indulge on Lame Post Friday: it rarely works to think “I ought to feel happy!”

Sometimes you can really jinx yourself earlier in the week by thinking, “I am going to be so happy on Friday.” It doesn’t have to be Friday. “I will be so happy when BLANK happens.” “When I am thin.” “When I finish that novel” (like that one’s going to happen any time soon). “When I am married.”

Wait a minute. I am married and in fact I am rather foolishly happy about it. Strike that last one.

My point is, I don’t think things necessarily MAKE us happy. Oh, I can hear the rude people saying now, “Well, DUH, everybody knows THINGS can’t make us happy.” Is that so? Then why did I see YOU wheeling around the local big box store with a cartload of crap?

Anyways, I’m not talking about objects. I thought I would be ecstatically happy on Friday because I have a three day weekend. Instead, I felt happy on Monday, because I knew that the three-day weekend was coming. That feeling lasted till the end of the work day, when I thought, “Crap! I still have four more days to get through!” Then I laughed at myself.

And that brings us to a philosophy of life which I have held for a while now: It is quite possible that nothing good will ever happen. BUT something funny will happen to make you laugh. Put another way: you can laugh or you can cry. Might as well laugh.

I think I’m in a better mood now. I’m going to get on with my weekend.

But I Don’t Like This Re-Run

I have mentioned before how if I write at all, I can write more. For example, after I write my blog post I suddenly find myself writing more on my novel. So could somebody please explain to my WHY when I have written two pages on my novel each of the past two days, I sit here on completely blank. Yes, I did make a blog post yesterday. I wrote it on Tuesday.

I can’t feel too awful, because it is HUGE that I am working on my novel again. I’m writing scenes I didn’t even know I needed. In fact, how could I know I needed them, when I didn’t even know that character was going to die or even that she existed before she was dead. Or dear, I’ve said too much. Never share your plot secrets! What am I thinking?

The answer to that question is always: I’m not (it works with every pronoun) (I don’t need to go through that do I? What are you thinking? What was he thinking? You aren’t! He wasn’t! You get it). I’m not thinking because I am apparently incapable of logical thought. It certainly feels that way. So, yes, here we are right in the middle of a Post About Why I Can’t Write a Post.

Then again, it is Non-Sequitur Thursday. If only I could think of a punchy but not related headline, I could hit publish and return to my knitting and television. If only there was a better re-run of Snapped on, my life would be perfect.

A Leisurely Post-DARE Run

I took a week off running following the DARE 5K, because it seemed I had a shin splint. My legs felt much better after rest and compression (I skipped the ice and elevation parts of that RICE acronym). When I found out Steven had to get up extra early for work on Tuesday, I decided that it would be a good idea for me to get back on track.

I got out the door shortly after 3:30 a.m. The temperature seemed pretty good for a run. It’s getting cooler at night, but I think it’ll be a while before I need leggings and long sleeves. I felt confident running at this early hour because I had mentioned it to a police officer during Coffee and Conversation with a Cop. He agreed with my assessment that the bad element is usually in bed by that time.

Seeing as I was recovering from an injury, I did not plan on running very far nor on running any hills. This would be a leisurely jaunt, just to ease back into things. It did not take me long to realize that my legs felt fine and my breathing was no problem. Then I pointed out to myself that I had just barely started running. I might feel differently as the run progressed.

I waved to my paper deliverers as they drove by. I couldn’t see if they waved back, but I feel sure they did. I saw another car at the three-way stop where Caroline Street meets German. That was unusual, seeing two vehicles so close together at that hour.

As usual I looked for lights in houses to feel less lonely. Hmmm…. that looked like a bathroom light, maybe a hall light. There was an upstairs light. Insomnia? Up early? Or just a night owl? These are the speculations that add interest to my early morning runs. I saw several basement lights but felt they didn’t do me any good. A basement light is the most common light to leave on accidentally (although I have not actually compiled any statistics on the subject).

I saw a glow in the sky in the direction of State Street. Probably businesses. It was nowhere near dawn and I didn’t think that was the east anyways. Of course I don’t know. I have a dreadful sense of direction. Later on in the run I noticed fog in the distance. That accounted for the glow, I thought. Wouldn’t the light reflect off the water droplets that make up the fog? Or am I full of beans? I knew I should have paid more attention in science class.

The fog was coming further into Herkimer as I neared the end of my run. I started seeing it in the lights from street lamps. Cool. I like fog. It looks mysterious.

I ran for 32 minutes, which I thought was pretty good. I felt sure it would help me reach my weight loss goals. Yeah, I know, not eating like a huge honking hogger would help too. Let’s not expect miracles.

When I got to work I was yawning my head off (not literally) (although that makes for an interesting mental picture). Too much of a run after almost 10 days off? Merely the result of too early out of bed? No matter. I felt better as the morning progressed and I knew that Wednesday I could sleep in till the leisurely hour of five.

Area Art

The Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts’ Regional Art Show offers many of my favorite things: art, a local venue, area artists. The fact that they usually have pretty tasty refreshments at the opening was just an added bonus.

The center is located at 401 Canal Place in Little Falls, NY. My friend Phyllis and I arrived shortly after two last Saturday. I signed in and picked up a list of the works on display.

The only problem with exhibit openings is that they are usually so well attended that it is difficult to really look at and appreciate the art. However, this is offset by the chance to talk to fellow art lovers. As I like to say, you can’t have everything.

The exhibit features a variety of styles from realistic to abstract. A lot of the paintings depict scenes from the area. I am particularly fond of pictures of old barns, but I admired many of the works.

I saw some chairs on the back porch, so Phyllis and I went out and sat for a few minutes. We talked about pictures we have on our walls at home. I said some of the pictures in the show would benefit from a larger space than is available at my house. Ah well, if I ever win the lottery, perhaps I could purchase a mansion with a gallery and see if I really have any artistic taste.

We said hello to a few people we knew and browsed around the Selective Eye shop. I hope to return to the exhibit and spend more time looking at the pieces. Perhaps I could write another blog post about it. It’s too bad I don’t have the equipment and expertise to add pictures. As I said, you can’t have everything.

For more information on the Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts you can visit their website at

Second Cup with a Cop

I was delighted to attend the second Coffee and Conversation with a Cop at the Baptist Church on Washington Street in Herkimer last Saturday morning (perhaps you read my blog post about the first one). I feel so pleased that this is going to be a monthly event and have great hopes as I do for any project meant to improve my beloved adopted hometown.

The event ran from 9 to 11 a.m. I arrived shortly after nine, signed in and put my name on a name tag. Jamie Lester Bell, the First Lady of the church, remembered me from last time. She was on her way out, having double booked herself, but she took time to greet me. She also asked me to leave information on how to get to my blog. I said I would post a link on the church’s Facebook page (note to self: remember to do that).

No cops were present as I walked in. They were out on a call. Chairs were arranged around two separate tables rather than the U formation they had been in last time. People were sitting around one table having a discussion. I got some coffee and a cookie and chatted with some people I remembered from last time.

When I saw a uniform come in the door I called, “There’s a cop!”

It was Officer Steve Elwood, who I had met at the Herkimer Police Department when I registered for the DARE 5K. He looked at the plate of donuts and said, “Is this a joke?”

I don’t know why it’s such a cliche of cops and donuts. A lot of people like donuts. I look like I eat a few too many myself. But I digress.

Officer Elwood asked me how I did on the run. We chatted a bit about that, then sat down at a table and others joined the conversation. Another officer showed up, whose name I did not get, so we had a cop at each table with two separate conversations going on. The atmosphere was very informal, which I gather is the intention.

My table chatted about all kinds of things. My novel came up, because I had been asking Officer Elwood questions for it the day I registered for the DARE run. I’d better make sure I finish that novel, I’ve mentioned it to so many people.

We asked a lot of questions about police work in general and the situation in Herkimer in particular. I really enjoyed how it felt more like a conversation with regular people than a question and answer session. As we talked about problems in our community it became a more serious discussion about economics and societal ills. We discussed how bringing more businesses in, particularly on Main Street, would help everything.

My big takeaway, both this time and last month, was what we as individuals can do. “If you see something, say something.” For example, there have been burglaries recently where the thieves just took stuff out of a house and drove away with it in broad daylight. Did the neighbors even notice? If so, why didn’t they make a phone call?

I said that it might be a problem on my street, because there are several rental properties. People are often moving in and out. Even as I said it, I realized my solution is actually what I try to do. When I’m out walking my dog, I speak to people. I can’t say I get to know all my neighbors, but I have a better shot at recognizing somebody who doesn’t belong.

Obviously any community needs more than just sitting around talking, drinking coffee and eating donuts (I ate a donut; I don’t think any of the cops did). But I like to think this is a step in the right direction. I hope that some of us try to do something to implement some of the ideas that were expressed. And I hope to see even more people at next month’s Conversation. I plan to be there.


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